Coffee diary 03

foamy cappuccino
Hello cappuccino, what makes you so beautiful today? ah, the sun of Phuket, so warm,  I can feel it, too.

It's really enjoyable to be with you in this small downtown cafe,  look around to see people passing by, there is no rush here, not only tourist but local people as well; they are nice and leisure, I am sure this is the attractive elements of this country, right?

I know we are waiting for the club sandwich, but let the smiley face lady take her time to prepare it, we have a lot of time to spend here, why not enjoy this moment for a bit longer? I really want to forget all my worry and troubles in Hong Kong. You may say I am escape from the reality, but sometimes we do need to walk away when we stuck up to a certain point. Trust me, it works, at least we can free up our mind for a while, then the"light bulb" will glow again.

Similarly, early before, I don't know why the same cup of coffee like you will taste so differently in different places at different moment, of course the brewing technique and serving environment counts, but now I know the most important is the attitude of mind that I take while tasting you. I am sure you will will be so lovely today.


wasaweb.net said...

The text is so evocative of the smell and the sound of the cup of cappuccino we see in the picture. You're absolutely right: it's moments like that, leaving your worries behind at home, when the coffee tastes so differently.

Patrice said...

Oh! sounds so lovely and peaceful. I would really love to enjoy a Hong Kong morning over a cup of cappuccino. I haven't had one of those peaceful days in a long time.

protoworkannie said...

Wish to join you both to have a cup one day somewhere :)

margg. said...

haha, this is wonderful.
i love moments like this.

protoworkannie said...

Let all of us enjoy in our tiny secret place this weekend.

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