No Answer

Today is supposed to be a happy day to me because there is something worth to be celebrated. But I am sad...very sad.

24 H.K. tourists were hi-jack by a local police in Manila yesterday, it ended after 9 hours, 7 died and 8 injured, the people and the "body" are still in Philippine. Whole process was broadcast on T.V. last night, the reason behind is only because that police wish to resume his duty after being fired, he lost his life...couldn't make his dream come true...and destroyed the innocent's rigth to survive.

Everyone is talking about this, news and FB...,etc. I just can't relief, those tourists are our citizen, they were planning to return H.K. last night after visiting the last tourist spot, and we've lost them within a day, why? 

Life is so fragile, we can't ask for one more second if it comes to an end. It can be or be not predictable, when we are fell asleep, in the hospital, in our "journey"...I am not expecting any answer from anyone, I know there is no excuse for the killer or even the helpless police force, but I also know they are all victims, living in a country of unfair without justice.