What's next?

It's not a problem for us to relax inside a train because we know what is the next station and what is our destination. But in our life, we always have the same question : What's next?

It is normal, say, for a student to start working in a company after graduate; an adult to get marry after dating and find his loved; to start a new job after quit the existing one; to be promoted after dedicating to a company for a certain years...but sometimes the next page of our life can be unexpected and out of our plan.

Relationship between friends/ lovers can be broken when both gets to know each other more,  instead of becoming steady and closer. No more job is waiting for us due to our age issue after quit the existing one; our dream that make us to work so hard day by day, hour after hour, cannot be achieved & suspended due to the sudden health attack, but the goal is nearly there, so close...all should not happen in our next step, there must be something wrong ?! And what's next, what shall we do?

Take a break -  I will say, then ready to face for another day. Life is the meaning of "happening", full of surprise no matter you enjoy it or not, if everything are well planned and happen as it is scheduled, what we've experience will only be a story of another person, not the life of our own - the unique creature in this planet.