Coffee diary 04

Coffee & cookies breakfast
Year 2007,Beijing, a second visit to this city, after my business matter, I decided to stay for a few days to look around.

Almost 7:00a.m. in the morning, I don't want to spend a huge sum for the buffet breakfast, what I need is just a nice cup of coffee and some bread or toast to wake me up.So this is all I've got...yes, it's true, the only thing they have in the lobby's cafe.

Well, to me, better than nothing at least I see my "pal- Mr.coffee". To serve with cookie as breakfast is a little bit weird, I think; but I do need some energy before I can get start to find other food to eat, which may take me for another hour to discover.

It's difficult to finish this meal except the glass of water, but I try my best and stay peaceful until I pay - RMB 110. This story tells us, don't be lazy and always prepare, otherwise you will "pay" one day. (no matter how - still a memorable experience :)