Coffee diary 05

sandwiches & coffee night in Hilton
What time is it now? Wow! better take a break. Hey, it's nice to see you already here...a big pot is perfect for me.

Do we love to work late? I'm not sure, but with a cup of coffee is always better. No phone call, no email, no human voice, all in silence, only the sound of the keyboard...click click click...tab tab tab...may be sometimes, a sign from the air conditioner...

but it's difference, you know? a midnight dinner of room service vs a hot supper at your home sweet home; a stranger sleeping in next room vs your love in the bedroom; a banquet coffee cup vs your own coffee mug...even thought we are working now under the same universe.

Before we return to our desktop, how about a remote "Goodnight Hug" to him/her/it?