cute graphic water glass

It's over 30 degrees outside, in Phuket; we are in an ice-cream house inside, here, freezing...to the moment when we were kid. 

I loved this glass at once when the waitress put it onto our table, I said I must bring it home after my dessert, but when I tend to ask the waitress whether I could buy it? I pause...just took a photo and left without regret.

There are too many occasions in our life time that we want to be a kid again, not grow up, no need to face the reality but keep staying in our happiest moment forever, being loved and protected. Yes, those days are the best, trouble free and safe......but not real either!

To extend our childhood by force? or to keep a pure heart, be brave to live on earth, enjoy what you are going to experience, joy or sad...also...without regret.