New Family Member 新成員

Wooden handle coffee tamper by Knock

早晨! 我們冀待巳久的新成員, 終於趕及在2012年來到, 實在令人興奮!

不常在網上訂購物品, 一方面是因為我們不太熱衷於購物, 另一方面是身處香港, 各樣資源尚算豐富, 唯獨是這個 : Coffee Tamper. 如果你有沖煮咖啡的習慣, 準不會對這件工具陌生, 這是用來在磨好的咖啡粉上, 於放入basket後稍微加壓令咖啡粉形成平面, 讓冲煮時咖啡粉能夠平均受熱及澎漲的工具.

其實咖啡文化在香港不算深厚, 最近比較流行也許是因為早前某電視節目的連鎖反應罷了; 所以在巿面上要找到相關的咖啡用具, 其實並不容易. 你或許留意到在一些百貨公司或以"Lifestyle"掛帥的店舖總會有咖啡機, 咖啡柸, 咖啡密封瓶...等貨品出售, 但仍是離不開賣"花巧"及"大方便"的路線, 有點像現今流行的"高級儍瓜機文化"一樣. 所以要找一個設計大方,用料配合,實用及價錢合理的 tamper, 實在不得不從海外訂購. 

這令我想到, 任何文化的形成都並非一朝一夕, 只要我們仍是維持在 impulse buying, 不思考, 不探索, 不問因由...只管盡快擁有...這個心態, 膚淺的易食文化就將會是我們所僅有的了.

We are so excited that our new family member has just arrived on time before the New Year of 2012!

We are not fans of "Shopping" that's why we don't shop online frequently, especially we are living in Hong Kong with huge resources of daily living products.  Unless you are willing to buy those in lower quality made in China or Taiwan; or those in over value of "selected" series, which imported by some of the coffee "specialist"; otherwise, a reasonable price, decent design and good workmanship coffee tamper seems never exist in Hong Kong.

Coffee culture in Hong Kong is not popular or deep in any sense, McCafe, Starbuck or Pacific Coffee are where most people meet their first cup of European or American coffee; even though there are some coffee addict who are quite expert in Italian coffee culture, they didn't draw much attention to the public besides of being a personal interest. What we can find in our department store are eye candy products only, why?

Simple reason caused by our buying pattern, our special "fast food culture" in Hong Kong: impulse buying, no execution, no reason but just pay to own within minutes before "it's too late" = not hit anymore. This will never lead us to develop a culture which takes time and practice to has it's own evolution. What left behind? if you can think of any!