Follow the Sun

Alley in Macau
I love to walk alone, usually between 2:30 to 6:30pm, starting from where I am, no plan, no destination, nothing in hand, as "light" as I can. 

I walk slow, just follow the sun, see if it can bring me to some place of mystery? busy? or tranquil... I feel the air, the breeze & temperature that change along my steps, in the shade? along the road? or outside a

I open my nose, to suck in any aroma in the wind; I keep on listening, to any tiny sound or echo that may leads me to their place.  I look around, to the face of all strangers that passes by, wondering what they are having in their mind?......when the color of the sun turns into golden orange, my journey end.

I stop when I am, walk back to when I was, leaving the sun, return to reality... this, is the refreshment treat of my life, simply move on.