Along the Seine

Pont Neuf along the Seine in Paris
Pont Neuf - The Seine - Paris Oct 2019

Imagine, you can walk along The Seine, every morning, in the afternoon or at night, what do you think? To me? dream...dream...dream...I wish I could!

Once you've been there, trust me, you'll never forget the aroma of the breeze, humidity of the air, warmth of the sun, tranquility of the surrounding, so relax...

But on the same sunny day, while you are enjoying the fascinated twilight moment, a sudden shower arrive without alarm, together with crazy wind in the dark, sometimes cold and sharp. 

Watching people screaming with laughter to look for a shelter like myself, it's funny and still, lovely! Yes, this is a wonderful experience to live nearby, I did experience "Four seasons" in the same day, unforgettable and truly amazing.

My hotel was located on the Right Bank, if you love a more quiet place, you can choose those on the Left Bank, or even The Island in the middle; no matter where you are, simply Enjoy !