The Mégisserie

The Mégisserie watercolour Centre page of ebook Pont Neuf
14 quai de la Mégisserie - Paris

To publish the first book as a 100% amateur is hard as you know, especially for a beginner, a lot of time spending into research & technical stuffs instead of the content itself. What you need are family & friends!

Those who are willing to spend time to read your first draft seriously even though they don't even know you can publish successfully or not, they still comment and advise generously to help you think broader & deeper.

This watercolor drawing was not existed in my first draft but third revision in Book One: Pont Neuf. Because my original thought of this series has to be clean & simple, reflect everything of what I've seen in real, without unnecessary enhancing, including touch up of the photos; resulting "a pale look" overall or even more "un-professional".

Jessie, the first reader of mine always take time to hear and discuss with me of my dream of a solo trip to Paris and publishing, "if you can add a color drawing in the middle section of the book may create more interest" - her advice.

Truly speaking, I put my watercolor kit in my drawer for almost 15 years; when I was a design student yearsssss.....ago, I did worst in watercolor and that's why I really don't have confidence to produce one...but finally, I did.

I choose 14 quai de la Mégisserie because of it's magnificent door way of the architecture itself; it's not a kind of luxury but breathtaking, I will say, whenever you head up to the goddess sculpture.

It was located near to my hotel so every time I passes by, I told myself, it's just the beginning, there are a lot more to discover in this Petit Paris, and I am fully charged.

Hopefully this simple addition of interest can cheer you up,too.

Finally, once again, thank you Jessie!