Forum des Halles ?

Day 2: Sunny / Warm afternoon 
    + Stormy rainy night / 20144 steps
Forum des Halles in Paris
Forum des Halles

...What's next? I didn't plan for another museum because it's only at the beginning of my journey, no rush right? and truly speaking, I need to be familiar with the streets in different arrondissements. 

So, what is nearby to Center Pompidou? It's Forum des Halles & the famous Église St-Eustache (Church St-Eustache). They are connected by a huge public square with lots of greenery, people just having their sun bath on the grassland or shopping in the huge arcade. 

I am here almost 1520, shopping mall is not my cup of "coffee", after lying on the grassland for half an hour, I've decided to walk slowly back to hotel, simply passing by Église St-Eustache. "Not enter?" you may say, well,yes, why not sometime next day, again, no rush!

To enjoy walking under sun bath with breeze, warm and airy, so relaxing and I am sure you can imagine it,too. Is my day end back to the hotel? not really.

After a quick refreshment, my favorite twilight time arrive, so there is no excuse for me to stay inside as I don't have a stunning street viewable window...I quickly grab my blanket to receive this magic moment at Pont Neuf.

What I can say is...speechless, I am "melted" into the twilight blue...watching Eiffel at the far end...

Beginning of the wind

then, it happens just within seconds, thick clouds gather up in the sky hiding all my lovely blue follow by a super storm like wind,rain start splashing onto us; what we people can do are running to find a shelter somewhere, catching the table decor that may be gone with the wind at those riverside càfe; "screaming" with laughter...

"What an amazing day, I am so lucky to experience such a dramatic weather changes within a day, interesting...what will tomorrow be like? I can't wait"...I wrap my blanket tight over my head and shoulder while running back to Relais du Louvre...