Musée de I'Orangerie

Day 5: Cold & Windy Morning with shower


A local told me, umbrella is a must in this season, never ever leave it behind. 

Having cloudy sky is quite usually in the morning this week, but it won't affect my mood cos' the scenery are still attractive, even a street corner will cheer me up :D

Walking through Jardin des Tuileries towards three museums that I've planned to visit today. The first one is Musée de I'Orangerie. Not a huge one, but cosy. The most important is still...the collections inside are worth to visit. 

Monet´s Nymphéas Series exhibit in Musée de I’Orangerie

This may be one of the most attractive "oval" shape gallery for Monet's Nymphéas Series. 

It's difficult for me to find a minute to have a clear shot in front of the whole painting. So, that's why you may also notice the one in my book is a bit "shaky".

But luckily,I am interested in the details of his brush stroke, so a very very close view has no problem at all, and I am afraid I've become part of their obstacle instead, sorry!:P

Chromatics the colour handbook
Besides this, I think these are also amazing. A color guide in 1879 by Ogden Nicolas Road, So Cool! See how it was applied to the framing below,delicate and lovely.  

Impressionist artistic picture frame

In Musée de I'Orangerie, you will find a lot of the art pieces that are related to Impressionism. Other artists include Matisse, Renoir, Picasso, Sisley, Seurat...,etc. So lots of "dots" and interesting brush stroke dancing in front of you, again, cheer me up!

Gallery inside Musée de I’Orangerie 

Actually the interior of this museum is quite simple, it works so well with the complicated dot dot dot,I think.

Coffee & sweet pie for my brunch
To end this visit within an hour's time, better having my simple breakfast to move on. à bientôt!