Musée du Louvre

 Day 4: Cloudy Morning

Antique gallery of The Louvre in Paris
Every time walking along Seine will look at this arch

Morning in Paris is gorgeous even though the air is a bit chilly. I was in a "coma" last night, walking can be enjoyable and exhausted but resulting a very good & deep sleep. So I wake up early this morning at 0600, because today is a big day for me.

My original plan is spending two & a half days in The Louvre, but I have to change my plan to one whole day instead; because I forget the pass will only allow one time skip the line access, and I choose Wednesday in order to take advantage of the long opening hours up to 2100.

I have a full breakfast to fill up my stomach before hand, to enter, I can simply across one road towards Cour Carrée, because my hotel is right opposite to it - which, is one of the major reason for me to stay there. But I choose to enter from the entrance near Pont du Carrousel for short cut to the main entrance at the Pyramid. 

There has already a long long queue waiting outside, now let me "skip" again...(remember to make a reservation online prior visit even though you have the Museum Pass)

When I get the site map at the reception, I search the location of "The Raft of the Medusa", it should be at Room 77, 1st floor of Denon Wing. I do know that my data may not update, so I counter check and find...nothing! there is nothing mention here or there, Oh! I am out of luck, I think.

So I follow my planned route, visiting each room one by one, hopefully I will find it. The Louvre is always under renovation or maintenance, so the re-allocation of art pieces are quite often, when I see the directory near a staircase, I am pretty sure I need to plan for another visit years later.

This wall shall reflect some of my disappointment, but on the other hand, don't you think they are elegant and self exhibiting here? Framing of a painting is always part of the art piece, they can finally have a chance to become the focus themselves, Congratulations, you guys look stunning :D

The Mercury sculpture in The Louvre

Hermes is one of my favorite character in the Greek myth. The one in my book is made of bronze, this is another one in marble. His Roman name is Mercury,charming & cunning; he is one of Zeus's son and messenger,too. That's why he has a pair of winged golden sandals as a gift from his father,for him to travel as fast as wind.  

If you want to know more, I'd like to introduce a book to you: Mythology 101 by Kathleen Sears(published by Adams media). 

Then,what's next?