Orsay...on my way

Day 3:Cloudy Afternoon/ 20941 steps

Where am I? - I can't tell, I am on my way to Musée d'Orsay, it should not far from Musée Rodin, how come...I get lost...again?

Direction is always a dominant gene that I am lacking of when I was born, I'm sure. So I did calculate the time required for this specific task in Paris, even though I have my GPS, Omg!

It's already 1400, it seems my apple earlier ate in Rodin's garden can't last long, I better concentrate & get back to the right track...before the wind blow me off. 

Air France headquarter in Paris

Hmm,it may be a good sign and it will be great if there is a jet for me right now...

Finally arrive Musée d'Orsay at around 1530.I don't have much time because it will be closed at 1800. Once again, my museum pass did it's great job for a quick access. Musée d'Orsay was use to be a railway station, and now a huge museum, so the interior is absolutely difference from Rodin's(Hotel), before jump into the flourish collection of art pieces, these are also attractive...

Interior deco of Musée d’Orsay
...combination of different form and materials, antique classic yet industrial...a transformation to her as well.

The crowd usually locate in front of the giant clock face, but this tranquil corner is not bad either,right? at least I can take a shot without interruption.

Basically visitors are not allow to take photographs inside, avoid crowd to create bottle neck affecting the circulation. But, as you can imagine, not many to follow because the collections here are marvelous.  

Starting from 5th floor downward, ranging from Impressionism to Neo Impressionism; Art Nouveau decor including furniture & jewellery of different countries; sculptures plus a special gallery of Degas...I wish I could show you some of them. 

1730, it's enough today, I need some time to absorb, it's time to leave. By walking back to hotel, I may have a chance to look for "him", my dreamed Kolisky at Magasin Sennelier, please wait, I am on my way...