Finding Francisque Poulbot

It's all started from this picture, I've spent almost two months to look for the title of this illustration, a very special one by Francisque Poulbot. Why I think this is special? May be first of all, I can tell you some information about him.                 
image from Wikimedia Common
If you like the story of Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, you will also love this French Illustrator like me. Francisque Poulbot (1879-1946) was born in Saint-Denis in France, he was an affichiste (poster designer). He lived in Montmartre, the protagonist of his drawings was usually kids on the streets which he cared for, especially in the Paris old days of 1900s, they were the groups of forgotten.                                                                                                        He drawn a lot of pictures about them even in some of the patriotic posters and postcards during WWI, which finally lead him to be house arrested. He also opened a dispensary in 1923 on Rue Lepic to help children in Montmartre.

Here is another one I've took in the museum (sorry for the glass reflection), you can discover that usually there will be some "conversation" as I've described written at the bottom of the drawing followed by his signature.
il aura bouffé du boche

Pas de blague! hein?...me les faut pour ce soir
Some others you can find easily on the Wikimedia Common or lots of websites who admire his works. I myself especially love those in monotone, pure as those kids.

The one which I am looking for, besides Poulbot's signature on the flower card, there is no other data and it is so rarely introduced, I don't know why but I find it is a lovely illustration and hopefully one day I will find it's "name" or in case you know it, please drop a message to me, thank you!