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Au Revoir, Petit Paris

Au Revoir book cover
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It will be hard to write this post I’m sure, the last post to end my series of Petit Paris ~ the first poetic travelogues that I’ve never had & the first e-book series that I’ve ever published. Three years are neither short nor long, long enough to write a book but too short for a forgetful bird to become an author, it’s only the beginning… I hope. 

When this project was started three years ago, as I’ve mentioned in <Au Revoir>,  time flies like a spark, when it has to end the journey which seems has begun not long before,  I am a bit of emotionally un-detachable, at least, still at this moment.

Solo trip is always a valuable experience to whom you are, what you have or haven’t. You have to face everything on your own, surprisingly amazing moments or unexpected horror, imaginary or real. 

You are the master of your time, a totally stranger on earth there ; you can mute in most of the time, just see and feel, think & rethink…or, you can seek, a new friendship that might start, to be an immigrant for a week, to act like a local for an hour.

You can capture all the moments by your phone (camera) or simply to remember the unique memory…just for you, yourself on that date, at that time…happy or sad.

You can try anything new, participate in an adventure that you’ve never did before or, have an apple in hand, just enjoy under the sun & relax. 

You can follow the norm to all the hot spots or you can walk in your own way, your own destination in your own pace. 

You can…
…Yes, I can find another angle to see the world, to discover more instead of following the norm; something I might mis-understood when it was presented without the truth in depth.  I can listen the voices behind that might fainted for over a while…it’s not barely a vacation but also a chapter of my life started from October 2019 and keep on transforming in December 2022. 

The last book in this series is a wrap up of what I met during the trip, and because of it is the last one, it urge me to take the last chance of sharing of what were or might be overlooked, but really meant something in this series. 

Actually I took almost 1000 photos, for all the selected photos, they should cover what I discovered in the whole journey; I do wish you can feel travelling with me while reading. 

“A book has to be edited prior to publish.” I think this is the norm or general rule that I do agree but will leave it for this very first time. The free prose lead my thought to and fro from one moment to another, but raw and real time that I really want to attach, sorry for the free-flow' if it makes you feel lost sometimes :P 

I am a real forgetful bird, it’s hard for me to remember the name of people I’ve met, especially for those I didn’t even ask. But, seriously, I do remember their faces, their tone of expression when we communicated;  I still remember right at this moment…almost three whole years, so memorable. 

Color & aroma, are the ever lasting sense for human beings, whenever I close my eyes, fly back to Paris, they are there, still there…all the same…!

I know I have to end right now, the post and the obsession to this journey. I am moving on for a new novel,  in another language...may be; I don’t know when can this be completed? Hopefully not too long and is for sure not too soon, by that time, I wish you are still here to be my companion , Merci beaucoup et Au revoir !


Left Bank & Dream a Little Dream


Paris never fails us of her attractions, especially for those who love shopping. Whether the  prosperity impression, luxurious living or the Bohemia life style , what people used to call; are actually a very different scenario of what Paris was experienced & had been transformed after WWII.

While writing this series, I was accidentally found a book “Left Bank - Art, Passion and the Rebirth of Paris 1940-1950” by Agnés Poirier. A book that opens my eyes wide and solve some of the queries inside me during the trip. 

During the WWII, the third republic lead French into a shameful act, allow the occupied of the Nazis without defense, it might prevent major casualties as they originally thought but in fact, not to the Jews here, as mentioned in the book, over 13000 Parisian Jews (one third are children) were sent to death in Poland in 1942 & 80000 Jews were sent from France to concentration camps…this is still an ached in some of the Parisians nowadays. That explains to me why so many Jewish memorial museum were built in Paris. I feel sad, too. 

The intellectuals, how they survived to face the lost of their Jewish friends each day but couldn’t say, would there be any hope to dream for their future? To continue their philosophic expression? Publication? Playwright? Artistic life? simply to live or left?

Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Sylvia Beach, Albert Camus, Ernest Hemingway, Jacques Jaujard, Pablo Picasso, Henri cartier-bressan…some of the characters in the book, the intellectuals who were there…their dreams didn’t vanish but transformed and camouflaged in another way to preserve the seed of hope. What they had been struggling, physically, mentally & emotionally (whether succeeded or failure) left a trace in the Café de Flore, café des Deus Magots, the Louvre and many other places in Paris. 

The huge impact in the field of their specialties & their “third way” are still influencing a lot of us in the modern age.  Café de Flore may be famous of it’s hot cocoa, but in depth, there’s always been the stories behind like Hôtel La Louisiane, the Shakespeare & Co., Le Tabou…that flourished.

Dream a little Dream book cover
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Dream a little Dream is the second last book of Petit Paris Series, my first draft was finished in February 2022, the moment of the 5th wave of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, should I still bring out this message to my reader? absolutely Yes, without any hesitation! the hope to end this pandemic as same as the hope to end war. If they could survive in their own ways and achieved even more in 10 years, we can, it's not only a dream!


Exquisite - Book Ten Of Petit Paris

Book cover of Exquisite - Petit Paris
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This is the most difficult book I’ve written in Petit Paris series, why? It seems there are so many elements that I can use to express “Beauty”, but is it the only thing that I want to say? No, I’m quite sure.

Writing book is always for the public but at the same time also personal I shall say, and this is my own feeling during these few years, that’s why you may love it or not; but beautiful things created by artists, designers, architects, craftspeople …and the final piece are always dominated by commercial, religious or even political reasons in most of the time. Take it or leave it, getting rich or broke, being famous or no one ever knows…now or in the future!

My thought was complicated while writing “Exquisite”, there are tensions between beauty ~long lasting ~preserve ~transform ~handmade ~technology…too many want to incorporate, too little can be captured, cos’ Beauty always has two faces, exterior & interior.

I was a commercial interior designer, I knew the struggle inside to convert “the beautiful thing in your eyes” to the one in “their eyes”. It’s even harder for us to produce & complete them even we may not think it is good enough or even ugly…but it has to be done, no matter how. For the truly beautiful things can be demolished/ vanishing just by a simple decision from some powerful people/unit who knows nothing about beauty at all! Weird but it’s the reality.

I think this is the reason to explain my excitement when seeing beautiful things that were preserved so well in Paris. Which also lead me to think of those behind who created and made them long long time ago. 

It seems the word Craftspeople is a bit old fashion nowadays, for everything takes time to complete may not suit in our new age, less and less youth are willing to take part in this sort of careers but not totally. Japan is a good example which did an excellent job in this field, recently in Hong Kong, there are also some young craftspeople who start to realize handmade items and to preserve rather than replace are valuable; furniture, book, glasses, cheongsam, leather goods, architecture…hopefully there will be a lot more in the future.

It’s quite simple in my theory, whenever people is willing to spend time into a certain thing, to make it nicer, to bring joy to someone, he/she has a kind heart, the beauty inside. 


Spring Shower - Point Zéro

Spring Shower - Point Zéro for Petit Paris by Oiseau Distrait
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Hi, hi! 

Spring is coming...already came? how about having a Spring Shower to read a free copy of Point Zéro , just for a limited period of time 15 to 22/4/2022. 

Simply go to my Oiseau Distrait page & grab from the book link, feel free to leave a comment or star, if you like it :D

Happy reading in Happy Easter!


Behind the "City Of Light"

City Of Light book cover
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When I started to write this series in the first place, monochrome book cover as well as the drawing inside was my key design preference, plus…one book in a reverse of white on black. Originally I thought I will use this theme in book Six - Hear Me; but it seems the content was not appropriate and I didn’t want all those “voices” that needed to be heard fell into the “dark”. So I pended the idea until this one, which is good fit as I think.

City of Light - another name of Paris, we usually think maybe this is related to the prosperity and prestige of the luxurious life style in this city; or at least we will link to the stunning night scene along Champs Élysée or light show at the Tower Eiffel, right? 

But it actually represents the evolution period of having gas street lamp in the first large European City, in a massive scale, that light up most of the dark rue/ alley. The original idea of King Louis XIV who appointed lieutenant Gabriel Nicolas de la Reynie to make Paris into a safe city, it was started by gas lanterns and candles then gradually gas street light, forming the “La Ville Lumière” or so call “Age of the Enlightenment” since 1829. I can imagine the excitement of Parisians when the lighting up of Rue de Rivoli, Place Vendôme, Place du Carrousel and other grand boulevards by almost 56000 gas lamps in 1860s.

Yellowish street lamp in front of a church in Paris
We can still see a lot of beautiful gas lamps located at the streets and bridges along the Seine, I think no one will forget how stunning the night scene they are. But time flies, you may discover (as what I’ve seen) some, may be most of the gas lamps had already been replaced by LED light bulb inside those antique art like lamp shade, even though the warm yellowish tone remains, I guess it’s a bit difference to those in the good old days. 
Hong Kong had a lot of gas street lamps also, long time ago, but gradually reduced and only 4 left in Central along the staircase in Duddell Street (since 1922), I did remember what it looks like when lit up, moody & wordless romantic.  No matter how, we are living in the 21th Century, nothing can last forever except memories.

In fact, there is also another meaning for “The Age of Enlightenment” which is very meaningful. From 17th to 18th Century, there was the intellectual & philosophical movement that dominated in European, people aware sovereignty of reason, the ideals of separation of church & state, of having a constitutional government, liberty, fraternity, equality…as well as the pursuit of happiness; that every mankind deserves. Hope for the future, become one of the core meaning, too.

The happening of all these new thoughts did relate to the emerged of philosophers, scientists, artists, literati who widely spread or discussed these ideas in café, salons or scientific academies…, etc; a truly flourishing moment, I shall say. 

When I have finished my research, I know this book could mean more than only the scenery or a specific period in Paris, so I’ve decided to write for someone who need a spark of light, those who deserve to pursuit of their happiness as we do.


Palette October

Book cover of Palette October of Petit Paris
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October in Hong Kong is already in mid Autumn, in Paris, the weather is quite cold, usually there will be a 10 degree difference within day, say 2-4 degree Celsius at night & 17-19 in the afternoon.

In addition, you may experience a shower morning, sunny afternoon, windy evening & a star night or thunderstorm mid night…wow! never boring :P

Another eye catching experience is the richness of color palette easily seen along the streets & gardens. In Hong Kong, our space is limited, so even though there are trees but rarely flourish in the heart of the districts unless, we go to a more remote areas. 

The other major problem is pollution, trees are dull and liveliness in Autumn & are not easy to have multi-color species in our neighborhood. We don’t have space for the fallen leaves to lie down to enjoy their sun bath, they will be cleared every hour or so to free up the pedestrian pavement, so you know why I was so excited when walking onto those caramel /golden/ copper pink leave land, especially after rain…the best “perfume” I’ve ever had.

Palette October” will be one of the book in Petit Paris as scheduled, but there is some other issues that I would like to address through the cycle of this gorgeous nature phenomenon. I wish you will discover my hidden wishes from the ‘dialogue’ inside. 

May God bless us all on earth!


Autumn Breeze Sale 2021

Hey, pal,
"Summer Cool Sale" of Book 2 Entrée Sortie is coming to an end after a few more days up to   31 August 2021 (date included). So, I think it may be nice to have an "Autumn Breeze Sale" before our Winter come for Book 3 Chat Noir, what do you think?

39% reduce in price from 1 to 30 September 2021
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Au revoir!
Oiseau Distrait


Summer Cool Sale

Hey, pal,

Sorry again it seems I do forget to tell you there is a "Summer Cool Sale" 
for Book 2 Entrée Sortie of 39% reduce in price from 1 to 31 August 2021
Book cover of Entrée Sortie
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Meaning, you can purchase in 
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Enjoy! together with the forever free 
Book One : Pont Neuf of Petit Paris series.

Oiseau Distrait




Tower you hear me?


One of the best viewing angle to Tower Eiffel in Paris

Wow! Tower Eiffel! What it means to you?! I’m standing right now is near the Jardin du Trocadéro, Av des Nations in front of the Pont d’léna, one of the best viewing angle to Tower Eiffel. Why am I here instead of up up on the tower?...It’s not in my itinerary, besides, if you still remember, I’ve finished my apple there, at the foot of the tower, good enough this time :P

Back to the question and what is your answer? An icon of France? A romantic spot for lovers? A must go in a life time tourist spot? name it. One of my friend told me that when she traveled to Paris with her husband years ago, in her memory after returned to Hong Kong, Eiffel, Eiffel, Eiffel...almost every corner in Paris could see...a bit “tired” of it’s existing, everywhere, every minute.

She was right, you’ll never miss Eiffel, day or night, there is always a trace to discover it in my photos. But it’s also amazing when you see how it “interact” to the surrounding, a lot more rather than simply an icon.

Lonely man below the bridge of Paris

When I took this picture, just because of a very straight forward desire to capture the chaotic elements all appear in the same frame. I didn't recognize there was a man somewhere “resting? or...”at the bottom of the bridge, another element in the photo, that’s all.

But when I’ve returned Hong Kong, to zoom in each photos as my usual practice to explore more, the contrast of  “flourishing” above vs the “hollowness “ below in this photo, I was engaged. It reminds me the other day early in the morning, a “yellow spot” drawn my attention...

 Worker clean up city fountain routine in Paris

He was working silently, full of concentration without any facial expression, as usual without being aware by any passengers who were hurrying to work. I stared at this scenario for a while, splash of rain falling onto my face...the exact feeling on the bridge...

When I arrived Paris on the first day, I asked my hotel driver wasn't she happy to live here, so she could visit the Louvre, Tower Eiffel, Jardins...,etc at any time she want? She told me, it’s because you are a tourist, I am not, I’ve never visited the Louvre, too much to do for a living, for my family...the exact feeling at the fountain...

Tower Eiffel, what it really means to us?!



Merry go round near Tower Eiffel in Paris

Rotunda is very common in Paris, some are in the park, on the square or around the corner of the street; most of them are near the famous tourist spot, such as Hôtel de Ville, Tower Eiffel...,etc. You can imagine how wonderful the scenery will be under star night, blossom of cherry in Spring, Autumn burst golden leaves or in the soft white snow of card shot, right?

Little girl riding horses in the rotunda of Paris

Guess what is my favourite? not difficult to know, street side rotunda. Don’t you think they just like a super huge toy right next to your apartment, everyone in the neighbourhood can share the joy whenever nearby, be my guest, isn’t that fun?

Little boy seating on a sea shell in rotunda near Tower Eiffel

It’s also enjoyable to watch those lovely kids riding with interesting facial expressions, some are excited, a little bit scare while the turn is moving away from their parents, but a sudden burst of smile when they are once appear in front of them; they all become prince & princess within minutes living happily ever after...

I still remember when I was some where at Saint-Paul, after a long walk without having any lunch, I quickly grab a lemon pie & espresso from a boulangerie, eating in front of a rotunda at the street corner;  the weather is cloudy & cold, but with it’s vintage colour decorative light bulb, pinkish apple like smiling faces on pastel wooden horses, I feel so warm, what an unforgettable moment. 

Merry-go-round, a more familiar name in my childhood, time flies...



There are numerous messages delivered from graffiti, poster or sticker found on the street here, in Paris. I am sure there will be some trace of the “yellow vest” - mouvement des gilets jaunes; a chaos agitated by the increase of fuel tax. My new friend Li, who studied & working here for over 18 years, she told me that actually the amount increased was minimal, but demonstration/ protest/ strike whatever we call are frequently happen in France, i.e.: they get used to & nothing to be afraid of.

Liberté (Freedom), Égalité (Equality), Fraternité (fraternity / brotherhood), ou la mort (or death*) - is the “national motto” of France. There may be still argument of whether the Declaration of the Rights of Man & of the Citizen on 26 August 1789 should include all of them in exact wordings, especially the last one;  but no matter how, it’s originated in the French Revolution. The Tricolor flag of France are embodying all the principle of the Revolution- Liberté (Blue), Égalité (white) and Fraternité (Red).

The memorial statue of Komitas in Paris

 Walking along, there is Mémorial de la Shoah - a memorial retraces the history of French Jews after the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp, a sad history of 76,000 Jews deported from France. I didn’t visit even I’ve passing by twice, I am afraid there will be too “much” for my first trip, but it will be in my itinerary in the next visit.

So, who is Komitas? A statue that I’ve seen in Jardin d’Erevan. I don’t know who he was? But the form of statue clearly tells me it is not a display of an art piece, something serious,... to remember.


“ en Hommage a


Comositeur, musicologue

et aus

1500000 victimes

du génocide arménien de 1915

perpetre dans L‘empire ottoman“


Lettering on the stone base

If we are thinking of the War Crime, Holocaust- Jewish was the first comes into our mind; but there is another one, Genocide- Armenian. 

Komitas was the survivor in this genocide, he was an Armenian priest, composer, a super talented musicologist, founder of the Armenian national school of music. If he didn’t collected & transcribed over 3000 pieces of Armenian folk music during his work in life time, the cultural heritage of Armenia will be vanished together with the genocide, no one will even remember the existing of this history. 

To Komitas, although he could survive after released from concentrate camp, the shadow of death together with his fear of losing his lifetime work in Armenian music that finally drove him nuts, he was transferred to stay in Paris where his friend was there... but weakness & insane were the only melody left in his last years, who died in 1935.

I have to admit that I am quite lost & depress while preparing this post, when I’ve watched the film online “Music to Madness (The Story of Komitas)” , in order to find who he was? The unfold of history was intolerable, up to this moment, I can’t find an “excuse” for “human” to expel/ destroy a nation and I am not intend to find one.


-  Survivors of the Armenians “re-birth” and wide spread around the world.
- Armenia was the First Nations to adopt Christianity as a state religion, it’s roots go backs to 1st century AD. (Wiki data)


Hear Me


New release Hear Me book cover of Petit Paris series
click to enlarge

Hi, Hi!

What a super hot summer in Hong Kong right now, let's have some reading under the sun...or in your comfy air conditioned corner with a smoothie or ice coffee :P
The sixth book of  Petit Paris series was released yesterday, you can say it do has some relationship with book 4 Jardins Secret & book 5 Point Zéro . You may aware there is an arrangement, not intentionally at the very beginning, but developed as time goes by:-

Book 1 - Pont Neuf......explore Paris
Book 2 - Entrée Sortie......explore Museums
Book 3 - Chat Noir......explore Belle épogue

Book 4- Jardins Secret......explore Gardens......reminding Friends & Families
Book 5- Point Zéro......breathtaking Churches......reminding Faith & People
Book 6- Hear me......"listen" to graffiti & the silent voices......reminding the Be-forgotten
Book 7....?

I've always has some difficulties to tell my friends what the genre of my book should be, because it consist of photograph, painting, song like text, a mixture of three but not quite definite as Photography, Arts or Poetry; so I will usually say it is my "sketch book" 公仔書 as I will describe in Cantonese - sketch book of all my experience and thoughts to express through these three "channels". 

It's always enjoyable while writing, to recap a lot of my pleasure during the trip, the amazing moment of different hours in a long day, them - peoples that flash into my mind! By the end of the book, I may be lost or sad somehow, but never give up Hope! 

Two more books to finish in the year of 2021, I wish you can continue to walk through this journey with me, until the end of next year. Let's see what would Petit Paris lead us to...?!


Graffiti, merely?

Graffiti spray on bridge fence on the Seine in Paris

I love walking, street, alley, riverside, local stalls...although it will drain off all my energy at the end, almost every night when I’ve returned to the hotel; but walking is really the most enjoyable activity in Paris, I can adjust my momentum wherever I like, “freeze” ......when attractions like this.

Graffiti on the bridge balustrade above The Seine in Paris

Texture & colour are the highlights which draw me close, all of the unknown fonts are transform into beautiful graphics; but in fact they do mean something for the specific group of persons or individuals in a specific moment.

Sometimes it’s sad to find them being painted on the public facilities, especially onto the heritage architectures which did shock me in the first place because I thought the citizens here do treasure them more than balustrade, mansion doors, pavement, post box...,etc. But when I walk along to discover more & more of them, I start to understand a bit more of their anger, the only way to express their accusation of being ignored by the government? the empowered? for months...years...?

Graffiti on stonewall of buildings in Paris

Although that‘s not a tourist would like to see when visiting a spot, it’s the reality that we should face & to deal with the problems, there is no way to hide. A destructive act onto the public canvas may not be a perfect way but at least, a beam of hope for “them” to aware, to awake!


Sing Hallelujah to the Lord


Magnificent huge organ in Sacré Cœur in Paris

I am in the Sacré-Cœur, walking around, admiring the grande architecture, huge organ above...then an “angel” voice awoke to listen

Hallelujah hallelujah
   Hallelujah hallelujah
Hallelujah hallelujah....

(Sorry for the noise in the background, feel the volume of the interior...isn’t it amazing?)

Open my eyes in a panic mode, I am already trapped or better say I was buried by a crowded of tourist from my “motherland” simply because they squeeze for a glance to the priest who will start the mass quite soon. A few ladies notice my shock, although I’m sure I can see from their eyes, they are a bit of embarrass & feel sorry to interrupt but, my best viewing angle is absolutely un-replaceable, so I am totally “under-covered” within the next two minutes.

I am not sure whether I should force to escape but at the same time I do feel embarrassment, too, because Hong Kong had already returned to China, therefore.... you know what I mean :P , but miracle happens, I close my eyes, besides of

Hallelujah  hallelujah

Hallelujah hallelujah

Hallelujah hallelujah....

Nothing more but peace & joy, that’s all.
A moment that I’ll never forget, a gift from God! Hallelujah!

Back to the angel voice, I just can’t stop to hear more & more, one voice after the others...I was “trapped”! There is mass ready to be carried out, so I sit down on the bench nearby, bow down my head, close my eyes, listen to the lovely voice, so tranquil &”Dark”!!! I am short of my breath...


My King James

King James bible with timber cover

Why King James Version and what is it? 
If you have one, by comparing with the following words, you will know what versions it belongs to.

For example:-  Genesis Chapter 1:1  
heauen (original Hebrews typeface) - 1611 version
heaven - 1769 version as well as in Modern English version

You can easily find the details in WiKi and also ; worth to check it out. Basically it can be known as:-

The King James Version (KJV), or
The King James Bible (KJB), or
(AV) The Authorized Version.

It is one of the most accurate English translation of the Christian Bible to be read in the Church of England under the authorized of King James, translated by 54 translators worked for 7 years. 

What I am having should be a 1769 standard version because 1611 version was using the archaic English language in the Elizabethan & Jacobean era; whereas the 1769 version is more “readable” and still reserve it’s poetic feeling with a flow of rhythm, so when you read out loud, they sounds beautifully.

Letter inside King James 1769 standard version bible


Some other words like: remoone (1611), remove (1769  and modern version) in Corinthians 13:2 
It’s quite easy to identify and of course you will also find a letter "To the most high and might prince James" at the front page of the bible, too.

Back of Timber cover King James bible with etching of Jerusalem wording

My King James Bible was a wonderful gift from my husband during his “flying” to Israel yearssss....before. The timber cover (walnut or sycamore may be?) is sooooo....special & human.
I choose to use the “ancient” verses in KJV for the highlight im my Point Zéro which are exactly what I wish my reader could read them loud to enjoy the "classic breeze", that’s why here they are, I hope you’ll love it! Enjoy!

P.S.: stain inside page are due to deterioration only.


Where are the hearts?

The Church of Saint Germain l’Auxerrois in Paris
The Church of Saint-Germain I'Auxerrois

It may be a good time to write this book cos’ we are in the shadow of Covid-19 in the whole world, but while I am completing book 5 and ready to release, vaccines brings us a small light beam....a little hope, at least.

To recap some of the sceneries while the early explosion of the pandemic, some people thought it’s only a matter of life & death, so they just don’t care and reject any protection act but “Freedom of their own” not others who also has “Freedom to survive, being free from affection by others.”

Not until the reality force everybody on earth to face it’s cruelty, we’ve already lost millions & millions of life, thousands & thousands of families became fragments.

Sometimes, I was thinking, isn’t it a similar scenario to our religious belief? 

In Paris, there are numerous église = cathedral/ church, some were built centuries before (like the one above was found around 7th Century), a truly historical monument. They are breathtaking especially when you’ve entered, to experience the atmosphere of  its’ holiness, remember Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre? Or église St-Eustache near Forum des Halles? Although there were mass held every week or even daily, a place for the faithful hearts, in fact, Catholic or Christian who still attending regular mass or Sundry services are rare nowadays in this country, why?

Stunning interior of the Basilique du Sacré Cœur
Basilique du Sacre-Cœur

I was quite surprised when I knew it, meaning the flourishing of église doesn’t reflect the flourish of spiritual lives. 

Would the Bohemia life style can bring us some hints? a life style that attracts me, too; or, if we really living in this way, when facing the question of life & death again one day, not only on earth but above, could we be “vaccinated”? 

...I’m afraid the answer is no!



Start from Point Zero

Notre Dame in Paris inside hoarding

I still remember the moment when I was watching the news in Hong Kong, one day just a month before my departure...

Notre Dame was on fire!

Originally I though it was some archived report, but NO, the nightmare is right NOW on 4 Sept., 2019. Followed by the faces of the citizens appeared on Tv, I feel their sadness, too... no one would or willing to accept the reality because Notre Dame, like many other heritages in France, she is unique & non-replaceable!

Notre Dame is a Gothic style cathedral built in the year of 1163, located in île de la cité of Paris. Bell tower above 400 steps, magnificent rose window, gorgeous ornate flying buttresses or the “mysterious” gargoyles; one of the largest 7800 pipes organ in the world, royal treasure collections...all are worth to visit; plus...

Point Zéro des Routes de France: the bronze star, the “kilometre zero plaque” which indicated the calculation starting point of road distance in France. Besides “Raft of the Medusa” in the Louvre, this is my second goal in this trip, but now, it’s vanishing, I do feel disappointed & trying to figure out what to do? cancel the trip? change my itinery? 

Experts expect a four to five years recovery is required, at least; so, I am thinking how about to go, say “hello”to her, bring her some“comfort” may be, or at least a blessing from Hong Kong... sounds great?

I am sure I’ll finally have my chance to complete my goal some years later, although the originality may not be the same, we can view from another angle, as my beliefs always; no matter what, it’s our choice to locate the Point Zero after all!

New release book - Point Zéro by Oiseau Distrait
click to enlarge
Cést parti ! 
follow me in Point Zéro - book Five of Petit Paris.


Free the "bottleneck"

Yesterday, I've decided to remove the price tag to Pont Neuf, my first book, i.e.: e-book version will be giveaway from now on. Why? well, just want to, while I am writing the 6th book, which is almost 50% of the whole Petit Paris series, I think it may be a good time to do so & make it.

Experienced writers advised newbie like me, there is always a bottleneck when you've written in the middle of the book, if you can overcome it, you will most likely to complete the whole; otherwise, may stuck and failed to finish at the end, because it's a lonely job & easily get frustrated.

Although I am writing in some what 30 to 60 pages of each only, it can be combined as one whole book, which is also my original idea. By dividing them into 12 mini books, there are some advantages indeed:

- I can reduce my pressure to complete a 600 pages book all in one time

- they can be written in separate topics to cover a lot more issues discovered in the trip

- less stress by extending the production time from one year to three as a whole, meaning I can    still have time to work on other jobs between the writing intervals

- to practice and improve my writing & drawing skill one after another 
  (hopefully it did work :p)

- Best of all : I can draw 12 different book covers - sounds amazing ?!

click to enlarge

In fact, I do need space for me to learn, review, revise & achieve a lot more improvement, which is the most valuable experience and enjoyable process as being a self published writer. 

I am looking forward to a date in 2022, December may be to complete this series, wish you can walk with me to the destiny of this petit journey!

p.s. - Be my guest to enjoy your Pont Neuf copy from Google Books or Apple books


Petite Fleur

 Green meadows backyard in Musée Rodin in Paris
It's easy to find a garden you like anywhere in Paris, there will be one nearby, the well known: Jardin des Tuileries, Jardin du Luxembourg, Jardin des Plantes, Parc du Champ de Mars (the one next to Eiffel Tower); or Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Parc laVillette...,etc.Some others are more private, like this one inside Musée Rodin, or the one in Maison et Jardins de Claude Monet. But from time to time when I pass the streets, other forms of "garden" can be found.
Pinkish green vine on stone walls of buildings in Paris
Here they are, somewhere near the Saint Paul's Village, so cool, right? Looks like an unfinished painting on canvas, more to go & imagine!
Or, most of the times, you will find small flowerbeds are right next to your appartment, along the street or at most of the Parisian's balcony. It's difficult for me to miss any of them because they are so flourish and attractive
Staircase like apartments in Montmartre
And you will never be disappointed because, here in Paris, people not only create their own garden wherever possible, but take great care and keep cultivate, that's why they are always look amazing. If the same theory applies to the secret garden in our heart, I am sure it works 101%, too! Floral gardening along street corners in ParisWish you can find yours in this Merry Christmas ;)