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Color of the Pebble"s"

Walking on the street in the Autumn of Paris, especially for the first time, I was truly impressed by the richness of color wherever I go.  

I’ve remembered some of my friends said, reasons for they didn't like Paris...yes, didn’t...were because of the old & deteriorated surroundings in some arrondissement; pebble roads that were difficult to walk on, some alleys are "dirty", people are "not friendly" with a sense of "pride", not safe after dark, pick pockets around, Paris is small...., etc, etc. (don‘t shout to me if you are an instant Paris lover, like myself :D)

Even though it‘s part of the truth except with reasons behind: history, cultural, multi-racial, interaction, mindset...they are the elements to form this city, bit by bit for us to explore.

By walking almost 90% within these 12 days, my feet did overloaded. I can take bus or train, of course but walking on pebble pave, to me, is enjoyable (without my luggage :P), one of my favorite activity here; they are extra beautiful after the touch of shower - Nostalgia romance I would say. 

Pebble alley after rain with low rise apartment around in Paris

Strolling around the “deteriorating” alleys with ancient buildings, stories behind, the color of memories...whether it’s sad or cheerful, it’s a mark, always. A mark of people who live or died, who gave or took, stay or left...and that’s how I wrote Palette October.


SQUARE in Tsim Sha Tsui East

It's been a while not going to the Tsim Sha Tsui East district, until recently I was having a gathering over there.  So I've decided to go earlier, buy some time, hanging around to see if there is any big changes.

Tsim Sha Tsui East commercial building viewing from footbridge

Actually not much, when I was standing on the footbridge looking towards this view, same feeling of the good old days as I was a student, still...a lot of "squares".  
Tsim Sha Tsui East is always a bit isolated and therefore even though it is a tourist + commercial zone, I feel more relax here compare with the Canton road section. 
A new high rise with rectangular windows in earth tone
Except this new building (to me) I've discovered near the harbour, I will say it looks nice to fit into the surrounding, subtle & decent; again square square square... 
Finally, I found "Square of the Day" in a dramatic colorway that attracted me. I thought the purplish shade was due to deterioration of the glass curtain material instead, but did create another unique scenario I love.

Square curtain walls of a hotel in purple shade

Looking into windows of the buildings from street in or after the twilight time is one of my "hobby", it's interesting, imaginative and even with surprise sometimes; I will always imagine the look of the peoples who live inside, what is his/ her job, what are they doing right now/ or waiting for someone may be...under the bright white or moody yellowish luminescent; weird thoughts, I know :P

close up of a room interior through curtain wall of a hotel

What do you think?


Jan 2021 Hong Kong

Colorful fruit stall along Sheung Wai
Today is 14 Aug 2021, 
 七夕 Qixi Festival in Hong Kong, but I am not going to write the story of it, instead, something about my yearly appointment on 1 January to Pok Fu Lam on the Hong Kong side.

Right after, I would walk towards Central to take the MTR way home. Before that, I must walked through the narrow streets "up & down" in Sheung Wan; which was enjoyable if you had "strength" and love the old stuff, like this. 

Well, we can still see this kind of stalls in some other old districts like Sham Shui Po, but always a bit different here, may be due to the sloped narrow streets and the "fainted" color of shops nearby. You would get the feeling of returning to the 70's - 80's liked travelling in time machine. 

I loved the kind of  "slow" motion, the aroma of livelihood, the tranquil moment while most of the people were still sleeping after the crazy night on the New Year's Eve... as well as the antique color that could always be captured.

I took this photo simply by my "ancient" iphone SE, as my usual practice, the lighting & color to be reflected as real at that moment as possible, that's the moment of us!

Actually there was the hawker inside, but I tried not to interrupt & therefore took this angle, which was fine provided my "models" were feeling comfortable :p


Before I left this district, one of my favorite spot, here...a very traditional Chinese sausage maker, I wished they would never replaced the incandescent light bulbs, never... the yellow tone that eventually vanishing !

Usually a lot more sausages will be hanging all along on those horizontal railings, by the end of January close to our Chinese New Year, imagine how spectacular it will be; the most happiest festival for Hong Konger, a few more months to go. 

I can't estimate what will going to happen in the coming months before my next visit in 2022, both the pandemic of Covid-19 or the political changes in Hong Kong, but I have confidence as always, hope in human nature...wish we & you all the best!


Alone is not lonely

scene of a light up room in a building
There's a difference between lonely and being alone ... quote from LUCKY

You may still feeling lonely 
even if you are in a party, 
with friends, or 
being occupied by tons of task.....
it's time for you to be alone.

Everyone needs time to be alone, 
but it doesn't mean you are lonely. 
You can find your best moment, 
your place 
where nothing can interrupt 
your thought, 
how nice it will be!



Real Distortion

Lotus pond of Yiu Chung Yee Museum in Hong Kong

I've took this photo quite a long time ago, which was on the same day as the "fluorescent butterfly" in my Anti-gravity blog post , in Oct 2017. 

This is a really nice and tranquil place at Yiu Chung Yee Museum in Hong Kong, as far as I've remember, that was  a rainy day, so tourist were rare; i.e.: the best time for "photo adventure". I was looking for interesting view angle and by chance, this was what I had discovered. 

It looks a little bit weird, right? I mean the angle of view. The truth is, by normal, the direction of vanishing point should be 45 degree at NE, but I twisted my camera + my head, of course :D, to capture this almost isometric view, everything become weightless in a second, especially those furniture, so cool!

If the building at top left can be compressed a little bit more, it will be perfect, but as my usual practice, minimum PS touch is the best; so I  better leave it as it is to remind me they are distorted in real ! Hope you'll like it.


Anti gravity!

Yellow butterfly at Yiu Chung Yee Museum

A beautiful pale yellow butterfly,
enjoying her lunch 
after rain;

"so, la, la...
hey, you!
you are in a wrong way! "

Think out of the box,  pal! 
this is the reality :D

Urban Beauty






It's HOT!

3 white duck at the pond in hot summer's day
let's swim 02

Yesterday, what a sunny weather for me to act : Ping Shan Heritage Trail. 
Well, obviously it was a visit for the traditional Chinese architecture, a village mainly developed by the Tang's generation at Hong Kong in the 12th Century.

The temperature was over 30 degree C, there were merely people around. I was attracted by the the reflection of a pond nearby, while I was focusing thru' my viewfinder;  a few school boys passed by and said "hello" to me, followed by some very noisy "UFO" language that I couldn't classify until three of them appeared into my screen range.

After a vigorous discussion, they had decided to cool down in the pond...enjoy!

let's swim 01
This immediately reminded me another scene, well, actually to call it as "set" may be more appropriate - when I was visited the Wet Land Park at Hong Kong in February this year.

Same hot day,  tranquil pond, three of them...relaxing!
if only if you can imaging :)


Hong Kong Wetland Park

colorful tree leaves below sunny blue sky

What a wonderful days we are having in Hong Kong this week, so I've decided to visit the Wetland Park. 

Most of us will be fascinating to the "tenant" inside : birds, fish, butterfly,...etc. So my original intention is  bird watching , especially when one of my friend told me that the best moment for this activity is in Winter (even it's a bit late); but to my surprise, there are candy like trees found somewhere in the park.

See, what a beautiful color they are under the clear blue sky. I took the first picture at around 2:00p.m. but I've decided to wait until 4:30p.m. for a second shot to capture the golden moment.

    red orange leaves under blue sky
So I got this lovely "mango like" leaves, too. If it is not God's creation, what can it be?

It seems quite strange that why there are still leaves on tree but not in fresh green during this early Spring time? The fact is some tree will keep their leaves but stop producing chlorophyll to reserve food for itself. Or otherwise, we will not have a chance to "meet" them.

My student always said that they are not well trained in design and therefore do not have the knowledge of color sense. But this is what I've replied and is absolutely true : color are around us everywhere in every moment, simply look and feel, you will be astonish and amazing in the nature of what God made for us.  Enjoy :)


what a year !

neon sign in Kowloon City

year after by day...
Kowloon City...
never change !



Making Pictures in the Rain

photo in the rain of old buildings
Before I write anything, I would like to share this article that really inspiring and  
Making Pictures in the Rain  a lot more fun :)

I am not a professional photographer thus can only shoot when not in work, plus "a Sunny Day"......which I thought it should be, at least to be easier to deal with the light source; in addition, I don't have any waterproof accessory for my camera, so it may be a disaster if it get wet.

May 2015 was so humid and kept rainy all days, even though I was free, I could only stuck inside house. By chance, I read the above article and fascinating to the photos inside, I wondered, might be I should try one I charged and packed my stuff, I told myself no matter what the weather tomorrow would be, I was ready to go!!

Ha Ha! God gave me a big challenge! It was Black Rain Signal when I saw the notice at MTR station, what I've got was an umbrella and a towel with my camera, then I thought, why not, just go......

To capture the special color tone and mood, interesting passengers' behaviour, or try using the "vivid" mode to brighter your target...these are wonderful experience that difference from taking pictures in sunny weather. 

Forgettable places express their emotion strongly in the rain, color appears more attractive when dust are clear from the dead air; a soft melody presented by rain drops act as your companion, the street is more remote for you to make use of every corner to set your camera, no one will bother you as they are sheltered inside store ......

A truly tranquil and enjoyable moment that I would like to experience more in this year ! Hope you get your moment, too !

street photo in Sheung Wan
no holiday 02




Red flower in vintage picture shot
It's Summer
2015年6月, 非常炎熱的一天, 一早經東涌乘車往大澳, 己經忘記了有多少個年頭没有到訪......

那種久違了的魚村風貌隨着年日消磨, 亦己改變了許多. 正當艶陽高掛, 我不知不覺間歩入了村民的"後花園", 被這從樹梢垂吊下來, 隨着熱風擺動的"小燈籠" 吸引着.

懂得攝影的你也會知道毎當要拍攝正午下背光景物時是需要稍為曝光過度オ可以把主體反映清晰, 所以心知這張照片會over. 

或許是我的壞習慣 : 喜愛正午影相卻又不大喜歡在電腦做太多後期調較; (因為雖然現在科技便利, 但仍然會眷戀着菲林時代的那種曝光限制)不過最基本的level 檢示是必需的, 但結果......我卻保留了沒有調較過的這一個版本.

Nikon D300
ISO 320
f 4.5


你會喜愛那個版本呢 ?



Signal lamp in good old days
Creative works can be in team but most of the time, we are alone. Like many of other photographers, writers, sculptors, painters, designers...,etc. That's why we love the moment after mid night.

There is always another "world" for us to enter, once the shutter wide opened, writing paper and pen are ready, colorful acrylics are on the palette.....and, we are ready to be "Alone"!

Not everyone like this feeling, especially when we are not in good mood; but it definitely gives us an environment to have free thought, no burden, no reality, no right or wrong, just concentrate onto the next move, bit by bit, so quiet that it seems we are the only living creature at that moment.

I love to do editing of what I've shot in the day at night, too. When photos appear on the screen, they were framed not only the scenario, but the background "music", aroma, people and things happened around at that specific, "act" once again in front of me..."at Night" "Alone" !

You will be surprised to see there are much more other then what you've intended to capture, take your time, enjoy!