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Cocoa Grocery Launch!

Cocoa Design Life Grocery banner in Redbubble

Although it is not our original intention when the first date we blog here, 
it is our desire in certain extent. 

It was started almost ten years ago, when we had discovered Spoonflower; as most of you may know that, you can create your own fabric pattern by using of any media and technique; which is fun and creative. But unfortunately, they are quite "limit" in manufacturing; even though they team up with Sprouts Pattern and Roostery later on, wall paper and fabric oriented products are still their only main stream. So, it's a bit of frustrating when some potential pattern that can fit into our daily life product but can't be made.

Well, I have to confess that I spend too little time to further explore this issue until this year, the world is changing so fast especially in e-commerce, numerous of build-on-demand platforms had already been mature and doing well in the market. So, here we are in Redbubble

Usually, throw pillow is a standard product, 
Coffee Fantasy throw pillow in Redbubble
Coffee Fantasy

but we want something else such as this one :D

Coffee Fantasy iphone cover in Redbubble
iphone case

The best offer in this platform is the possibility of pattern re-sizing and orientation to different product under the designer's control. This is what I wish for so long.

Coffee Fantasy fabric design in minky fabricYou may ask then why we are still built our Cocoa Fabric shop in Spoonflower, because it do provide a number of good quality fabric choices that others don't. 

Like this "minky" fabric, so......fluffy and cute !

Therefore, before a real creative online "Grocery" is found on earth, these are still the best channel for us in the mean time.

So, take a visit to our shop if you have a minute, 
we will upload more design in the coming future. 
Enjoy !



City aurora fabric design

Collection : City dream
Pattern : Aurora

Original :  Photo of light trace in the city
Style : Modern, Western
Tone : Warm
Effect : Graphic illusion