tuesdays with Morrie

Book cover of Tuesday with Morrie
凌晨 05:43 的香港, 天空仍是漆黑ー片, 窗外很冷, 隠約聽見冷空氣在人煙飄渺的街道中迴蕩, 偶爾路經的車聲把我喚醒. 心中一直想着近期發生的人和事..., 還有...這本書,

相隔12年, 重看 tuesdays with Morrie, 是人長大了?! 經歷多了?! 又或是真的對死亡看得更通透了?!

作者Mitch與教授Morrie重遇, 展開一連14個星期二的人生課程: 他們談及 (We talk about...)
lesson 1:  the World
lesson 2: feeling sorry for yourself
lesson 3: regrets
lesson 4: death
lesson 5: family
lesson 6: emotions

lesson 7: the fear of aging
lesson 8: money
lesson 9: how love goes on
lesson 10: marriage
lesson 11: our culture
lesson 12: forgiveness
lesson 13: the perfect
lesson 14:to say goodbye  
(抱歉沒有把這14課譯中文, 因為我想, 從原文的字裡更傳神.)

面對不治之症和必死的事實, 教授可以處之泰然, 甚至能藉着僅餘的時間, 再次燃點他人的生命; 我想, 這並不是"臨別贈言" "正能量理論" 云云. 如果Morrie不是活著, 經歷, 學習, 感受, 實踐於他的歳月裏, 以上的一切只會是空談, 卻不能感動人心, 令我們再次反思生命.

重看這本書, 感受良多. 經過摯愛及親友離世的人, 要把握的不是"14個星期二", 而是毎一天, 毎一刻. 能接受自己機能上的衰敗, 用智慧去活到最後的一秒, 是送給自己一生最大的禮物.

He patted my hand weakly, keeping it on his chest. 
"This ...is how we say...good-bye..." 
(The Fourteenth Tuesday)

****Thank you, Morrie - A Teacher to the Last. ****



Rainbow forever

Casing of the mini colour set
Time flies, I've find this cute souvenir from my drawer, it's hard to remember how long has it been sitting there...why?

Because it's so lovely and so mini, 4,5mm long by 4mm dia. each, that I even don't know how to use them, you know? Once you've begin, the beautiful "rainbow" will break unevenly, it seems the whole product will be spoiled. 

If this is yours, what will you do?
Mini colour pencil in rainbow shadeIf this is a gift you've chosen for your friend, what do you want her to do? 

Use it or keep it?

I've decided to use it this year! 
Yes, I think this is the real meaning of a product even though it looks so perfect and gorgeous, if it is only for decoration, it's another thing.  

But when they can be transformed into a picture or colorful liner in my book, they means a lot more. So, finally what are they look like now?......

As beautiful as they were forever, thank you, Peggy!


Good Taste

Colourful package of the soy sauce
"Hey, pal; this Black soy sauce is almost expire, can you help?"......one of my friend who traveled and returned from Okinawa, brought this souvenir to somebody and/ or due to whatever reason, it can't be delivered......"Well, my pleasure!"

Ha, ha! the real attraction to me of course is not the content inside, but the package outside. It's always an eye candy for those traditional products' packaging found in Japan; no matter the color, wrapping material used, typography or the "accessories",

Even though the taste of soy sauce is not too special, it was enhanced by the package which creates the favor and aroma of Ryukyu :  

colorful printed fabric of sunshine + 
dry sea weed from the sea under the blue sky + 
natural wood block printing like label and tag......
generations after generations.

Yes! the taste of freshness, pureness and uniqueness. 

The Magic of Packaging Design ! Thanks Kwan.



Alone is not lonely

scene of a light up room in a building
There's a difference between lonely and being alone ... quote from LUCKY

You may still feeling lonely 
even if you are in a party, 
with friends, or 
being occupied by tons of task.....
it's time for you to be alone.

Everyone needs time to be alone, 
but it doesn't mean you are lonely. 
You can find your best moment, 
your place 
where nothing can interrupt 
your thought, 
how nice it will be!


Irresistible Souvenir

chibi maruko-chan face mask unfold
Lots of my friends and relatives do travel a lot within a year and that's why souvenir accumulated progressively. It may be a good idea to "build" a Cocoa Souvenir Street here as a return of thanks to all of them.

It's always joyful when receiving gifts especially cutie item from Japan - the favorite vacation choice of Hong Kong peoples. 

Here it is...if you may know Chibi Maruko-chan : a Japanese cartoon character of a small girl who has weird thought and childish ideas, well, you may say "innocent" if you like :P

So, if you know the story, you will not be surprised by seeing this, not inside the package, but onto you own face :D

Relax, and return to your childhood for 10 minutes, you will definitely be rejuvenated, enjoy !
Japanese full gift package for summer spa
Full gift package, thank you Jessie !





HKIFF 42 catalogue cover_福伯的不老傳説
昨晩在又一城欣賞今年所揀選的最後一套電影 : 由 Harry Dean Stanton 主演的一部遺作. 90歳向來消灑, 兩袖清風的老伯, 如何面對可能隨時發生的死亡?!

真的能如此豁達, 沒有遺憾, 沒有眷戀, 憤怒或驚恐嗎? 福伯帶領我們親身走過這一切的思緒, 短短九十分鐘, 彷彿上了人生的一課.

片中有太多太多値得回味的片段, 卻是一套没有刻意營造什麼大道理的電影,

Alone 與 Lonely 的不同; 烏龜逃走事件簿; 永遠没有人懂解釋的所謂"退化"; 生日會上福伯觸動人心的歌聲; 買保險不能改變的事實; 渺小的身形相對在旱地經年屹立不倒的巨形仙人掌; 由厭惡變成能處之泰然的墓園; 曾幾何時昔日服役的光輝歳月...即使只是一個厨子; 人生從來沒有帶什麼到世上, 走時兩袖清風也很合理......

要不洩氣地為着"退化"死氣沉沉地日過ー日, 又或者擁抱着周邊的關懷, 探索未知, 享受毎天的呼吸...明顯, 福伯選了後者.

我想是福伯的精湛演技, 在電影完結時, 影迷不期然地鼓掌, 似是回應着主角的智慧; 又或是早上剛剛陪伴朋友開始歩入生命的尾段令我有點彷彿活在戲裡戲外, 深知這是知易行難的一課.....無論如何, 福伯令"我的電影節"畫上完美的句號!



HKIFF42 catalogue cover_紐約公共圖書館
在大會堂劇院看這套戲實在別有ー番滋味, 因為我最愛的圖書館就在這裏.

入場時是意外的多人, 也許是適逢復活節假期罷; 無論如何, 很是熱鬧, 全院有九成滿座.

帶着期待的心情等開場之際, 後排一位男仕説: "嘩!成三個鐘, 睇完要急急脚趕下場... " 心想,  "好彩我淨係會毎日訂一場, 就係避免咁樣; 更加怕"消化不良" ,哈哈! 不過, 三個鐘, 都有D驚..."

開場了! 約20分鐘過去 , 心想, 這套戲如何能延續多百幾分鐘呢? 

這是一套以位於紐約公共圖書館整年運作計劃, 由一班熱心的管理層花盡心思, 由籌劃, 籌募 (因為其實這是公私型機構, 而且有多間分館), 以至實行, 維修, 改善體系等等...的半紀録式電影.所以片中有不少"會議"時間. 亦藉此介紹圖書館所提供的各式各樣服務, 藏書, 架構以及毎天發生的一些人和事.

差不多看了45 分鐘, 有趣的事發生了...彷彿我們不再是電影院内的觀衆, 而是成為"他們"的一份子, ー同去:

- 聽書評, 見作者, 詩人, 文學家, 音樂家; 感受他們所想所期盼的世界.
- 欣賞藝術藏品, 百年相片所紀録的古今.
- 學習關心手語/視障的推廣; 種族問題, 貧窮人口, 無家者的需要.
- 歩觸未能同歩接合互聯網世界的ー大群人; 又或者教育子女等日常看似普通, 卻日漸令父母吃不消的實况.

餘下的時間, 你會感受到管理層及員工為何會日以計夜, 年復年, 在政客及捐募者中籌集資源令圖書館得以運作. 不停的大小項目, 探訪, 分柝, 陪訓...成功或失敗.... 目的是要為着不同社區的需要, 調配各有地區性的公共圖書館: ー個"人性" 的空間, ー個不單單擁抱着被遺忘的過去; 更擁有無止境知識的泉源, 可見或未知世界探索的地方.

公共圖書館 :把人帶回希望的橋樑...感激片中所有人的付出.
我的三個半小時, 算不上什麼!