Petit Palais

Day 5: Cloudy afternoon / 17758 steps
Grand Palais in Paris
Grand Palais
Petit Palais in Paris
Petit Palais
Arriving here at around 1300, the sky is still a bit dull, hopefully it will turn brighter afterward.

There is a square connected two museums that I am planning to visit. One grand one petit, they are just located right opposite to each others, so convenience.

I have to shoot very very quickly here, you guess why?  
"I am attacking by marshmallow!"
Hey, I am serious. 

Originally I thought it is raining, when those feather like marshmallow sit on my camera, they are sticky, so I taste it...omg! so sweet!

Can you see those white kiosk there in the center of the square? Yeah! there they are made and fly in the air every where. Catch them if you can or want a seat? there is another corner for you...a small food plaza.
Visiters gather around food stalls
I am already filled up by the marshmallow, so I jump into the Grand Palais first, but unfortunately, can't access by my pass or I can buy a ticket. Usually in this situation, I will turn to another one and leave it for my next trip. 

Voila! Petit Palais is free entry. It's beautiful inside with wide range of collections, but this area is quite extraordinary.

Verandah in Petit Palais as modern art gallery

When I am walking under this gigantic corridor, what I am thinking is "who put the carpet onto the ceiling?":P
This is also an exhibition gallery, see those modern art piece displayed on the floor? Well, 

super beautiful mosaic flooring + uninterrupted marble walls + carpet like hand painted fresco ceiling + lifeless modern art...what do you think? Is it weird but interesting? A totally different style of what I've been visited before, a bit of sadness is floating in the air... 

Leaving Petit Palais at around 1445, then I return to Jardin des Tuileries, this time, God give me a present...Sunny sky! What a wonderful experience there, I'll share with you in my books later. 

Up to now, do you remember how many museums I have been visited? Any more to come?


Musée de I'Orangerie

Day 5: Cold & Windy Morning with shower


A local told me, umbrella is a must in this season, never ever leave it behind. 

Having cloudy sky is quite usually in the morning this week, but it won't affect my mood cos' the scenery are still attractive, even a street corner will cheer me up :D

Walking through Jardin des Tuileries towards three museums that I've planned to visit today. The first one is Musée de I'Orangerie. Not a huge one, but cosy. The most important is still...the collections inside are worth to visit. 

Monet´s Nymphéas Series exhibit in Musée de I’Orangerie

This may be one of the most attractive "oval" shape gallery for Monet's Nymphéas Series. 

It's difficult for me to find a minute to have a clear shot in front of the whole painting. So, that's why you may also notice the one in my book is a bit "shaky".

But luckily,I am interested in the details of his brush stroke, so a very very close view has no problem at all, and I am afraid I've become part of their obstacle instead, sorry!:P

Chromatics the colour handbook
Besides this, I think these are also amazing. A color guide in 1879 by Ogden Nicolas Road, So Cool! See how it was applied to the framing below,delicate and lovely.  

Impressionist artistic picture frame

In Musée de I'Orangerie, you will find a lot of the art pieces that are related to Impressionism. Other artists include Matisse, Renoir, Picasso, Sisley, Seurat...,etc. So lots of "dots" and interesting brush stroke dancing in front of you, again, cheer me up!

Gallery inside Musée de I’Orangerie 

Actually the interior of this museum is quite simple, it works so well with the complicated dot dot dot,I think.

Coffee & sweet pie for my brunch
To end this visit within an hour's time, better having my simple breakfast to move on. à bientôt!


Continue...The Louvre

Day 4: Rainy night/ 18061 steps
Gallery 845 in The Louvre Paris
Excluding the Reception floor,there are 4 levels in total of three wings: Denon, Sully & Richelieu. Every guide book will tell you that, Plan your route carefully & don't expect you can visit all rooms.

It's 101% true, there are around 464 exhibition rooms/galleries in The Louvre, I started from 0930 till 1930, guess how many rooms I've been staying?...I mean staying is viewing the art pieces in detail, not simply passing by, it's only 184/484. So, my originally planning of 184 x 2.5days = 460 will be quite close to reality.I am so envy to those locals I guess, who can have a seat in front of their favorite painting, to practice with their own drawing technique there, in a timeless environment, how lucky they are, I wish I could...

As a monument from the 12th century, and was transformed/extended into a museum in 1793, you can find numerous traces of the past inside, some are renovated in purpose to cope with the exhibited art pieces. There are always picture in picture, frame in frame... the spatial design are fascinating. 

Today, you can access their web site to study most of the important collections in the museum, comfortably at home, but if possible, it's still worth to visit once in a life time.

Deluxe cosmetic boxI've spend most of the time for all the Paintings, Greek/Roman Antiquities as well as Europe sculpture. But there are some treasure do draw my attention,like this!

It's cool, isn't it?!If my memory is correct, it is a traveler's make-up kit for ladies, so...so...cute yet luxurious,do you want one?

Well, may be it's enough for Musée du Louvre, although I still want to let you know some interesting people that I've met today, may be sometimes later if I still remember...:P

For the time being, I have to sortie in the rain, with my "fuel",Au revoir!


Musée du Louvre

 Day 4: Cloudy Morning

Antique gallery of The Louvre in Paris
Every time walking along Seine will look at this arch

Morning in Paris is gorgeous even though the air is a bit chilly. I was in a "coma" last night, walking can be enjoyable and exhausted but resulting a very good & deep sleep. So I wake up early this morning at 0600, because today is a big day for me.

My original plan is spending two & a half days in The Louvre, but I have to change my plan to one whole day instead; because I forget the pass will only allow one time skip the line access, and I choose Wednesday in order to take advantage of the long opening hours up to 2100.

I have a full breakfast to fill up my stomach before hand, to enter, I can simply across one road towards Cour Carrée, because my hotel is right opposite to it - which, is one of the major reason for me to stay there. But I choose to enter from the entrance near Pont du Carrousel for short cut to the main entrance at the Pyramid. 

There has already a long long queue waiting outside, now let me "skip" again...(remember to make a reservation online prior visit even though you have the Museum Pass)

When I get the site map at the reception, I search the location of "The Raft of the Medusa", it should be at Room 77, 1st floor of Denon Wing. I do know that my data may not update, so I counter check and find...nothing! there is nothing mention here or there, Oh! I am out of luck, I think.

So I follow my planned route, visiting each room one by one, hopefully I will find it. The Louvre is always under renovation or maintenance, so the re-allocation of art pieces are quite often, when I see the directory near a staircase, I am pretty sure I need to plan for another visit years later.

This wall shall reflect some of my disappointment, but on the other hand, don't you think they are elegant and self exhibiting here? Framing of a painting is always part of the art piece, they can finally have a chance to become the focus themselves, Congratulations, you guys look stunning :D

The Mercury sculpture in The Louvre

Hermes is one of my favorite character in the Greek myth. The one in my book is made of bronze, this is another one in marble. His Roman name is Mercury,charming & cunning; he is one of Zeus's son and messenger,too. That's why he has a pair of winged golden sandals as a gift from his father,for him to travel as fast as wind.  

If you want to know more, I'd like to introduce a book to you: Mythology 101 by Kathleen Sears(published by Adams media). 

Then,what's next?


Orsay...on my way

Day 3:Cloudy Afternoon/ 20941 steps

Where am I? - I can't tell, I am on my way to Musée d'Orsay, it should not far from Musée Rodin, how come...I get lost...again?

Direction is always a dominant gene that I am lacking of when I was born, I'm sure. So I did calculate the time required for this specific task in Paris, even though I have my GPS, Omg!

It's already 1400, it seems my apple earlier ate in Rodin's garden can't last long, I better concentrate & get back to the right track...before the wind blow me off. 

Air France headquarter in Paris

Hmm,it may be a good sign and it will be great if there is a jet for me right now...

Finally arrive Musée d'Orsay at around 1530.I don't have much time because it will be closed at 1800. Once again, my museum pass did it's great job for a quick access. Musée d'Orsay was use to be a railway station, and now a huge museum, so the interior is absolutely difference from Rodin's(Hotel), before jump into the flourish collection of art pieces, these are also attractive...

Interior deco of Musée d’Orsay
...combination of different form and materials, antique classic yet industrial...a transformation to her as well.

The crowd usually locate in front of the giant clock face, but this tranquil corner is not bad either,right? at least I can take a shot without interruption.

Basically visitors are not allow to take photographs inside, avoid crowd to create bottle neck affecting the circulation. But, as you can imagine, not many to follow because the collections here are marvelous.  

Starting from 5th floor downward, ranging from Impressionism to Neo Impressionism; Art Nouveau decor including furniture & jewellery of different countries; sculptures plus a special gallery of Degas...I wish I could show you some of them. 

1730, it's enough today, I need some time to absorb, it's time to leave. By walking back to hotel, I may have a chance to look for "him", my dreamed Kolisky at Magasin Sennelier, please wait, I am on my way...



...Day 3 continue in the cloudy morning

I am not any sort of expert or professional in the era of sculpture, when I started visiting exhibitions in Hong Kong since Henry Moore, it could rarely evoked my interest to stay long,...until today.  

First of all, I have to say sorry that I don't remember the title of these sculpture, but they are worth to look into details. I have another habit when perceiving sculpture, I tend to view at the same height level first from 360 towards  720 degree at higher or lower levels; and usually they will reflect a lot more interesting/ beautiful silhouette or mass, like this; what do you think? The reflection of bronze is also amazing,too.

There are so many pieces of sculpture in the rooms, people are fond of "The Kiss"; me too but a lot more. Here is quite special as I think, so I look closely enough for a while and find something interesting, right in between the two figures (click to zoom larger)see if you discover "it", too?

The Kiss sculpture in Musée Rodin Paris
...yes! half way down there, is there a piece of book/newspaper shred inside as part of the "filling"...I wonder :D 

Besides this, "The Kiss" give me an impression of lover in a mature age but this, a more long lasting intimacy between two of them, nice and peaceful.

The Gate of Hell in Musée Rodin

There will never be an end if writing about Rodin's work, the best is for you to experience yourself. After a few more hours stay inside, one place I have to go before leaving, to visit "The Gate of Hell". 

Right in front of it, I immediately connect it to Dan Brown's Inferno and Dante's Divine Comedy. Some visitors think the features inside are quite erotic, when I look into details, touching the cold hard surface, what I see...is "Us" & the infinite desire...which eventually opening this gate...


Musée Rodin

Day 3: Cloudy Morning
Postcard view of Musée Rodin in Paris
Musée Rodin

I love paintings more than sculpture, so originally, Musée Rodin was not in my itinerary,but thanks to my friend Lorraine, she told me, almost "force" me :P said " Trust me, you MUST visit Rodin, it's worth to go!!!"...and that's why I am here.

This is a typical post card shot of this museum, although the weather is not perfectly clear, it still reflects a sort of classic mansion feel found in some of the TV series, and actually it is a restored Hotel Biron with a beautiful rose garden.

I walk from hotel at 0830 towards the left bank arriving here at 1000, why take so long? because I am walking slowly, almost 80% slower compare with the momentum in Hong Kong, "intentionally" and naturally when I was landed in Paris. Entering the museum, the very first thing I've seen is...her!

Young girl with roses on her head sculpture in Musée Rodin
Young Girl with roses on her hat - 1865-1870 by Auguste Rodin

I have to confess, she changed my entire world of sculpture, I stay with her for almost half an hour. I don't know why, simply looking into her face and eyes, it seems she is talking to me, asking me to join her in her past...I am "trapped" by her, and I think this is why Rodin is so extraordinary! I want to leave her and move forward to the other art pieces for almost three times, I failed!

She is the most touching sculpture art piece in my journey - a note that I'd like to write down before I forget.

I have a habit when visiting exhibition, read the title only after perceiving the art piece in my own way, and if only if it's necessary to find out more; otherwise, I love to leave the memory right there in the mean time.

You may ask why I didn't use this picture in my book if I am so fond of her?...I think, may be I just don't want to "interrupt"...