What do you think an interior designer got most? Money? Client? Software? Paper? ........ Material Samples !!!

Even thought we are now using images and photos to present sample board to our clients, but actual material still plays an important role because we need to feel the real texture + to see the true color.

So...what it comes to the end, we stock tons and tons of fabric, plastic laminate, tile and mosaic, metal, timber, glass, etc. 

Well, of course it can be simply throw to the rubbish bin afterward, but if you love Interior Design, you love them especially the high quality fabric in full colorway.
                                             A new cover to my manual ! 

(Yes, user manual is also one of my "stock item" because I love to read with the real paper touch) 

"A double face" pocket that can protect my almost dead manual, two pieces of fabric are just enough to sew one, simple and unique. 

Add a bit of detail inside 
to secure the booklet.

Voila! Reuse project done :) 
How about you? 
Got some ideas to reuse yours?


向左走。向右走 vs You've Got Mail


最近番看了由 Tom HanksMeg Ryan 於很多年前主演的 
You've Got Mail 。 


如果你有看過他的插畫作品"月亮忘記了",也必定不會錯過這個故事, 是同樣出色的繪本。故事道出一對居住在隔鄰的單身男女,由於每天早上,一個必定朝左邊出發,另一個則朝右邊, 因此總是碰不見而沒法互相認識......直至一天,基於地球是圓的道理,他們終於遇見。美麗的偶遇,期待着下一個約定,卻因為雨水洗掉了手上由對方留下的電話號碼而落空......

同是都市愛情故事,幾米藉著簡單優美的畫作,純樸地演繹。而 You've Got Mail 則利用網絡空間的相遇,使原本在事業上對頭而且屬於兩個世界的人連結在一起的這個意念,藉着電影浪漫地上演。

兩個故事最終大圑圓, 安慰了不少在煩囂鬧市中寂寞的心靈. 雖然兩者的演繹方法各不同,但看後卻得着相同的訊息和觀感。我想......

如果把這兩個標題套用在朋友關係之上, 將會變成一套怎樣的電影和一本如何的繒本呢?


I love "Classic" !

Actually, I should write this post 2 years earlier, unfortunately those days were a bit messy, so today is the time to share this experience with you, and hopefully it's not too late :)

Well, you may already know that we have an espresso machine, that was bought 5 years ago. For people using it daily, sometimes twice or up to xxx times  a day meaning, it is quite heavy loaded.

Basically, daily cleaning and occasional back flush should be good enough, plus a yearly descaling process will be perfect, too.

One day, it stopped working, totally - no more coffee comes out from the blew head = clog as assumed ?! Even though I went through all basic cleaning and checking procedure, it refused to work again.  You may think sending back to the manufacturer will be the only solution......

......the magic happens to Gaggia Classic because it is a mechanical machine, i.e. no chips or complicated computerize parts and therefore, we can try to repair ourselves. But, how to start??? This is what I've found from the Internet


A detail step by step guide to teach you how to open the machine, what to check and what to clean. So, I tried by ready all tools + the print out guide and began with the "operation".

It took me 4 hours to complete the task and make sure no clogging inside the solenoid (detail please refer to the above link as the picture are much more clear), then re-assembling everything together, started the de-scaler process, that took another 2 hours......

I have to say the "Overhaul of Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine" blog post is gorgeous, but,  still not working. It's a frustrated before a clue that suddenly woke me up : the group gasket was deteriorated, Yes! it was as hard as a metal after four years working. So... a replacement makes everything alive !

If  there is not a good blog post to guide me, I can never using deduction method to reduce the affecting issues; and if this is not a true CLASSIC,
I can never try to repair it on my own.

Thank you Christopher Reed and Gaggia !



Making Pictures in the Rain

Before I write anything, I would like to share this article that really inspiring and  
Making Pictures in the Rain  a lot more fun :)

I am not a professional photographer thus can only shoot when not in work, plus "a Sunny Day"......which I thought it should be, at least to be easier to deal with the light source; in addition, I don't have any waterproof accessory for my camera, so it may be a disaster if it get wet.

May 2015 was so humid and kept rainy all days, even though I was free, I could only stuck inside house. By chance, I read the above article and fascinating to the photos inside, I wondered, might be I should try one day...so I charged and packed my stuff, I told myself no matter what the weather tomorrow would be, I was ready to go!!

Ha Ha! God gave me a big challenge! It was Black Rain Signal when I saw the notice at MTR station, what I've got was an umbrella and a towel with my camera, then I thought, why not, just go......

To capture the special color tone and mood, interesting passengers' behaviour, or try using the "vivid" mode to brighter your target...these are wonderful experience that difference from taking pictures in sunny weather. 

Forgettable places express their emotion strongly in the rain, color appears more attractive when dust are clear from the dead air; a soft melody presented by rain drops act as your companion, the street is more remote for you to make use of every corner to set your camera, no one will bother you as they are sheltered inside store ......

A truly tranquil and enjoyable moment that I would like to experience more in this year ! Hope you get your moment, too !

no holiday 02





話説最近呢幾年有幸參予一D成人興趣班嘅教學. 有同學覺得我(好似)好斯文, 奇怪我點同師傅溝通仲可以支持佢哋D "問候語"?

首先要澄清唔係個個師傅都咁"粗皮"嘅, 尤其而家, 好多都好斯文有禮. 我同同學講, 如果想係裝修期間大家做得開心, 令工程順利完成, 有三個人好重要:-

一個將心比己, 明白事理 嘅顧客
一個有專業操守, 氣定神閒 嘅設計師
一個細心老實, 尊重自己行業嘅師傅

當然, 時間/ 金錢/ 各方面嘅能力就不在話下喇. 始終一個住宅裝修工程由設計到完成分分鐘搞成五六個月; 除咗要兼顧大小事項之外, 突然期來嘅問題都唔少. 基本上顧客同師傅都承受一定壓力.

所以, 如果身為設計師嘅我哋唔能夠凌駕壓力, 毎次落地盤都令氣氛變得過份緊張, 搞到D師傅好似樣樣都做得唔好咁, 係"委屈"或"不被尊重/信任"嘅感覺下面, 好難令整件事美滿咁完工.
而我認為氣定神閒 嘅設計師擔當好重要嘅角色, 因為我哋係顧客同師傅嘅橋樑. 經驗話我知如果我哋可以心平氣和, 恰如其份咁處理整個工程運作, 好多時D問題都係可以解決到嘅.

雖然要集齊以上三個人辧, 有時都要靠彩數, 咁我就祝願大家好運啦!


月光光 Up Up in the sky


Whatever the weather is going to be,
here is the full moon that will always
shine in your heart.
Mid Autumn Festival 



It's Summer
2015年6月, 非常炎熱的一天, 一早經東涌乘車往大澳, 己經忘記了有多少個年頭没有到訪......

那種久違了的魚村風貌隨着年日消磨, 亦己改變了許多. 正當艶陽高掛, 我不知不覺間歩入了村民的"後花園", 被這從樹梢垂吊下來, 隨着熱風擺動的"小燈籠" 吸引着.

懂得攝影的你也會知道毎當要拍攝正午下背光景物時是需要稍為曝光過度オ可以把主體反映清晰, 所以心知這張照片會over. 

或許是我的壞習慣 : 喜愛正午影相卻又不大喜歡在電腦做太多後期調較; (因為雖然現在科技便利, 但仍然會眷戀着菲林時代的那種曝光限制)不過最基本的level 檢示是必需的, 但結果......我卻保留了沒有調較過的這一個版本.

Nikon D300
ISO 320
f 4.5


你會喜愛那個版本呢 ?
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