Real Distortion


I've took this photo quite a long time ago, which was on the same day as the "fluorescent butterfly" in my Anti-gravity blog post , in Oct 2017. 

This is a really nice and tranquil place at Yiu Chung Yee Museum in Hong Kong, as far as I've remember, that was  a rainy day, so tourist were rare; i.e.: the best time for "photo adventure". I was looking for interesting view angle and by chance, this was what I had discovered. 

It looks a little bit weird, right? I mean the angle of view. The truth is, by normal, the direction of vanishing point should be 45 degree at NE, but I twisted my camera + my head, of course :D, to capture this almost isometric view, everything become weightless in a second, especially those furniture, so cool!

If the building at top left can be compressed a little bit more, it will be perfect, but as my usual practice, minimum PS touch is the best; so I  better leave it as it is to remind me they are distorted in real ! Hope you'll like it.





原本諗住係工餘時間以外,一方面認識多D冇利益關係嘅人,平衡吓生活 :D,另一方面又可以將自己熟識嘅室內設計知識同同學分享吓。初時以為已經係成人嘅同學們都係係咁意,柴娃娃搵D嘢學吓,消磨吓時間;不過真係估佢哋唔到,大部份同學唔單只唔係玩玩吓,好專心甚至好認真咁抄筆記,都令我幾意外......即係我都唔可以hea 教,要認認真真啦 :P



第一位 :究竟牆身油漆好定貼牆紙好呢?

呢幾條差不多係我嘅必答題 :D




It began with STAEDTLER

Around half years ago, one of my student gave me ten numbers of these Staedtler Triplus Fineliner, simply because she learned from my lesson about 斷.捨.離 (a method invented by a Japanese of how to organize your stuff and refresh your simple life/mind), which had to be proceed prior to re-design the interior of her house...as a result, they are the "useless stuff" that needed to be cart away from her place.

At the very beginning, I just used them as another writing tool, but one day, I had another idea, how about this....
 I started to draw on some of my aging illustration board, well, it seems it's yellowish tint did match with these too blueish liner; so I drawn another one...

followed by 
another one
and another one...
...finally, I've got a series of landscape, ha ha :D 

They were put aside in my drawer for a while but one day , I had another idea, again...what if I edited these image by Photoshop to become these...

It looked amazing, just added a lit bit of mysterious, which suited our Twilight Zone series in Cocoa Grocery...so, another day, what I thought is...metamorphosis!


 Here is what I've finally got as my wish !
Blue Dye Garden floor pillow
 Yes! It was all started by STAEDTLER !



Anti gravity!


A beautiful pale yellow butterfly,
enjoying her lunch 
after rain;

"so delicious...la, la, la...
hey, you!
you are in a wrong way! "

Think out of the box,  pal! 
this is the reality :D

Urban Beauty






Where are you at this moment ?!


If you like Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, these are the must see movies. Before Sunrise was the first one I had watched on T.V. at Pearl 930.... well, years and years ago. Two young strangers met on a train in Europe, they spent a whole after night at Vienna together, sharing hopes, joys, dreams, and love....then returned on train at dawn and aparted to their own destination.

Before Sunset was the second one I had watched on T.V. again late night at year end, right after Before Sunrise, Yes! movie double up :D So the feeling and emotion were even much stronger as the story carried on : Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) met after nine years in Paris......so, can you imagine...... 

They were both more mature, having their own business and experience. Once again, they unfolded as much as they could before they had to apart again at dusk.  Life altered after the first met, but love remains.

There was an open ending in this story, whether Jesse could/would capture his plane back to US?  or stayed with Celine?

Another nine years pasted, I had to find out the real face of true romance between Jesse and Celine. This time, I went to the theatre, flied to Greece, learned a lesson before midnight.

Life is amazing, because it is a learning path that everyone has to participate into, no short cut, no forever romance, no unawakened dreams. It mold you to become what you are from teen to mid age. 

Beautiful faces, stunning environment, meaningful dialogue, romancing moment...all you can find in this series of movie. Even though some people may say the last one is far too reality and they are too old which diminish the past romantic atmosphere of the whole film;
this is what we need to walk and grow together with Jesse and Celine, not only in their but our life, too.

I have to leave you now and enjoy my "triple up" !
Au Revoir!


Ikea Coffee Bean : Surprise !

Everybody knows that I am an IKEA and a Coffee lover, will it be lovely if they are merging?

Each year I will take a visit to see if there are any new products arrive, but unfortunately not many in the coming of 2018 in Hong Kong. Well, truly a little disappointed, so I am going to grab my favor almond pie before leaving, and accidentally discover this!

I am not a super fans of organic product especially in food, my past experience reminds me the "mild" taste of "everything" which are "boring". So I did hesitate a while when I saw this. In addition, because they are not freshly roasted, a certain compromise to aroma is expected.  

This espresso coffee bean is 100% Arabica, UTZ certified.
Produced in Sweden (I doubt whether it is the origin ).
Acidity 3, Body 5, Roasting 5....that's it, not much detail in terms of aroma or after taste...,etc. 
Cost: $46/250g. 
If compare with others, it is obviously very economical. 

To my surprise, the bean size are quite big, even though it looks like an Italian Roast, I will say a City Roast is more appropriate with a slight cinnamon favor is noted. 

Although this kind of ready packed coffee bean can not be compared with the freshly roasted and high quality single origin coffee; it is good enough for a morning coffee with sugar & milk, the overall taste is quite balance. So, give a try and you may love it :P




上回介紹了由王其鈞博士著作的中國民居,今次再介紹他另外兩本資料更詳盡的圖解詞典; 集合了中、西古今的建築特式及部件解讀. 圖文並茂,更是按着時序編排,所以從頭開始一直看下去,徬彿由古代穿梭到現代一般,非常有趣味性.

如果你有看過上次我介紹的那本中國民居,你便不會驚訝這兩本書內的資料何奇豐富. 如果你留意書內的插畫,亦會發現是來自不同人的手筆,正是作者的學生和他一起努力的成果,當中不少插圖繪畫得極之細緻。

翻看後記,原來部份原稿非常大,只是放到書內縮成約50mm 方的小插圖。全書差不多1000 幅插畫及內文,實在提供了很多寶貴和方便的資料,是兩本很值得珍藏的書籍.

兩本詞典尤以西方建築那本較為我所喜愛,因為當中提到不少古埃及,古羅馬,希臘,哥德式及文藝復興時期的教堂建築,解釋了不少當時常見的建築結構及圖像由來,看完後會對一些聞名已久的建築物:如巴黎聖母院,佛羅倫斯主教堂,古羅馬鬥獸場等等, 有較清楚及深入的理解; 更會懂得欣賞古時工匠的心思和高超手藝.

因此我極力推介,無論你是行內或外人, 這兩本也是值得一看再看的好書,希望你會喜歡!

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