To Kill A Mocking Bird

"Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don't eat up people's gardens, don't nest in corncribs, they don't do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That's why it's a sin to kill a mockingbird." (from Chapter 10)

Each time when I've hanging around in a book store, I will come across this little book, and every time I have to leave it behind cos' my quota only allows me to grab others; but this year, I've decided to get it.

To those who study Literature is for sure, will be familiar with it, right? But not me, I don't have the idea of what it's related to and why it is a famous American Classic! That's why I want to read it and find out the answer myself.

The first few chapters makes me feel that I am entering 3 kid's world (Scout/ Dill/ Jem)  in a small town call Maycomb. They live with their lawyer father Atticus, who looks a bit emotionless ; and a black maid Calpurnia.

School life, teacher, classmate, neighborhood...every thing happens day by day as usual together with a routine adventure of tracing the mysterious Boo Radley; not until these kid facing the real life of mercy, humanity, death, races, unfair, righteousness......they are actually grown up under Atticus's role model and love.

They are kids, helping us to view in the angle of purity which we had once before. We may not intend to but kill a mockingbird while achieving our goal somehow. In this book, you will discover those "mockingbird", they are really touching and inspiring; hopefully we can all find those in our real life and treasure them with our greatest effort. 

P.S.: highly recommend to read it :)


不遷不拆水瓶座 Aquarius

最後一套電影是巴西作品, 除了有風景怡人的海邊小樓, 還有非常悦耳動聽的配樂及精湛演技的女主角Sonia Braga. (雖然已經年華老去, 仍然美麗動人!) 此外, 便是一個普通的地産迫遷故事.

如果不是被主角牽動 着我的思緖, 相比之前的兩套, 感覺略嫌遜色!
幸好故事結尾有個較為震感的twist, 令整套電影留下較強烈的控訴性.

總結今年小試參予學習欣賞第41屆國際電影節的經驗, 感覺還是很不錯的 . 雖然偶遇一些"發燒友"在狂買戲票之餘, 忙於趕場及評論的有趣情景. 也有不乏獨自靜心享受, 或即興入座的朋友; 又或是打扮很"文青"的女生/ 男生...電影内外, 人生百態.

也許, 不論你我屬於那一類觀衆,撇開影評, 親身顴賞後所帶給我們, 或喜、或悲、興奮又或失望的體驗......オ是最寳貴的得着!


最後的藝術家庭 (The Last Family)


今天下午欣賞了第一套外語片,是波蘭作品,講述知名畫家兼攝影師 Zdzislaw Beksin'shi 的人生。本身熱愛藝術,因着有位賢內座,即使有個躁狂抑鬱的兒子及兩位需要照顧的年邁母親及岳母,仍能得以專心作畫。但隨著身邊一個一個親人的離世,即使本身豁達又富幽默感的他,也無法理解命運、死亡這一回事⋯⋯而他自己的結局,也充滿着悲情。

電影這門藝術對我來說是陌生的,但也正因為這樣,更能單純地感受到戲中對人物、現實、生活壓力、惶恐、無奈…的細緻描繪; 尤如主角的畫作一樣。




愛美麗的今生 A Quiet Passion



坐在我身邊的是兩位女士, 開場不到三分鐘, 左邊的一位已睡著了, 右邊的開始她的"脆脆"小吃時間 (斷斷續續地歷時個多少時)...... 

這是一套關於一位美國女詩人Emily Dickinson 的人生,由少女時代至離世。她率直、敢言、詞鋒鋭利、感性,總覺得自己不夠美麗在感情上有所退縮;亦覺懷才不遇,生不逢時......

不過我想說的是,姑勿論你喜不喜歡主角的宅女性格,整套戲的感覺是自然流暢,燈光鏡頭說故事;加上女詩人自己的詩句讀白,美麗、純真又帶點憤慨和唏噓;足以把觀眾從現實帶進詩人的內心世界,再加上 Cynthia Nixon 出色的演譯,把它放在大師級系列是肯定的。



Hong Kong Wetland Park


What a wonderful days we are having in Hong Kong this week, so I've decided to visit the Wetland Park. 

Most of us will be fascinating to the "tenant" inside : birds, fish, butterfly,...etc. So my original intention is  bird watching , especially when one of my friend told me that the best moment for this activity is in Winter (even it's a bit late); but to my surprise, there are candy like trees found somewhere in the park.

See, what a beautiful color they are under the clear blue sky. I took the first picture at around 2:00p.m. but I've decided to wait until 4:30p.m. for a second shot to capture the golden moment.
So I got this lovely "mango like" leaves, too. If it is not God's creation, what can it be?

It seems quite strange that why there are still leaves on tree but not in fresh green during this early Spring time? The fact is some tree will keep their leaves but stop producing chlorophyll to reserve food for itself. Or otherwise, we will not have a chance to "meet" them.

My student always said that they are not well trained in design and therefore do not have the knowledge of color sense. But this is what I've replied and is absolutely true : color are around us everywhere in every moment, simply look and feel, you will be astonish and amazing in the nature of what God made for us.  Enjoy :)



啱啱教完上一季嘅興趣班, 同學們例牌會問嘅問題係: 
1) 係房起個地台擺嘢好唔好? 
2) 升高張床下面做衣櫃書枱好唔好?
3) 張睡床摺上摺落好唔好?

如果唔好收埋咁多無謂嘢, 善用空間, 上面三個問題嘅答案就梗係"唔好" 啦!

不過時而世逆, 可能因為"納米樓"嘅出現, 以後想唔好都唔得啦!

前排係會展見到一個展覽, 其中一D室内空間運用亦係因為住屋面積愈嚟愈少而設計嘅. 例如張睡床要行完好多級唔啱人體工學嘅"儲物樓梯級"先可以去到. 又話者你哋係電視上都會見到嘅"厠所浴室門共用"方案; 梳化下面暗藏浴缸(當然係放係客廳啦)...等等. 將來我哋呢行嘅前景(以住宅設計而言) 就會變成設計"機關" 主導.

我諗新嘅物料, 家具小五金用嚟整"機關"配件, 空調抽風系統亦都會相對革新. 短期内應該會令市場有D新鮮感, 甚至會造就好多主打呢類樓盤嘅新興設計師; 不過無論係對用家同設計師嚟講, 長遠嚟睇絶對唔係好事.

一個原本可以簡單舒適嘅家會變成好複雜同忙亂, 例如突然覺得凍想攞件衫都可能要: 先執番枱面D嘢, 摺番埋張枱, 泊番隻浴室門, 同衣櫃(如果仲有的話) 前面做緊其他嘅家庭成員貼身調換位置之後, 先去到其實只係距離不到6呎嘅目的地完成"任務"......要返回原位繼續工作.....(請自行逆轉動作一次)......希望呢個惡夢唔會成真.

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