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Medium Friend Links ~ June 2024

Hi, hi!

Have a break and want something to read? Here we have the selected articles for you, you can read them for free via these friend links, exclusively for readers here and those who subscribe to my Author website

You don't need to have an account on Medium, but you're always welcome to join, then I can buy myself a cup of coffee while you're reading, clap, leave a comment, or subscribe via email on Medium; feel free as you wish.

Enjoy :D


👉Free You Now...Smile

👉You Know Why...I Prefer To Walk



👉ISBN Paradox


Medium Friend Links of April

Hi, Hi,

Did you try to read my Medium article from the Friend Link in the previous post? Is it working? I hope so.

How about a few more for April.


👉Tiny Flower Of The Wild

👉Hello, Anybody Here?


👉Jack Under The Moon ~ Nothing scary but romantic

👉Beautiful Calligraphy ~ Of the Islamic World

These are selected free Friend Links for readers of the Cocoa Design Life Blog you can view them freely in Medium directed vs the links; if you like it, simply clap or leave a comment as you wish, or subscribe via email, Happy April reading :D



Friend Link for my post in Medium...Testing, testing

👉I'm Robin, Your Messenger

Hi, hi,

It's been a long time away because I'm on another writing platform Medium, I've spent some time over there writing and enjoying the community, it's been almost 8 months, time flies!

But I didn't forget my friends here that you may not be a member of that platform, even if you can still find me via my profile page Oiseau Distrait, I'm trying to figure out to see if my posts can be freely read by you guys here via a Friend Link.

Usually, I will write around 5 posts per week on various topics, but there is no automatic system for me to link them here except manually, so let's try whether this one is working? If yes, I'll see if there are any possible solutions to update the list here per week or two.

You may ask what happens to my earnings if a free link is used, well, yes! I earn nothing via a non-member read, but the post can be read by you, so, it's fine. You can also share this link freely if it works, and maybe someday, if you want to join the community as a member, you're always welcome. If not, claps & comments do help...or even just read 30 sec, my pleasure.

To reduce my workload so I can concentrate on my writing, I won't prepare the picture here, but there is always one in the Medium post. And one more thing regarding the language written is still majoring in English. 

Okay! Here is the first one, let me know if it works and whether you want to read more in the future.
Bye & see you! 
Have a happy Friday.