Medium & Blogger, why not both?

i'm grateful to write under this beautiful sky
Hi hi, 

It's been a while that I'm writing nothing here, but actually I am writing in some where else - a platform I've discovered recently call  Medium (not new); which is a bit different from blogging, because first of all, you need to open a free account by start reading articles including you can view a maximum of 3 nos. of member-only articles per month; then you can write of course, but why is it so? 

The member-only articles can generate a small amount of income to the writer in several different ways, although it may not support a full time writer, at least we can buy a cup of coffee to continue writing, that's great, right? and the most important is , the overall reading / writing atmosphere over there is different, more sincere, I would say.

You will find longer and deep dive posts, readers just willing to read more even if you don't put any images along with. I've been using half months time to go through articles and was being inspired a lot. I think it's really the culture of different platforms that could affect the overall reading or writing experience.

Being an author/writer needs to go through a deep learning curve, you may not agree because it seems there are so easy for us to publish anywhere online, but it's so true and I keep this in mind seriously. Unless you are well trained in advance, most of us are keep learning to improve ourselves while keep on writing and reading simultaneously, years after years. (except for the talented and the celebrities). 

I have to tell you, as a reader, I do feel tired to find quite a huge amount of so call "coach" blogs which teach you "how to get 1000 followers" " how to get paid within a months blogging...",etc, etc. And on the other hand, as an indie author, what I really want to learn from our online mentor, is not the "TEN things I have to do", or "TWELVES tips to help you become a successful writer"..., etc, etc. Finally, I did find some good pieces over there, which helps me to write in another perspective; again, it take times but it's worth, I'm sure.

So, you may ask, am I saying that Blogger is not as good an Medium, and I am going to leave? No, no, no! As I've mentioned they are different, I always feel relax to write here, even when I am not promoting my book...Oh! my book, that is for another story to tell, may be later :P  

Cocoa Design Life has always been a leisure & relaxing corner that we can bird talk , just like what antleeli & ricketeer's originally designed, that's why I would love to fly over here, stay for a while and keep talking to you if you don't mind; I wish you do feel the same, too! No stress, no target to reach, no expert webinar to attend but just a quiet bird talk.

See u :D