The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Bookcover of The Unbearable Lightness of Being
The Unbearable Lightness of Being - by milan kundera
或譯作"布拉格之春", 但我較喜歡它另外ー個譯名: 



以捷克於1968年的民主改革運動為背景,描繪出四個生活在布拉格,各自原本擁有專業技能的兩男兩女;隨着這場運動, 影響了他/她們的命運。 原本那份不受約束又愛恨交纏的愛情與慾念,甚至對自己的個人價値與理想,亦不得不隨之而改寫。

第一次看這個作者的書,感覺很特別;恍如他就在我耳邊輕輕述説這四個人沉重的一生。似是一個故事,卻又如此熟悉!似是簡簡單單的内容, 卻又需要無限的文字去演譯那當中幻變的感情!



The first phone call from heaven

Bookcover of The first phone call from heaven
The first phone call from heaven
A new book recently found...written by one of my favourite author Mitch Albom. This is the fifth book I've read and the same feeling as usual : heart touching, comfort ... plus a little bit of "X-file" decor this time.

A small peaceful town Coldwater has never be the same when the first citizen received the first phone call from heaven, her deceased mother; follow by the second, the third & so on...I think many of us is for sure will not believe this call but how will this lie created by someone that can tie up all people inside? Especially to Sully - who lost his wife, who wants to believe this so much therefore he can listen to her wife's lovely voice once again, but sadly in the bottom of his heart... he know this is a hoax.

It's a story about love, about we can't let go to whom we miss, about regret, a struggle between sense and sensibility.

Ready a cup of coffee, a quiet & cozy corner, start reading this book; trust me, once you've open it, you will finish up to the last page, enjoy :)



Time flies..... could anyone knows what the next minute is going to be? 
will there be another minute of me to pass? or 
will there be another post to be written? 
who knows? 

it's for the one who treasure, 
who need it 
and use it. 
What if not? 
......it means nothing to you...or to me!

No regret.....could anyone really make it?
are there anything missing? or
being forgotten?
we should know!

Fix it...when we still have a minute !