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A Moveable Feast - Ernest Hemingway

Book Cover of A Moveable Feast
A moveable Feast

I did read The Old Man and the Sea in Chinese version when I was in secondary school, i.e.: long long time ago, this was the very first time that I met this author, not much idea about him and not quite remember the details of the story either.

Second reading was in about 5 years ago, For Whom the Bell Tolls; I was deeply engaged into the following poem 
(old English version) before started : 

“No man is an Iland, intire of it selfe; every man is a peece of the Continent, a part of the maine; if a Clod bee washed away by the Sea, Europe is the lesse, as well as if a Promontorie were, as well as if a Mannor of thy friends or of thine owne were; any mans death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankinde; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee."    (By John Donne) 

Then, I began to read Chapter 1, when I reached the end of the story, this poem once again resonated in my head...this year, I’ve decided I must read  A Moveable Feast as my third reading of Hemingway, because:

“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.” (excerpt)

I was originally thought this book will bring me to a lot of fascinated scenery or day to day life in Old Paris; but what I’ve found, like most of other readers, this book is more related to the life of Hemingway & his wife Hadley during those days in Paris; pieces of stories with his weird but interesting friends, or those lovely one like Sylvia Beach who gave a helping hands to numerous writers/ artists/ poets when they were no body once upon a time…

What the author actually let me discover is the world of a writer, why he must quit the journalist career to be a full time writer, what he’s actually thought when he was writing in the café, how & why he reacted to his weird friends…A new picture for me to know about Ernest Hemingway – a delicate person. 

It seems a bit strange for me to use this word on him if you know his background and hobby, but truly, this is what I feel, both his personality as well as writing technique.

Like many others, I like to read fictions, they lead us to infinitive imaginations, anything can be happened and experienced. But recently, I started to enjoy reading non-fictions, by knowing more about the author, more resonance can be made while reading the story they’ve written.

As usual, I wish you may have a chance to read this book, too. There are a lot more phrases inside which are worth to read, here is the one which tells me why he said Paris is a Movable Feast that I couldn't agree more.

 “…but this is how Paris was in the early days when we were very poor and very happy.”

P.S.- cover design of ebook may be different from what I've got in physical paper back


Bird Food 雀粟


Over 90 book cover collage
自從離開校園(遠古時代:p)=離開教科書,反而開始喜歡閲讀,原因離不開是工作需要;設計書藉,月刊,工具書等。由於在專注修讀室內設計之前,花了兩年多的時間初探不同的設計類別,例如:平面設計、服裝設計、攝影、珠寶、舞台、產品、書法、篆刻…等等; 所以也同時會看相關的設計/美術書。在未有電子書的當年,可想而知我花了不少資源在當中,也是每一個設計人都要付出的;所以相對現今可以從不同電子媒體定期接收最新設計資訊,甚至遊走於世界博物館的藏品資料庫中,真是幸福啊!

漸漸地,亦受到 ricketeer 的影響,看不少散文以至後期的小説,fiction  & non-fiction ,而且越看越厚。我想,在消閒之餘,也能得着相當的知識;久而久之便享受到箇中樂趣及完成每一本書的滿足感了。


一直也很想為看過的書本拍張全家福(至2021年九月),今天在一個閲讀平台內總算整合到一部份(約1/4),看着這些美麗的書面,又"飽餐一頓"。希望在往後的日子,可以有一天完成整幅"虛擬書架"是自己定下的一個長遠目標 ~ 超級大滿足!


異鄉人 L’Étranger


Cover of L'E'tranger


好了,話說回來。原本要找的四本全部落空,其中一本找到了卻只有中文翻譯版,就是卡繆 Albert Camus 的異鄉人 L’Étranger。即使是翻譯書(例如:原文是非英語),可以選擇的話,我也會選英文而非中文翻譯,尤其台灣翻譯,看起來有點痛苦。但奈何,世事非盡如人意,每次在圖書館或書局內也只有看到這個中文版實體書,等了又等,今次決定借,即日看完,心中還是有些 50/50 的感覺。





我想…如果找到英文版,我會再看一次~這也是另外一個 50/ 50 的原因。


(麥田出版)譯者:張一喬 (台灣) 中文翻譯初版2009年9月 
異鄉人Copyright Editions Gallimard, Paris 1942
P.s. - Photo is the Chinese version from library.
         Book link is the English e-book version (The Stranger)







A Promised Land

Finally completed the reading of this 700 pages book last night, you can see how it was being "tortured" by me :P even though it's a hardcover version, the book jacket was fragile. I've using almost 6 months to complete because I could only had time to read before bed, which was about 1 to 2 hours at most, sometimes it was really tired but this book is worth to spend time with. 

As far as I could remember when I saw it in a MTR book store, it attracted me by it's thick spine at once; there was only two copies up there on the very top of the shelving,  I grabbed it right away and decided to bring back home after reading the blurb. 

In this six months, I ran through a "tough journey" leading by the author, an unusual one, the 44thpresident of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama. A journey of how his “bet” make changes for his people; the barriers of partisan & pressure that had to be overcome; burden of duties deep inside, both his country & family…with strong & true beliefs of democracy, justice, hope, that could bring especially to the African Americans; a better future that could be built & the most important ~ love, that should have as a real human being…

It’s an extraordinary experience to know the routine & tremendous supporting team in White House, the wide scope of issues that he had to consider prior to make any decision that might affect the majority as well as the minority. But behind the scene, there were always had some lonely nights/ moments that Obama was struggled to give & take. 

There was a message I kept receiving throughout the book is , whenever he received a letter or a voice from a citizen/kid, a message of a missing pilot, a visit of an injured soldier or the 911 families…all these will once again reminding himself why to step into the government in his first place, reminding him of being a humble president, as well as a better person.

I have to say I did enjoy very much while reading this book, because it is not only a memoir of a president, or a record of what he did during his presidency. Obama didn’t hide the actual feeling of disappointment, anger or depress whenever he felt; compromise that had to be made most of the time for a bill to pass through, but at least, some achievement that benefit to the country could still be made.

What I do believe “Passion to become better” is the key and only when human don’t pretend themselves as God, “Yes we can!”

p.s.- I'm thinking, what a blessing for a country to have a president like Barack Obama. 

還記得在三月的ー個下午, 上完課回程途經美孚港鐵站内的書局, 毎次總會入内尋寳, 當天也不例外. 在書架最高處, 厚厚的書脊吸引着我, 原來是美國總統奥巴馬的 "A Promised Land". 我對政治算不得上有興趣, 但對自傳, 尤其是有視野和胸襟的人卻是例外. 幸好剛剛夠高 :D 於是一手取下先看封面及封底~ 相片拍得很美, 尤其是書背的ー張, 完全捕捉到作者的神緖和情懷,很喜歡. 再翻開書内看簡介, 看罷, 決定買下, 開始了這漫長而又期待的閲讀旅程.

我説是旅程, 真的, 在整整六個月的時日, 我總會在僅餘的睡前一至两小時, 翻開這本長達七百多頁的書本, 讓奥巴馬帶我遊走於他的政治旅途, 既艱辛卻又滿有意義和感恩. 事實上, 有時工作後實在疲倦, 但仍很想看一章, 或至少ー個段落, 因為很値得;在很多個晚上,藉着文章的內容,讓我覺得本來看似很絕望的世界,又再次浮現絲絲美善的盼望,得到不少安慰。


書中提及在不少個無奈的晚上,奧巴馬獨自靜下來的時刻,他還是會因著收過一封市民的感謝信,聽過一個工人的故事,看見過一個非藉小孩的微笑;又或是在探訪傷兵/911 遇難者家屬,為着執行任務失而復得的機師⋯等等,等等而再次回想自己要進入政府工作的初心,為此,明天又會重新出發。












看了很多頁,仍被哀愁籠罩着,還好到了其中一頁,文字是這樣寫的: 還好,守護天使一直眷顧著我。 下面一幅對頁是女孩坐在白天鵝背上,靜靜地在萍果綠色的湖水上蘯漾。水彩+粉彩般的効果如在霧中~全書最特別,也是我最喜歡的一幅圖畫。

另一幅深深吸引著我的,也是一個對頁,窗外黃昏彩霞映照入深沉的圖書閣,右邊窗台坐著女主角,文字是這樣寫的: 誰願意為我在黃昏的窗邊唸一首詩。坐在左邊窗台,是一直陪着她遊走的小狗。







上週,因為要找一些資料,從書架上取下Mitch Albom 的 the five people you meet in Heaven,由於有些內容已忘記了,於是又快速重看了一遍。就是這樣,在人生中不斷地重看,又是另一番滋味;翻開變黃了的首頁,寫下這是2006年買的,書背仍貼着$66售價的純白標貼,嘩!時光飛逝!