Upside Down

cat sleeping upside down
Cat loves this position, we human, too. Because this is a gesture of relax, day dreaming, doing nothing, to take a break...

To me, a plus of thinking, reviewing, re-considerate of something stuck into the bottleneck. It takes 5 to 30 minutes, or more; ending with a solution or simply nothing, but it's a good chance to see things from upside down, from another angle of view, a real interesting experience.

Especially when you are lying on the beach, looking at the sky above, sandals of people, sand and tree root around, searching for new attractions that are not normally found;  your viewing angle is expanding to a great distance, not only the sea in front of you.

Similarly, you will care more other than the tiny problem in front of you, but much more......a person? a long forgotten matter? things happening in other world that far apart? a special moment of something?.......a way out!

If it is so magical, why we don't do it often? Because it takes time - something we are "lack" of; and this magic will never work to the one who refuse to accept the true, even they know the answer is there upside down.






原本是泰國人民家常便飯的一碗湯, 經過包裝後,甚至為符合市場需求而改變用料,口味,便能成為升價+倍的菜式,給食店帶來可觀的收入, 這也就是設計和包裝的魔力......卻也可以成為咒詛.

事實上這一碗價值不到$4的冬蔭功,質地粗糙,用料普通,味道不豐富...但收費完全合理,沒有失望,是實實在在的地道平民口味; 總比運用技巧把外在因素提升,但產品卻是連基本水準也達不到的要好.名不符實就是我所指的咒詛.




年畫Chinese Folk Art


年畫-是中國的民間藝術之一, 用農曆新年作為主題的尤其多.但也有不少是取材自民間生活的. 這套共有四款, 名為四合院---春、夏、秋、冬的作品(Artist, Bai Yanping), 不用介紹也知道其內容是環繞北京傳統建築:四合院內平民在四季的生活及景緻.

還記得當年在北京公幹, 小休期間便在某商場內發現這一小套印刷品, 我要强調是印刷品,因為如果是原稿畫作,其色彩必定會更加豐富和較有層次感.年畫的趣味在於沒有透視,即沒有消失點, 所以一眼可以看清前後景所繪畫的內容,這也是我認為最獨特之處.


Chinese Folk Art has one special kind of painting style - 年畫 , celebration of Lunar New Year is the most popular scene that artist will express in their painting, that's why in a straight forward translation, you may call it "Painting of the Year". But besides this, everything related to daily living of Chinese are also their favorite topics, like the one above are a Four seasons drawing in count yard house, i.e,  si-he yuan- a very traditional and historical apartment in Beijing, by artist - Bai Yanping.

This set of commercial print out was found during my business trip, once in Beijing a few years ago. If these are the original paintings instead of print out, you will see a more subtle but rich color effect; but what I like most is the non-existing of perspective = no vanishing point, a very unique criteria of this kind of painting, so you can see clearing what are happening inside each corner of the small garden.

Now, be my guest to take a Four Season trip, enjoy !