Coffeebreak for 2 - Gaggia Classic & Eureka

Gaggia Classic Espresso machine & Eureka grinderunpacked
這段日子總是被咖啡的香氣濃罩着, 皆因第一部屬於我們的Espresso 機終於着陸, 心頭好加上新玩意, 總是有意無意早晚冲一柸鮮磨咖啡, 刻意補償(心理上)過去一段在即溶咖啡,又或被動式在咖啡室消費的失落年代.

不少朋友也憧景擁有自已的咖啡店, 可以隨時隨地無拘無束的在忙裏偷閒. 咖啡的香味總能把人帶離現實, 至少一刻.

從來, 咖啡文化就是帶有一定的奢侈成份, 不是說機器用具或咖啡豆等實體消費, 而是香港人最昂貴又最"缺乏"的 - 時間. 用心地冲煮一柸咖啡, 由學習選豆, 磨豆, 量粉, 壓粉, 冲煮, 打奶, 事後清理等等...才到品嘗的階段, 急不來, 總得經過不斷重複練習才會冲得一柸美味的咖啡; 最吸引人的莫過於能在享受每一口咖啡的餘韻當中同時擁有自我陶醉的感覺, 不信? 試一試!

Recently, I am wearing a "coffee perfume" every day, it was brought from our new espresso machine which was on board with the grinder this month. Once you know you can escape from your instant coffee and stop paying to Starbuck, coffee day & night will become your new hobby; well, may be just simply a compensation to the lost in the past coffee moment.

Most of us might dream to own a cafe, especially girls, I think; the free time and leisure moment that we can gain whenever we want is so attractive. But for Hong Kong people, coffee culture is a luxury expenses, not in terms of hardware, but TIME (if we are willing to spare a few minutes from FB or our mobile).

Starting from bean selection, grinding, measuring, tamping, brewing, milk frothing, daily cleaning......then we come to the stage of tasting...step by step, no hurry and can't be in hurry. The nice brewed coffee now in your hand comes from continuous practice, the most attractive after taste with a mouthful of coffee that leads you to the twilight zone is your reward, worth or not, have a try!


Coffee Diary 06

Coffee & Toast 

Everyday, the best moment I like, with you, simply beside me. A soft touch from a 4:30pm sun, warm and peaceful. How are you lately? 

If one day we are going to say good bye, will you miss me? no more instant coffee, but espresso...