Super Moon?!

a girl & a sleepy cat under the super moon
Super moon = super power =  super disaster...do you believe? or like me, absolutely not!

Sometimes we blame a lot to others when we face difficulties, especially to the nature, but the fact is, most of the reasons are due to human ourselves; our desire of political power, money,  name of famous, power of conquer...what we built may not what we actually need. "Need", something required for survive only, is that so complicated? I doubt.

We can't stop the continue growth of technology, or the living quality that we are enjoying, but we can take a break, think and review again to see if we can start repairing the faults that  we've already made to our planet, and to our life. Take a break from our unlimited desire, that is never worth to be paid by our next generations.

There is no super power from the mysterious space but from us, the power to destroy everything within seconds if we don't control it.


真正財富 The Real Treasure of A Country

Japan citizen queue up to get recieve emergency supplied
日本地震引發海嘯的大災難, 相信不少人感到震驚. 短短在這幾天內, 我們從報紙丶新聞、網站所看到一張又一張的圖片, 除了驚歎海嘯的强大破壞力之外, 市民在當地要面對的各種各樣生活問題, 難過及悲痛, 一幕一幕地浮現在我們眼前. 但最令我印象深刻就是這一張, 巿民安靜守秩序地排隊, 輪候食水的照片.

我們常說國家如何如何强大, 如何富庶, 超級武器裝備如何先進, 人均收入及消費能力如何如何高...但一切也不能承受大自然的攕滅. 只有國民在危難中仍然堅守岡位, 不慌不亂地配合政府的救援工作. 沒有暴亂丶憤慨、指責、呼天搶地, 讓政府可專心進行搶救工作......也許, 這才是一個國家真正值得驕傲的事; 如此高質素的國民, 才是國家真正的財寶.

你或許會說: 這是因為日本巿民一向有危機訓練才會有如此表現. 我不完全認同, 尤其當一個要面對家園盡毁,痛失至親的人來說, 難道我們還能要求他如此理性嗎?


News of Japan earthquake are all around us, lots and lots of photo were posted on the newspaper, TV, blogs or webs. The power of nature destroy everything within minutes, what can citizen do? Cry? Anger? Shout? lost of control? blame the government? turning the place into chaos?......No, but calm, behave, temporary overcome their lost and sadness - be control, helping each others...so the government can concentrate to all the rescue stuff. This is what I felt when I was attracted by this photo.

We've always calculate the strength of a country by their wealth, power of army, how advance of their weapon, how great of the citizen's consuming power or income index..., etc, etc; but none of the above can withstand a strike from the nature, even only once. May be, the real treasure of a country that she could proud of, is having a group of high quality citizen.

Although you may say, Japanese can behave so in order is because they are well trained while they were kids. Well, yes but not totally agree because it's a matter of total lost, not only physically but mentally, the lost of beloved; not only one but unknown, this is not easy to be logical as they are human. We, as human also, should be proud of them.

May God's blessing be with them all.



A Series of Unfortunate Events - by Lemony Snicket's
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A Series of Unfortunate Events - by Lemony Snicket's
The best of end credit design of both art and music.

一直都想為這套戲寫一篇介紹, 由占基利演出的"連環不幸事件".有趣的是, 片中最好看及最具觀賞價值的一部份來自尾片, 即出roller, end credit 的一段. 加上配樂, 把整個故事濃縮成另一齣動畫,再次用另類手法在觀眾眼前呈現.

短短五分鐘內, 讓我們再次投入整個不幸事件中.那種陰沉,黑暗,無助的氣氛, 配上緊張的背景音樂,跟隨着三姊弟一步一步地逃離占基利的魔掌. 

留意剪影造形, 十分精緻,喜歡美術及設計的朋友, 絕對不能錯過.