Coffee diary 01

Coffee in Pizza Hut Wuhan
It's November? Or December? I can't figure out.

Where am I?...ah! Wuhan, alone again... with you. 

Where are all the peoples, are they preparing for the Christmas? Where are the joy? Can I join them to celebrate?

Yeah...there they are, when I look back from the departure gate. 

I feel sad because I will never be the one to enjoy Christmas there, at least not up to now.

I wish I could, some day. 


內地公幹101第二回 Business Trip in China 101 Chapter 2

事實上,愈來愈多人需要到內地公幹, 由一個發達國家去到一個經濟急速發展中的國家,所遇到的奇怪問題是無可估計的. 上回談了交通問題, 今次讓我跟你們說說旅店罷.

1) 如果要住所謂的五或六?星級酒店, 倒不如住一間中外合資的商務酒店比較穩當. 至少那個西式自助早餐是正常的.注意: 達標的自助早餐對一個商務旅人來說是十分重要的.

2) 如果打算在酒店內用膳,請第一時間查看每一間餐廳或飯店的營業時間.因為內地的用膳時間不一定連續,午間會休息. 所以常見午後烏燈黑火.

3) 酒店內的房間送餐服務也不一定是24小時, 有些約晚上11:00便會停止服務. 對於我們這些依賴房間送餐服務的小女子來說, 是很不方便的. 所以這是我每次入酒店房內第一樣必做的大事.

4) 自備咖啡,即使是三合一也好,除非你很喜愛淡而無味的雀巢三合一.幸運的話, 你會有一兩包本地名茶在桌上,不妨一試.

5) 千萬不要飲自來水,要不飲酒店贈送的樽裝水或自行往超市購買. 如果要沖咖啡, 更加要用樽裝水; 如果用自來水煲熱來沖, 保證你有"意想不到"的新感受.

6) 牙膏 - 切記自備.不是沒有提供, 而是那不肯定是否真是我們所認識的"牙膏" !

7) 我習慣在空調出口噴一點消毒噴霧,並會較大空調出風, 不論是冷或暖氣, 確保室內有大量流通空氣; 這樣較難受不潔的中央空調系統傳染.如果可以開點窗更好,但只限高層.

8) 如果要洗頭, 切記用護髮素; 沐浴後潤膚霜也不可缺,因為國內水質會使皮膚較乾.

9) 一般酒店是沒有潤膚霜提供的,即使有......還是自備好. 不然有錢也不容易買到, 因為在國內這仍然屬於奢侈品.

10) 房門的防盜鍊要全時間鎖上.

好! 暫且說到這裡.

Truly speaking, there are more and more people who need to stay in China for business, for people who lived in a developed country will face unimaginable things that may happen in a fast growing developing country like China. Last time we talked about traffic, lets have some tips in accommodation this time.

1) Instead of looking for a so called 5 or 6? stars hotel, you better find an international business hotel, (even owned or run by both local and foreign parties). Because you will have a guarantee of morning buffet breakfast in "real western style". For a business traveler, this is really important.

2) If you will most probably having your lunch/ dinner in hotel, make sure you've checked the operation hours of them once in your hotel room, which are listed in the booklet. Because in China, restaurant may not operate normally,  say from 0800 to 2000; they may close for several hours after certain period. If you are not in a proper time of lunch or dinner, no one can serve you; the chef may already go home for a nap. And that's why you will always discover some restaurant are totally dark but having door opens on the street, or even in a hotel.

3) If you are a person like me who depends on the hotel room service a lot, especially at late night; please check the delivery time as a must do item. Most of them will not operate in 24hrs, some only up to 2300.

4) Unless you are a fans of Nestle 3 in 1 coffee packs, bring your own. For those served in China's hotel is only a kind of "coffee look powder".If by chance you have some local Chinese tea bag, on the contrary, you can have a try, sometimes they are bonus to your trip.

5) Never drink directly from the tap, drink the bottle water provided by the hotel with sealed or buy from the supermarket. If you need boiling water, boil those from the bottle water, especially for your coffee; or otherwise, it's for sure you will have an unforgetable experience to your "new taste" of coffee. Trust me - I've did some test before.

6) Bring your own toothpaste. Yes, the hotel will normally provide a mini size for you, but you will not be sure whether it is really "toothpaste" according to your knowledge after you've taste it.

7)  I have a habbit every time when I arrive my room - to spray disinfectant onto the air grill, then turn lower of the thermostat no matter it is operating in cold or warm air.Just to make sure there is enough air circulation to reduce the chance of being affected by the poor centralised air conditioning system. It will be better too to open a bit of window if possible, but only for staying in high levels for security issue.

8) & 9)  Remember to bring along and use with your hair conditioner and body lotion after wash, because the water type in China is special which result in dry skin. Don't assume you can easily buy body lotion in China, it is still a luxuary product and is difficult to find even you are willing to pay a lot more. You may find some hotel do provide them......I will still suggest......better use your own unless you have thorough read the ingredience or you are familiar with the brand.

10) Always hook on your safety door chain whenever you are in your room.

O.K. lets finish up to here and talk next time. Have a Good trip !


Introduction of Coffee Diary

collage of my coffee time in the Hong Kong international airport
I wonder how many cups of coffee we've already consumed in our life? Don't try to count, it will never has a figure.

I have a collection of snap shots in the Pacific Coffee corner of the airport, everytime I leave H.K., I will take a break here before departure.It's not only record the trip, but the weather, time and my mood, too.

As this blog is "Coffeebreak" by protowork, I think some sharing of my coffee moment is a good idea. So a new series of Coffee Diary is coming very soon, hope you will enjoy :) 


My "life pattern"

Sheet view in Tokyo

Here I am, my "life" to share :)


Connected or disconnected ?

cable pole in Tokyo
Each time when I've visited Japan and saw these cable pole, I will take a break to look for the greatest angle of perspective view that can be found along the street. I love the rhythm of wire connected pole one after another till to the far end and all disappear in a single vanishing point.

I will imagine they are peoples appear in different period of my life; at that moment, we are connected, their existing become the ripples of my lake, and therefore my life was built eventually. One day when I still think we are connected, part of them were disconnected sometime someday in silence. 

My friend said : let go, it used to be happened in each of us; nothing has to regret, it's just a natural phenomenon.

Yes, it's true, I accepted and continue to walk, I once again look at my picture, the perspective is still as beautiful as before, even some of the cables are disconnected, they did take part to create this amazing scenery in their moment of connecting, that is life; a never ending connection to all people who once bring you joy or sad.


Let me out

a corner in Ghibli museumDo any of us once thought of these...?

When we were a kid: other kids might live better in a  larger house, has more beautiful clothing, more toys, more chance to travel and a better parents...

When we were a teenager:  other young ladies might has a more beautiful face thus has more chance to find a better job, and of course can choose a better boy friend...

When we have our own blog: others might has more talent in writing, more nice photographs, more followers, more readers willing to comment = more traffic...

When we have our family: other guys might has a more beautiful and helpful wife, more lovely children, more easy handle pet...

When we get old and ready to die: other people might has more fruitful of family members, better retirement life, a nicer land for RIP...

We always have an illusion that there must be something better and nicer outside,  and what we are having right now that can not be compared with.  We just want to break the glass, rush out to experience what we think other peoples might enjoying, even we know that we neglect all the bad side emotionally. If we can't we will blame others who don't let us leave no matter what the reasons are.

I myself may still have such silly thoughts now a day, but I will take a break from all the imaginations and have a quick review of my life again. What I usually end up will be back to the reality, treasure what I am having, looking for improvement when I am ready to take the challenge; I am sure the reward that I've got after my hard work will be more concrete, not only reflects the good side, but the power to overcome the bad side as well.