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Book Twelve - Au Revoir
Published on 31 December 2022
Finally comes to the end of her trip, hundreds & hundreds of fragments float into her mind.

She assured people & tiny little things were the elements that flourished her solo trip. She still remembers all those, even though they may not be the icons of Paris, seems ordinary as they were, they are worthiness...in her heart. 

A journey had to end somewhere, she gathered pieces of memories to end the story.

Au Revoir! ...the meaning of Goodbye
 & we'll see again!

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Book Eleven - Dream a little Dream 
Published on 24 August 2022

She had a dream & that’s why she came to Paris. They have theirs, that’s why they are staying there. No one can promise the date of success…or failure. 

She saw the sparks of passion in their eyes…and frustration in some other’s broken heart. But Paris is a place for dreamers, she believes “Act with no regret” that is another key besides a bit of madness.

No matter where you are
what you dream…


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Book Ten - Exquisite
Published on 3 May 2022
Why everything seem so exquisite in this city? Could it be the prejudice of herself only or they really are. Elements that couldn't be found in her homeland but the language of "beauty" should be the same.

She loves beautiful things that's how God creates, the wisdom of beauty hides the truth for her to know... something onside, the charm of kindliness, she found...and wish you could, too!


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Book Nine - La Rue   
Published on 14 February 2022

Explore the city on foot in different kinds of streets to experience the past & present was one of the common ways in Paris. Cobblestone paving was an icon of "la rue" because it reminded Parisians of the changes in this city from centuries before. 

Lots of treasures in the good old days were preserved, while the transformation of the modern age continued. She remembered the emigrants who started their new life as "L'étranger"- the foreigners who could eventually live like a local, but for how long to struggle before it could happen...
...and for how much needed to be "forgotten"?



Book cover illustration of City of Light, Petit Paris series

Book Eight - City of Light   
Published on 25 December 2021 

The City of Light – another name for Paris has her own definition & story behind. It does represent The Age of Enlightenment – "hope for the future", the pursuit of happiness..., etc." Should it related to those in the 18th century only? Or as we all are looking for today.
She chased the light as usual, her companion “ray”, who never failed her, especially in Paris. Her experience told if she had a seed of spark reserved, she would never feel lonely, cos’ it glowed whenever it needed.


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Palette October bookcover

Book Seven - Palette October  
Published on 1 October 2021
October...the mid of Autumn , all color shade swap, it may be liveliness, a note of decade, but she has experienced the changes in her homeland, still, life has to be carried on... another cycle.

She couldn’t stop the sadness that brought but could find the hope that was hidden. If we are the Autumn leaves, what is our choice...

falling, decade, be forgotten.. or
Drifting, reborn, to repair...
It’s her own palette, her own colorway, she chose the latter, 
what’s yours?

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Hear Me book cover
Book Six - Hear Me  
Published on 1 July 2021
Beautiful, romantic, artistic, stunning, surprising...any wordings that she could think of reflects a certain part of this city, but still, what the reality is, there are a lot more...

...suppressed voices, endless petitions, injustice, immoral...just like her homeland and everywhere in the world. She couldn't ignore them as she walked along..."Hear me!"

...listen to our wishes, if you could,
let others know who we are, what we want & why?!
"I am ready..." she replied! Et vous?

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Point Zéro book cover Book Five - Point Zéro
Published on 15 March 2021
Point Zéro - a spot she's longing to reach, to step onto it, then march to her new chapter. But the fire disaster of Notre Dame concealed it, no clue to reveal it at this moment, another regret, she thought...
Seating on the bench in churches, joining the mass to hear the angel sing; she wondered, over decades with more than 200 churches in Paris, why so little keep serving, where could they go...
the hearts of the believing & of the searching?

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Jardin Secret book coverBook Four - Jardins Secret   
Published on 25 December 2020
Paris is adorable, not only because of her historical monuments or artistic romance; there are always inner-city oases nearby: a tree shade avenue, a chestnut tree park, a royal garden since 1664, or simply a petit flowerbed in the neighborhood...

She was drowned in the "sea of Jardins", they were blended into the deep sky, the architecture, the people of now & the past. When she walked through the Tuileries & Luxembourg, besides admiring their natural beauty, she suddenly evoked there is always another one inside us -
Le Jardins secret !                                                                       
Do you still remember?

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Chat Noir book cover

Book Three - Chat Noir
Published  on 24 August 2020

Montmartre – in her own imagination, a place for artists, peace of mind; but after dark, it’s spectacular, stunning, romantic & poetic…the spring of inspiration, or emotion?!

She wants to know why, why they were so obsessed, to the place, the people, the cancan girls or the çhat noir’?

If she doesn’t climb, she will never know…it’s complicated.


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Entrée Sortie book cover

Book Two - Entrée Sortie
Published  on 3 May 2020

Museum, her “main course” of this trip in Paris, it was well planned two years ago, but could she finally met “The Raft of The Medusa”? Or……? How many “goals” could she achieve within these six consecutive days? 

Once she Entrée those spectacular museums, she was “lost” into a space without time, if not if her body “alarmed”, she wished there were no Sortie
Are you ready?

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Book One - Pont Neuf  (Giveaway from Feb 2021)
Published on 18 January 2020

2017 she was wondering how amazing it would be if she could view “The Raft of The Medusa” in The Louvre, face to face, the color & depth of the painting……so she departed in the autumn of 2019.

12 days in Paris, she captured the pulse of this small city in her momentum, in the eyes of her own, started from Pont Neuf, to unveil Paris, once again.

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