Life is Only One - Yoshitomo Nara

Poster of Life is Only One - Yoshitomo Nara
Yesterday I've introduced an exhibition about sound, today, I would like to talk about another exhibition that was introduced by my friend earlier in April, and is still on show until 26 July 2015 in H.K.

I must confess that I am not a fans of this artist, but I went to Admiralty by chance and remember this show was held nearby, so I went to have a look in a cold rainy day.

Life Is Only One - it seems a bit "serious" as I've original thought, by entering the hall after waiting outside for 15 minutes in wet air, a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere was suddenly echo around when a song was heard from a small room somewhere behind.

This girl -  I shall say is the artist herself being painted on raw materials, pure and sensation; message delivered touches life and death but in another way......through the eyes of a child......by the imagination and interpretation of the visitors.

Other media such as photography, sculpture and multi-media are also presented as part of Nara's work simultaneously. 

If you have a minute, go and have a walk, you may be inspired by this little girl.


Le French May - Beyond The Sound

Le French May - Beyond The Sound poster
I have to say we are really lucky as living in Hong Kong even thought it is only a small city, it's easy for us to reach different culture such as Le French May.

Yesterday while in the black rainstorm signal date, I 've visited  Comix Home Base (7 Mallory Street, Wanchai, H.K.), an exhibition : Beyond The Sound was held there, a scheduled exhibition for myself in this May.

It's a small exhibition hall which was transformed from a Grade 2 historic tenement houses, so the original structure of the building that were reserved are worth visiting. Although each floor area is quite small, it's good fit for such kind of extraordinary exhibition that require an individual and isolated space.

Usually I won't have high expectation to new media or arts exhibition because I am not an expert or well trained in these fields, but this time it is a bit of surprise. 

There are total 17 pieces of art related to sound, most of them are found on 3/F, may be it is so true that "sound" is no boundary like "music", you can easily touch and driven by their presentation. The no8, 11 and 13 are my favorite pieces, especially no. 11 - Distorsions by Pierre Laurent CASSIERE. 

I was so lucky that the black rainstorm resulting minimum visitor, so I can occupy the whole room by myself and feel how those three stainless steel liquify the concrete building under it's roar......very interesting and unforgettable experience. 

For the others, I will leave them to you. 
A highly recommended exhibition that is worth to take a walk, enjoy !


For Whom The Bell Tolls - Ernest Hemingway

Bookcover of For Whom the Bell Tolls
For Whom The Bell Tolls
I am not a classic novel fans, especially those related to war; may be it's because English is not my mother tongue which means, it will increase my difficulties to understand / enjoy my reading if there are too many vocabulary or "old language". 
You may say, then why not read the translated version? Truly speaking, it's usually not as good as the original written language or, at least in English. So I've finally decided to give a try, just in case if needed...I grab a dictionary in hand.

This is a very famous novel as we've known, not only because of it's poem inside by John Donne, where the name of this book that comes from; but also the way of the author who written and lead his readers to once again review of ourselves in such a special scenario.

When I started to read the first page at a coffee shop in one hottest afternoon...it attracted me, I was immediately fell into the pine-needle floor of the forest..., and it took me along to the year of Civil War in Spain , 1937.

It's a simple story about a dynamiter Robert Jordan who needs to blow up a bridge in Segovia, and therefore he requires the help of a band of local anti-facist guerrillas to lead his way, as well as to assist in terms of man power. It is a clear straight forward duty if he didn't meet his girl Maria and the people of this band.

A four days three nights trip conclude Robert's entire life, evoke the meaning of life in a battle. Every one he met within these few days become the one who trigger his deep thought of others. 

I will not tell you the entire story but it is a real good one that I've ever read, the way Hemingway express is not only the message of war, but the overall emotion, that are beautiful, human nature, romantic, inspiring......

As Robert said at last " You can do nothing for yourself but perhaps you can do something for another."

p.s. - The book links to the ebook with a new cover design, but I love the one above, may be it will appear in physical book version only :(



A poem from John Donne

From the book of 
" For Whom The Bell Tolls" - Ernest Hemingway

No man is an Iland, intire of it selfe:
every man is  a peece of the Continent, 
a part of the maine;
if a Clod bee washed away by the Sea,
Europe is the lesse,
as well as if a Promontorie were,
as well as if a Mannor of thy friends or of thine owne were;
any mans death diminishes me,
because I am involved in Mankinde;
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls;
It tolls for thee.

John Donne



或者好多人以為室內設計師淨係識基本人體工學,畫吓公仔圖,買吓嘢,襯吓色,"大"吓師傅就得啦! 唔...我唔排除有呢一類又生存倒嘅同行;不過我講嘅係真嗰D,加上係自由人,冇公司其他同事支援嗰D。

其實室內設計涵蓋嘅範疇好廣泛,既然係同生活有關,時下流行或者新發賣嘅產品,物料甚至科技係有需要認識嘅,如果唔係,我哋同用家溝通嘅時候就比較困難。除咗咁之外,新軟件嘅功能幫到我哋自由人好多,由2D 到 3D ,如果揾啱嚟學同用,係創作同 present 嘅時候就事半功倍啦!注意: 係要“ 揀啱"。

另外,唔好以為室內設計屬於立體空間嘅嘢,嗰D graphic 呀,商標字體嘢就唔關我哋事。如果我哋係平面設計上有多D基本知識同運用技巧,你係設置wall graphic 同幫人掛招牌甚至掛畫嘅時候, 就唔會同出面嘅 banner 店生產出嚟嘅一樣。

如果再識埋攝影,我講嘅唔係隨時影1000 幾百嗰D儍瓜數碼攝影,而係會考慮光影,構圖色溫同曝光嗰D。咁...你係室內燈光設置嘅方便亦都會有D心思!

仲有乜嘢呢?呀!如果可以花D時間學吓享受音樂,藝術, 電影同係睇書上面; 慢慢,呢D都會不知不覺間影響咗我哋係設計嘅時候對色彩同感觀嘅要求·


不過,呢D都係屬於設計師本身想唔想係自己身上投放嘅"不求人"資源,絕對要時間同心機; 睇完一大堆"疑似道理"之後,或者你會覺得唔想咁麻煩,大把其他嘢要做,咁。。。 

無錯,每樣嘢揾外援,即consultant 公司幫手就搞掂,亦唔駛再花時間睇下一篇,因為所有問題已經唔係問題啦,淨低只會係錢嘅問題啫 :p


It's powerful !

Cocoa color chart from cuisine

What a masculine combination, mechanical with distinct character.

Tone: Warm 
Fashion : military
Package : action figure, tool, toy weapon
Retail : DIY shop, gun shop,
Residential : workshop