Vanishing Beauty

Iron floor plate with traditional Japanese pattern in the parkWhen I saw this on the grassland of a park in Japan, I thought it was a manhole cover; when I walked closer, it's not what I thought but a decor or a sign - a beautiful metal piece with bird, tree, sakura and the park's name.

You may say "why bother?"if comparing with the size of the park, this icon is so small even visitor may not aware of it's existing.

Actually this is something that I admire - detailing with sense of beauty. Not only Japanese, there were lots of good craftsmen found in Europe, or even old Chinese; they had technique as well as good sense of beauty, but are now vanishing !

Technology creates new materials which control the outlook of the end product, see what we've got in our modern architecture ? curtain wall, curtain wall and lifeless curtain wall......designers or architects are no more working by their design sense, but the availability of product or technique in the market.Where are the architecture master like Gaudi who left us the marvelous Sagrada Familia, Guell Park, Casa Batllo'? Human feel stone structure with fine metal details......

Hey! protowork annie, you must be insane, we are in the year 2010; there is no luxury time waste for such an art piece. We need "landmark" that draw money to our city !!

I know, but I just want to take a break from the reality of what money oriented lifestyle that surround me; and that's why I can only write a post to express my never come true desire here.
I will wake up then, just give me one more minute.


Mrs. fox & her little fox

Mrs Fox & her little foxI am sitting in the window display of a small shopping mall, there are 5 of us - little fox. When I see a girl standing in front of us, I try my best to stand straight and shout to her: Hey! I am here......bring me home...

I don't have confidence because I am the only one who has a torn ear, I am not perfect......but surprisingly she choose me as she said, I am special; so I follow her and live happily in her house.

***one year later***

I can't remember when was the date I began to sit here - the trolley of Salvation Army Second Hand Store.I don't know what will my destiny be, as a doll, I am a bit large; as a gift, I am not as attractive as barbie; and I am second handed.....while I am still depressing as usual, I was held by a girls hand and bring me home; she said, I must be the mother of her little fox. Yes, my little fox, where are they?

Life is amazing, even if you think you are not as good as others, God made you unique; what you need is to accept and treasure what you have and what you are. There is always an invisible link to bring you back to someone that care about you and whom you belongs.


Secret Garden

Staircase towards shine in AkihabaraWalking in Akihabara of Tokyo, it's quite the same as other small modern city; lots of people, mini size residential, lots of small shops, promotion advertisement everywhere. A stunning scenery that attracts me...greenery around hundred steps of staircase among red brick architecture, that leads to a Torii ( A traditional Japanese Shinto gate) in bright red, I think there must be a shrine behind, a place for city people to find their peace of mind if only if they are willing to take a break.

We have our own secret garden, too; a place deep into our heart, where we can be true to ourselves. We can take off our mask, no matter it's the role of an employee, a father, a wife, a professional, a son, a friend, a lover, a supporter......we can express our happiness, sorrow, depress, anger, fear...without affecting anyone.We can also gain recovery, rejuvenate our body and mind by just load down our burden for a little while.

It's not difficult to create one, but never ever stuck into it and refuse to come out and face the reality anymore, or otherwise we will make such an amazing place as a trap in our life, a place where we refuse to grow up......this is for sure not the intention of a "secret garden".


Coke or Pepsi ?

cold drink cabinetThis is the first post in year 2010, what should the content be?...... Let's talk about blogging.

Have you discovered that when you are thirsty and need something to drink, you may be attracted by those beverage in hundred of choices, full of colourful packages and new taste? But at the end, you may still go for Coke or Pepsi?

This is my experience, like reading blogs. I have my special preference of blog that I like, same as you guys; I like blogs that is not too long, meaningful and have true feeling of the author. Or in another approach of informative only with good selected content.

At the end of year 2009, I take a break and think, may be I should try to stay a little longer on those blogs that are not my usual cup of tea, some blogs which tell special experience, weird inventions, boys and girls, DIY fashion or music...,etc. See if they can inspire me, too. A change of taste to wider our view may be good, O.K. so how about lemonade or fruit vinegar?