Hello Autumn

Hi! I am back, almost a month away from here, miss so much. The fact is simply busy for living, that's the reality. But nice to be back in Autumn-my favourite season.

We've just pass our Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong, as we are adult now, it's seems this kind of festival is not so amazing, especially we need to work whatever festival we are in.
But on that night, 22 Sept, 2010, when I was on my way home, a couple on the street shout - hey, there is the moon...

I looked up, it was in the sky covered by a sheer of cloud, a bit pale in her face, but I just kept on looking at her three times...she was still so pretty, so familiar to me. There was no more celebration, no family gathering caused I was working late, but I still had her as my companion, never need to make appointment, just look up and she will be there- Good night my dear !