It's Organic !

Cocoa color chart of a Japanese noodle

Hmm... how about another combination like this? Simple yet "looks organic !"

Tone : Cool Base
Fashion: Autumn
Packaging:  Veggie, Chinaware, Pottery, Handcrafts
Retail: Organic, Vegetarian Deli
Residential: Winter garden


Hello! Cocoa Color Chart

Hello ! I've always want to create a color chart of our own. Although there are numerous color palette creator in the market, it seems they are far too more restrictions. 
So....... finally, we make it!

It is the first one and may not be perfect, but it's fun :D

Tone : Warm 
Fashion: Autumn
Packaging: Wine
Retail: Cafe, Restaurant, Grocery Store 
Residential:  Dining , Sitting, Family room



好唔容易先累積到幾萬溜覧人次, 加上最近冇咩寫嘢, 我諗萬一寫完呢篇被封, 咁未前功盡癈?
但係身為一個設計師,成日話要有自由嘅空氣先可以生存; 仲要係土生土長嘅香港人, 點可以係香港而家正處於大事大非嘅時候, 唔表示一吓呢?

2014年9月28日, 香港

中學生為着爭取普選特首於9月22日開始罷課. 26日佔領公民廣場.
9月28日戴教授啓動和平佔中, 部份學生及市民開始在金鐘靜坐, 人數愈來愈多.
同一晚, 政府用胡椒噴霧及八十多個催涙彈瘋狂地把和平示威者驅趕.........
結果激起不少市民的正義感, 運動由金鐘推擴至銅鑼灣, 旺角及尖沙嘴.

呢晩, 黄絲帶係臉書上變成好多人正義嘅化身. 凌晨時份我見有四個同學仔係我屋企對面條欄桿密密掛上一條一條嘅黄絲帯, 係暗淡嘅街燈之下隨風擺動...好靚! 心諗, 香港由呢一刻開始。。。。。。不再一樣! "雨傘運動 Umbrella Movement"亦隨住示威者用雨遮抵擋"驅趕武器"而誕生。

從來都唔覺得設計人要所謂嘅正治中立, 冇錯,政治嘅嘢真係好鬼悶,但係如果連學生都緊張,關乎公平,公義,自由,人權嘅未來,我哋仲扮咩"正治中立"?攞少少做人基本嘅良知出嚟,是就説是,非就説非。比起D學生,唔通連呢最少嘅表態同支持,我哋都做唔到咩?

 一個基本嘅要求,唔應該要咁多涙水、甚至血汗嚟換取,更唔應該由學生去承擔。或者你會覺得我哋D老鬼,做咩重要理埋D未必享受到嘅未來抗爭運動?舒舒服服有錢搵,有車有樓有老婆加條狗,政府話乜未乜囉!最緊要唔好因為呢D"少衆嘢"同D老細或者D Friend 反面。

"時窮節乃現  一一垂丹青。。。正氣歌文天祥





註:圖片取自Scholarism ,亦可連結査看更多雨傘運動的内容及進展。


The Time Keeper

Bookcover of The Time Keeper
The Time Keeper
Finally got some time to read a book. Mitch Albom is always my "first search" whenever I've enter a book shop......since his "Tuesday with Morrie". I am sure many of you did read this novel, really touching & inspiring.                                                                                                                                                                 This time, a story of three persons, appear in the past and present, traveling from present to the future......an interaction of how they want to manage their life time, what they've thought is important to themselves and when they've make their own decision which it seems to be the best for everyone; they miss something......                                                                                                                                                                                  
 ...the treasure moment & experience with their true love. 

To some of us, this is not an "x-file" , a simple & easy understood theory. But in fact, how many of us do really try to slow down our pace, take some time to look around, listen and feel. 

Start by reading this small book tonight with your cup of tea, you will have a new angle to manage your time without regret !

" with endless time, nothing is special. With no loss or sacrifice, we can't appreciate what we have." - Dor to Victor 

" Ends are for yesterday's, not tomorrow's." - Dor to Sarah

" there is a reason God limits our days"......."to make each one precious." - Dor to all of us


Hi, how are you

Hello, everyone,

It's been so long from here since 2013.  Lot and lots of stuff happening, good and bad...happy and sad...but, we are " survived " ; just like any of you, who has faith, always trust to wait for the rainbow after rain. 

We are so glad that this blog is still viewing by someone...from somewhere...we may not know each other, we hope our post can still be an invisible link to tide us around.

While I am returning and wondering why are some "mysterious" comment found here ? 
Meaning...I can see a comment count but not the content ?!  Ah! It's a Google+ comment problem......

So I disable the Google + comment, then everything come's back. I can view the comment content and say hello to my reader. Bravo ;)

Hopefully, we can spend more time here to share and have a lovely chat !