Hi, how are you

Hello, everyone,

It's been so long from here since 2013.  Lot and lots of stuff happening, good and bad...happy and sad...but, we are " survived " ; just like any of you, who has faith, always trust to wait for the rainbow after rain. 

We are so glad that this blog is still viewing by someone...from somewhere...we may not know each other, we hope our post can still be an invisible link to tide us around.

While I am returning and wondering why are some "mysterious" comment found here ? 
Meaning...I can see a comment count but not the content ?!  Ah! It's a Google+ comment problem......

So I disable the Google + comment, then everything come's back. I can view the comment content and say hello to my reader. Bravo ;)

Hopefully, we can spend more time here to share and have a lovely chat !