Obsess to the voice of Stacey Kent


Stacey Kent candid moments album cover

I just can't stop listening all this week...Stacey Kent!
The first time I've heard her vocal was years before from a French online radio, a song call "C'est petit rien" in her "Breakfast on the morning tram" album. Then I started to aware of her unique voice, some people said it's the sleepy voice just after wake up...
A voice light as feather, sexy & emotional. Originally I thought she is French but actually she is an American Jazz singer. No matter what, I also started to write down some more songs title that attracted me such as "Que reste t'il de nos amours" & "It might as well be Spring", etc.

I know, I know, purchase online or listening on Youtube are the easier ways, but I am a bit old fashioned :P , so I try to find her CD...

Unfortunately, HMV was closed in Hong Kong since 2019, it's even more difficult to look for this "vanishing" CD product, I am afraid. And fortunately, on the other hand, I found a few from another store although it's not her French albums, it's a double CD set, Hurray x3 !!!
I can't explain but her voice keep me working in a peace of mind, so comfortable like a bird talk next to my ears...my obsession began, my pleasure :)


Autumn Breeze Sale 2021

Hey, pal,
"Summer Cool Sale" of Book 2 Entrée Sortie is coming to an end after a few more days up to   31 August 2021 (date included). So, I think it may be nice to have an "Autumn Breeze Sale" before our Winter come for Book 3 Chat Noir, what do you think?

39% reduce in price from 1 to 30 September 2021
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Enjoy! together with the forever free 
Book One : Pont Neuf of Petit Paris series.

If you like my books, feel free to write a review after reading or rate by Star(s) as you like. 

Au revoir!
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SQUARE in Tsim Sha Tsui East

It's been a while not going to the Tsim Sha Tsui East district, until recently I was having a gathering over there.  So I've decided to go earlier, buy some time, hanging around to see if there is any big changes.

Tsim Sha Tsui East commercial building viewing from footbridge

Actually not much, when I was standing on the footbridge looking towards this view, same feeling of the good old days as I was a student, still...a lot of "squares".  
Tsim Sha Tsui East is always a bit isolated and therefore even though it is a tourist + commercial zone, I feel more relax here compare with the Canton road section. 
A new high rise with rectangular windows in earth tone
Except this new building (to me) I've discovered near the harbour, I will say it looks nice to fit into the surrounding, subtle & decent; again square square square... 
Finally, I found "Square of the Day" in a dramatic colorway that attracted me. I thought the purplish shade was due to deterioration of the glass curtain material instead, but did create another unique scenario I love.

Square curtain walls of a hotel in purple shade

Looking into windows of the buildings from street in or after the twilight time is one of my "hobby", it's interesting, imaginative and even with surprise sometimes; I will always imagine the look of the peoples who live inside, what is his/ her job, what are they doing right now/ or waiting for someone may be...under the bright white or moody yellowish luminescent; weird thoughts, I know :P

close up of a room interior through curtain wall of a hotel

What do you think?





今天早上,心裏仍然不安,手機已經傳來弟兄轉發在當地婦女的一個 IG Post, 述說她的絕望。接着,在Times 看到一篇曾經是當地駐軍的退役美軍細説這麼多年究竟在當地發生什麼事,為何美軍對阿富汗政府軍的訓練和所付出的會如此不堪一擊⋯⋯

前幾天,仍在繼續看奧巴馬的書 A Promise Land, 回想書中提及過他要做一個十分艱難的決定:應該增加阿富汗駐軍,還是定下撤離時限?當中要考慮的因素實在太多…


以往會認為始終是遠方的內政,離我們很遠,也很難做到些什麼,所以不會太上心;只是自從香港社運,地球暖化不能逆轉及Covid-19 之後,我感到正在其他國家發生中的事,已經和我們緊緊相連着,只要是地球人便不能幸免,至少,我們的心會被牽動,為當地人民著急!



Jan 2021 Hong Kong

Colorful fruit stall along Sheung Wai
Today is 14 Aug 2021, 
 七夕 Qixi Festival in Hong Kong, but I am not going to write the story of it, instead, something about my yearly appointment on 1 January to Pok Fu Lam on the Hong Kong side.

Right after, I would walk towards Central to take the MTR way home. Before that, I must walked through the narrow streets "up & down" in Sheung Wan; which was enjoyable if you had "strength" and love the old stuff, like this. 

Well, we can still see this kind of stalls in some other old districts like Sham Shui Po, but always a bit different here, may be due to the sloped narrow streets and the "fainted" color of shops nearby. You would get the feeling of returning to the 70's - 80's liked travelling in time machine. 

I loved the kind of  "slow" motion, the aroma of livelihood, the tranquil moment while most of the people were still sleeping after the crazy night on the New Year's Eve... as well as the antique color that could always be captured.

I took this photo simply by my "ancient" iphone SE, as my usual practice, the lighting & color to be reflected as real at that moment as possible, that's the moment of us!

Actually there was the hawker inside, but I tried not to interrupt & therefore took this angle, which was fine provided my "models" were feeling comfortable :p


Before I left this district, one of my favorite spot, here...a very traditional Chinese sausage maker, I wished they would never replaced the incandescent light bulbs, never... the yellow tone that eventually vanishing !

Usually a lot more sausages will be hanging all along on those horizontal railings, by the end of January close to our Chinese New Year, imagine how spectacular it will be; the most happiest festival for Hong Konger, a few more months to go. 

I can't estimate what will going to happen in the coming months before my next visit in 2022, both the pandemic of Covid-19 or the political changes in Hong Kong, but I have confidence as always, hope in human nature...wish we & you all the best!



今天無意中得知有一些朋友已經在短時間內離開了香港,一家移居他方。雖然這也不是什麼奇事,但和大家道別一句也沒有,甚至連WhatsApp 通知也欠奉,感覺還是酸溜溜的;是因為未必會再見?又或是離去怱怱呢?!





Summer Cool Sale

Hey, pal,

Sorry again it seems I do forget to tell you there is a "Summer Cool Sale" 
for Book 2 Entrée Sortie of 39% reduce in price from 1 to 31 August 2021
Book cover of Entrée Sortie
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Meaning, you can purchase in 
$1.99 (US) from Apple Books 
or $15.46 (HK) from Google Books

Enjoy! together with the forever free 
Book One : Pont Neuf of Petit Paris series.

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The Tapestry Poem

I would like to share this with you, a wonderful poem selected by Pauline, our team member of "pastor Au + 7 pebbles" for a special study group  in our church.

"The Tapestry Poem"was originally written by Grant Colfax Tullar (1869-1950)
Then being shared by writer Corrie Ten Boom(1892-1983) in the title of "The Weaver".
This poem is so meaningful, being loved & broadly shared many many times; 
and I'm pleased to share it again in my blog, wish you like it, tooMy life is but a weaving

My life is but a weaving       我的生命
Between my God and me      是主與我編織的掛毯
I cannot choose the colors    我不能選擇顔色
He wealth steadily              主在編織引領
oft''times He weaveth the sorrow
Oft' times He weaveth the sorrow;    主常常編織悲傷;
And I in foolish pride                    我愚昧驕傲
Forget He sees the upper                 忘了主看到正面
And I the underside                      而我只看到底面
not til the loom is silent
Not til the loom is silent         直到織機無聲
And the shuttles cease to fly   機梭停止穿梭
Will God unroll the canvas    主會打開掛毯
And reveal the reason why     展現讓我明白看見
the dark threads are as needful
The dark threads are as needful      按照主的設計
 In the  weaver's skilful hand         深黑色的線
 As the threads of gold and silver    在熟練織工的手中
 In the pattern He has planned       和金銀線同讓需要
he knows, he loves, he cares
He knows, He loves, He cares;    主知道, 主愛, 主在乎;
Nothing this truth can dim.      這個真理從沒變.
He gives the very best to those   誰願順服祂主權
Who leave the choice to Him     主為誰留美好賞賜

P.S. - thanks Pauline for the beautiful translation so we can share with more others :D



智者、旅人 The Wise man said...

The Wiseman said

A tourist who was visiting a small village approached the house of a well-known wise man, and he was surprised to see that he lived in a small, humble room filled with books. The only pieces of furniture were a bed, a table, and a chair.

 “Where is the rest of your furniture?” the tourist asked.
 “And where is yours?” the wise man answered back. 
“Mine?” responded the tourist, surprised. “I’m only here for a short time.”
“Me too,” said the wise man.


從信仰的角度,智慧源於我們信靠的神~敬畏耶和華是智慧的開端,認識至聖者便是聰明!(箴言九章10節)人的智慧實在沒法與創造我們的神相比,這是合理不過的; 能夠認識並信靠神,自然能尋到智慧的根源,這也是我們的福氣。那麼,在還沒有認識神之前,是否也可以活得智慧一些而不是愚妄地渡日呢?