Tower Eiffel...do you hear me?



One of the best viewing angle to Tower Eiffel in Paris

Wow! Tower Eiffel! What it means to you?! I’m standing right now is near the Jardin du Trocadéro, Av des Nations in front of the Pont d’léna, one of the best viewing angle to Tower Eiffel. Why am I here instead of up up on the tower?...It’s not in my itinerary, besides, if you still remember, I’ve finished my apple there, at the foot of the tower, good enough this time :P

Back to the question and what is your answer? An icon of France? A romantic spot for lovers? A must go in a life time tourist spot?....you name it. One of my friend told me that when she traveled to Paris with her husband years ago, in her memory after returned to Hong Kong, Eiffel, Eiffel, Eiffel...almost every corner in Paris could see...a bit “tired” of it’s existing, everywhere, every minute.

She was right, you’ll never miss Eiffel, day or night, there is always a trace to discover it in my photos. But it’s also amazing when you see how it “interact” to the surrounding, a lot more rather than simply an icon.

Lonely man below the bridge of Paris

When I took this picture, just because of a very straight forward desire to capture the chaotic elements all appear in the same frame. I didn't recognize there was a man somewhere “resting? or...”at the bottom of the bridge, another element in the photo, that’s all.

But when I’ve returned Hong Kong, to zoom in each photos as my usual practice to explore more, the contrast of  “flourishing” above vs the “hollowness “ below in this photo, I was engaged. It reminds me the other day early in the morning, a “yellow spot” drawn my attention...

 Worker clean up city fountain routine in Paris

He was working silently, full of concentration without any facial expression, as usual without being aware by any passengers who were hurrying to work. I stared at this scenario for a while, splash of rain falling onto my face...the exact feeling on the bridge...

When I arrived Paris on the first day, I asked my hotel driver wasn't she happy to live here, so she could visit the Louvre, Tower Eiffel, Jardins...,etc at any time she want? She told me, it’s because you are a tourist, I am not, I’ve never visited the Louvre, too much to do for a living, for my family...the exact feeling at the fountain...

Tower Eiffel, what it really means to us?!


Four Seasons


Autumn ...
forest become silence
color begins to faint
air is dry
life is grey
open your eyes
something above
stretch your arms
a Gift to Receive

here & there in forest
everything in motion
wind that blows to deliver
signs of love encounter
open the gift for you
the always special you
any message to tell?
any breakthrough to act!

aroma of the forest
life of the triumph
ready for the blossom
can't stop the movement
fly to Explore
chase the light
you'll never know
if you don't go

it seems the end
forest back to death...again
it's a cycle of no control
we should only follow
 the seasons of nature
a Creator who rule
Embrace your life in Him
& you'll be free







Merry go round near Tower Eiffel in Paris

Rotunda is very common in Paris, some are in the park, on the square or around the corner of the street; most of them are near the famous tourist spot, such as Hôtel de Ville, Tower Eiffel...,etc. You can imagine how wonderful the scenery will be under star night, blossom of cherry in Spring, Autumn burst golden leaves or in the soft white snow of Christmas...post card shot, right?

Little girl riding horses in the rotunda of Paris

Guess what is my favourite? not difficult to know, street side rotunda. Don’t you think they just like a super huge toy right next to your apartment, everyone in the neighbourhood can share the joy whenever nearby, be my guest, isn’t that fun?

Little boy seating on a sea shell in rotunda near Tower Eiffel

It’s also enjoyable to watch those lovely kids riding with interesting facial expressions, some are excited, a little bit scare while the turn is moving away from their parents, but a sudden burst of smile when they are once appear in front of them; they all become prince & princess within minutes living happily ever after...

I still remember when I was some where at Saint-Paul, after a long walk without having any lunch, I quickly grab a lemon pie & espresso from a boulangerie, eating in front of a rotunda at the street corner;  the weather is cloudy & cold, but with it’s vintage colour decorative light bulb, pinkish apple like smiling faces on pastel wooden horses, I feel so warm, what an unforgettable moment. 

Merry-go-round, a more familiar name in my childhood, time flies...




There are numerous messages delivered from graffiti, poster or sticker found on the street here, in Paris. I am sure there will be some trace of the “yellow vest” - mouvement des gilets jaunes; a chaos agitated by the increase of fuel tax. My new friend Li, who studied & working here for over 18 years, she told me that actually the amount increased was minimal, but demonstration/ protest/ strike whatever we call are frequently happen in France, i.e.: they get used to & nothing to be afraid of.

Liberté (Freedom), Égalité (Equality), Fraternité (fraternity / brotherhood), ou la mort (or death*) - is the “national motto” of France. There may be still argument of whether the Declaration of the Rights of Man & of the Citizen on 26 August 1789 should include all of them in exact wordings, especially the last one;  but no matter how, it’s originated in the French Revolution. The Tricolor flag of France are embodying all the principle of the Revolution- Liberté (Blue), Égalité (white) and Fraternité (Red).

The memorial statue of Komitas in Paris

 Walking along, there is Mémorial de la Shoah - a memorial retraces the history of French Jews after the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp, a sad history of 76,000 Jews deported from France. I didn’t visit even I’ve passing by twice, I am afraid there will be too “much” for my first trip, but it will be in my itinerary in the next visit.

So, who is Komitas? A statue that I’ve seen in Jardin d’Erevan. I don’t know who he was? But the form of statue clearly tells me it is not a display of an art piece, something serious,... to remember.


“ en Hommage a


Comositeur, musicologue

et aus

1500000 victimes

du génocide arménien de 1915

perpetre dans L‘empire ottoman“


Lettering on the stone base

If we are thinking of the War Crime, Holocaust- Jewish was the first comes into our mind; but there is another one, Genocide- Armenian. 

Komitas was the survivor in this genocide, he was an Armenian priest, composer, a super talented musicologist, founder of the Armenian national school of music. If he didn’t collected & transcribed over 3000 pieces of Armenian folk music during his work in life time, the cultural heritage of Armenia will be vanished together with the genocide, no one will even remember the existing of this history. 

To Komitas, although he could survive after released from concentrate camp, the shadow of death together with his fear of losing his lifetime work in Armenian music that finally drove him nuts, he was transferred to stay in Paris where his friend was there... but weakness & insane were the only melody left in his last years, who died in 1935.

I have to admit that I am quite lost & depress while preparing this post, when I’ve watched the film online “Music to Madness (The Story of Komitas)” , in order to find who he was? The unfold of history was intolerable, up to this moment, I can’t find an “excuse” for “human” to expel/ destroy a nation and I am not intend to find one.


-  Survivors of the Armenians “re-birth” and wide spread around the world.
- Armenia was the First Nations to adopt Christianity as a state religion, it’s roots go backs to 1st century AD. (Wiki data)


Treadmill...to Die for ?!


Treadmill with no one


Baby crawl on treadmill

Why am I here? a baby of one year.
Mom,  what is this for, do I need to crawl? 

Baby and a teenage girl running on treadmill

Hey, baby can you try once more,
as fast as you could so I can move
my teacher is waiting 
exams are haunting
I must be hurry cos’ year two is coming !

Baby, teenage girl and a working class running on treadmill

Hey, little girl don’t block my way,
I have proposals & dozens of meetings 
my clients are waiting 
big boss is haunting 
I must be hurry cos’ probation is ending 

Baby, teenage girl, working class man & a couple running on treadmill

Hey, young man please keep running,
We shall follow you on the same paving 
our business are failing
our mortgage is haunting 
We must be hurry cos’ the bank is closing !

Baby, teenage girl, working class, couple & elderly running on treadmill

Hey, Mr & Mrs don’t falling 
old pa & grandma are chasing 
keep the tread smoothing 
her doctor is waiting
Nursing home’s quota is holding  
We must be hurry cos’ our last chance can’t be missing ! 

Baby, teenage girl, working class, couples, elderly and a coffin on treadmill

Hey, everybody don’t panic 
I am done with no more rush
Plug off the treadmill cos’ I don’t need to run
The death of god is haunting  
My graveyard is waiting 
 send me a daisy if you are willing
the beauty of nature that I missing !


Hear Me



New release Hear Me book cover of Petit Paris series

Hi, Hi!

What a super hot summer in Hong Kong right now, let's have some reading under the sun...or in your comfy air conditioned corner with a smoothie or ice coffee :P
The sixth book of  Petit Paris series was released yesterday, you can say it do has some relationship with book 4 Jardins Secret & book 5 Point Zéro . You may aware there is an arrangement, not intentionally at the very beginning, but developed as time goes by:-

Book 1 - Pont Neuf......explore Paris
Book 2 - Entrée Sortie......explore Museums
Book 3 - Chat Noir......explore Belle épogue

Book 4- Jardins Secret......explore Gardens......reminding Friends & Families
Book 5- Point Zéro......breathtaking Churches......reminding Faith & People
Book 6- Hear me......"listen" to graffiti & the silent voices......reminding the Be-forgotten
Book 7....?

I've always has some difficulties to tell my friends what the genre of my book should be, because it consist of photograph, painting, song like text, a mixture of three but not quite definite as Photography, Arts or Poetry; so I will usually say it is my "sketch book" 公仔書 as I will describe in Cantonese - sketch book of all my experience and thoughts to express through these three "channels". 

It's always enjoyable while writing, to recap a lot of my pleasure during the trip, the amazing moment of different hours in a long day, them - peoples that flash into my mind! By the end of the book, I may be lost or sad somehow, but never give up Hope! 

Two more books to finish in the year of 2021, I wish you can continue to walk through this journey with me, until the end of next year. Let's see what would Petit Paris lead us to...?!


Graffiti, merely?

Graffiti spray on bridge fence on the Seine in Paris

I love walking, street, alley, riverside, local stalls...although it will drain off all my energy at the end, almost every night when I’ve returned to the hotel; but walking is really the most enjoyable activity in Paris, I can adjust my momentum wherever I like, “freeze” ......when attractions like this.

Graffiti on the bridge balustrade above The Seine in Paris

Texture & colour are the highlights which draw me close, all of the unknown fonts are transform into beautiful graphics; but in fact they do mean something for the specific group of persons or individuals in a specific moment.

Sometimes it’s sad to find them being painted on the public facilities, especially onto the heritage architectures which did shock me in the first place because I thought the citizens here do treasure them more than balustrade, mansion doors, pavement, post box...,etc. But when I walk along to discover more & more of them, I start to understand a bit more of their anger, the only way to express their accusation of being ignored by the government? the empowered? for months...years...?

Graffiti on stonewall of buildings in Paris

Although that‘s not a tourist would like to see when visiting a spot, it’s the reality that we should face & to deal with the problems, there is no way to hide. A destructive act onto the public canvas may not be a perfect way but at least, a beam of hope for “them” to aware, to awake!




教會為着解構聖經中的書卷 ~ 雅歌,特別舉辦了這次三日兩夜的靜修營,也我一早計劃好離職後給自己一個靜思的日子。

半小時的快速船,離開市區往長洲山上的思維靜院,和朋友一起步行上山,原本十多分鐘的行程,因為入錯分义路,在雨中花了差不多三十分鐘才到步.…忘記了告訴她,能夠一次順利到達陌生目的地,在我的前半生,出現的機率微乎其微, 不過現今有GPS, 我還是肯定在入夜前必定到達 :P



一望無際的海面,除了七八隻老鷹翺翔之外,也看到弟兄姊妹各自靜思於小角落;夜間,亦能望到山下長洲居民的燈火,船隻歸航的指示燈… 此刻,很舒服。








第一個晚上,在房間用風扇代替冷氣,除下口罩,打開窗,享受雨後樹木的清香;思考着神與人/ 人與人之間關係的點點滴滴。第二個晚上,索性把風扇也關掉,讓風聲、雨聲、蟲鳥夜鳴陪伴入睡…. 此刻,很平靜。


這裡,有一個小角落,掛着一個手作風鈴,在疾風中發出噹噹巨響; 但行近細聽,柔弱溫婉的餘韻隨着中間水渠口蓋緩緩擦向鐵通發出,似乎有未完的說話…望着晴空的白雲,聽着聽着…此刻,忘我。


重回現實的晚上,關掉一切媒體裝置,雖然窗外傳來的是車響人聲,眼前的小山丘旁邊萬家燈火,心中卻傳來柔柔鈴聲,此刻 ... 重回我的小角落!








上週,因為要找一些資料,從書架上取下Mitch Albom 的 the five people you meet in Heaven,由於有些內容已忘記了,於是又快速重看了一遍。就是這樣,在人生中不斷地重看,又是另一番滋味;翻開變黃了的首頁,寫下這是2006年買的,書背仍貼着$66售價的純白標貼,嘩!時光飛逝!






旅貓日記封面, 有川浩著


看旅貓日記,要預備一盒紙巾…主人翁因為一個原因,帶着小貓展開幾次探訪之旅,昔日的朋友,單戀對象…目的是為她尋找新居,看看她喜不喜歡新主人及環境。一次又一次的旅程,也換起主人翁的記憶與思念; 即使貓咪仍未有最終決定,無奈分別的時間已到.… 當你明白原由之際,貓咪選擇了她自己的想法…




The History of Modern France

Book cover of The History of Modern France by Jonathan Fenby
It's been a while for me to introduce some reading from my book shelf recently. Here is what I've got from a book store...by chance!
I walked in my leisure momentum towards Festival Walk in a sunny day, looking for a language grammar book, but it seems it's more & more difficult for me to find what I wanted in small book shop, unless I go to those super huge chain store...which I am not really enjoy. 
Due to the limited shop space to keep the stock, I thought I would leave in empty hands, but suddenly this book caught my eyes. Voila, I really need this, a quick review at the back cover and paid; a similar feeling of joy and excitement as I've bought The Fox and The Star .

I am not familiar with History of any country except a bit more of Hong Kong, of course. It's always be my most headache subject when I was a student, never pass in my exams. But I will be triggered to search the history of some countries after certain readings such as the memoir of a specific person, a trip, a painting or a story...when I grown up.

To have a glance of the history of France can be easily found online, but as usual, history can be boring if the writer mess it up; and on the other hand extremely attractive that leads the reader to view in wider angle , this book belongs to the latter. 

When I read through the details and have a bit more understanding to the background of the formation of Modern France, the Fifth Republic since the First Revolution, the "looping" of political, economic, basic human needs, or desires... all counted. Leading of the influx of immigrant, complicity of the social problems...after the vanished of the Monarchy & the "glorious" period of Napoleon's Empire.... facing the terrorist attacks in the modern age, again bearing the history that weight.

I continue to research more regarding the French National Symbols: the Cockerel and the Tri-color National Flag; the history of French Jews...A lot to explore, a lot more way for us to introspect, for all of our own countries, too. 

Thank you, Mr. Jonathan Fenby.


Transparent Integrity


Glass milk bottle reflects beautiful pattern under the sunlight


Whenever a sunny day, there is always a wonderful moment in the afternoon for light to play with shadow, they attracts me, so I stop working to join them for a while, usually not a while but long enough for me to think of something that we've missed like...transparent integrity!

I forget where have I learned these wordings from, a book may be; but they were written on a post-it which pinned on my notice board since 2016. The shadow play in this afternoon reminds me of it, the transparency that has to be as crystal clear as this, I think, as a person, a human being...

I wish I won't lost mine!



2021418日,星期日,晴,11:00 a.m.


將最後一個地盤handover 俾客人,係最後一個,正式係我卅多年嘅室內設計生涯劃上一個句號!離開地盤嗰一刻實在有唔少感觸,不過同時又有D輕鬆、興奮同迷惘嘅感覺,心情都好複雜吓;畢竟係畢業之後第一份同唯一一份職業。