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It's respectable

Color chart of blue daisy

A soft touch of dignity and memorable.

Tone:  Cold
Fashion: Autumn, calm and elegant
Packaging:  gift wrap, card, stationery
Retail: floral boutique, gift shop, daily living
Residential: living room


It's powerful !

Cocoa color chart from cuisine

What a masculine combination, mechanical with distinct character.

Tone: Warm 
Fashion : military
Package : action figure, tool, toy weapon
Retail : DIY shop, gun shop,
Residential : workshop


It's Organic !

Cocoa color chart of a Japanese noodle

Hmm... how about another combination like this? Simple yet "looks organic !"

Tone : Cool Base
Fashion: Autumn
Packaging:  Veggie, Chinaware, Pottery, Handcrafts
Retail: Organic, Vegetarian Deli
Residential: Winter garden


Hello! Cocoa Color Chart

Hello ! I've always want to create a color chart of our own. Although there are numerous color palette creator in the market, it seems they are far too more restrictions. 
So....... finally, we make it!

It is the first one and may not be perfect, but it's fun :D

Tone : Warm 
Fashion: Autumn
Packaging: Wine
Retail: Cafe, Restaurant, Grocery Store 
Residential:  Dining , Sitting, Family room