Google Friend Connect

Recently we discover some google friend follower disappear, originally we thought it's because of technical issue that blogging site do happen very often. Today, I spend some time to review our whole blog......omg! Google Friend Connect retired in March already for non-bloggers, that's the reason why they've gone. What then?

We have to use google+ , hmm...another new stuff (not new to others but me) that I did try to find a minute to figure out, but simply want to pick up a bit later! Now, no more choice and wish me luck :D


Be yourself

Two yellow orchid infront of snow white leaves

If you can't fit in, be yourself, no big deal!


Pinterest - love it or hate it?

I believe some of you know what it is or already is a fans of Pinterest.  Truly speaking, it is a very attractive & fast growing platform that everyone can create their own pin board, easy to use, lots of nice stuff and full of fun. You can "pin" any of your favorite image found in the internet world to make your collective booklet, original source link will be attached automatically so if other people want to view it or re-pin it, they will be linked to the author's web page directly. So the overall process is not only share beautiful image within the community but also create traffic to the web page of the image owner......what a lovely idea.

But eventually problems raised, some photographer or blogger or artist just don't want this "sharing", they think it is a violation of copyright = to share their photo or artwork online (although which is already being viewed online thru' their own web site) without asking their permission is unacceptable, even the image will link back to them at last or even it's because of people love it so they want to share with others. Well, we can't say it is anything wrong because the author do have their right to what they've  posted, and it's true that there are a small group of people do make use of this channel to promote their own blog or even make money. So.......someone do hate it!

How can we get a balance? Use an html code to prevent "PIN" button work? Complain to Pinterest whenever discover your image being pinned? It seems it's more easy to do another way round, for author who don't mind this sharing that can bring them traffic as a benefit, put a "PIN IT" button in page, so "Pin fans" will know they are welcome to share what they like. In another word, "Pin fan" just don't pin if this button is not appear in the page you are viewing, respect the author's or simply send an email to ask for a sharing permission, a bit complicated, but every one will be happy.


Coffee Cupping ???

coffee cupping event
剛剛收到一個電郵,是Hunter Douglas Designer Club 同 Caffe Habitu 搞一個Coffee Cupping 的通知.令我想起月初“拉衫尾”跟一位好友參加了人生第一次Cupping,足足搞了三個小時,除了覺得新鮮有趣,見識了不少之外,也令我更加肯定自己是BB班水準.



Just received an email from Hunter Douglas Designer Club, originally I thought it must be another new product launch or discount week...well, what a surprise of "Coffee Cupping" invitation! A talk presented by Caffe Habitu. This reminds me I did join one in early July, by a kind invitation from my friend, truly speaking, the very first time in my life. Thanks Julianna.

It took a total 3 hours time for this exercise, around 10 persons gathered in a small room full of coffee aroma, some were already a barista, some are red wine or coffee addict, fairly young but serious, compare with us two, ha ha ! a bit hea ! The lecturer was a young man who is going to have this professional qualification after some more examinations, cool!

Started by a brief introduction to coffee type & origin, followed by what is the meaning of Cupping, what are the basic aroma (up to at least 36 types), how to "feel" the behavior of coffee in dry & wet condition, what is the proper cupping manner, what are the concern of overall balance to dictate the final grading...etc, etc. A really professional era, I have to say.

If you do wish to taste "deeper" to your cup of coffee and know more in the coffee world, I shall highly recommend you to attend these Cupping gathering, which are quite hot and shall become more popular in Hong Kong now. 

And myself ? I tend to stay in my junior stage at this moment, to taste my "Hea" style coffee, because professional is professional, it must take time & heart to treat it sincerely.


久違了的煙仔檔 The Lost Cigarette Stall

Cigarette stall in good old days in wooden structure
也許真的有朋友從未見過這東西,已不記得這是那個年代的自家製作? 雖然我不吸煙, 但仍覺得這個小檔很精緻, 尤其當它放滿了五顏六色的煙仔盒時. 還記得當時比較盛行的有555, 萬寶路, 駱駝, 紅雙喜, 健牌, 還夾雜着一些可自行包裝的煙葉及煙紙...等.

當時的煙販檔沒有太多其它東西售賣, 似乎這小小的一盤生意巳經可養活一家. 煙仔盒上也沒有所謂的"吸煙危害健康"標貼, 是人民沒有這個意識呢? 還是根本煙民全都一早明白但他們需要的卻只是一刻鐘的自由自在, 於願足矣!

看着這個早巳身處填田區的木檔口,  對比着現今我們在街上看見大得足可比娓一間小型便利店的報紙+汽水+煙檔時, 應該驚歎生活的進步? 還是慨歎心靈的退步?!

I am sure there must be some people who don't ever have a chance to see this stuff in their life in H.K., a DIY cigarette stall...I wonder which century it belongs to? Although I am a non-smoker, as far as I've remembered, this tiny stall always attracts me, especially when it was fully displayed with colorful cigarette packages. 555, Marlboro, Camel, Double Happiness, Kent, even with some small yellowish paper for customers to fill in their favorite tobacco leaves, then roll up to form a interesting "tobacco stick".

Besides of the above + matches / lighter, there are not many variety of products you can find here, but it seems the hawker can still earn a living for their family through this small business. Also, you will not find any "Government Warning" of "SMOKING CAUSES XXXXX DISEASES" on the cigarette package, guess whether the smokers don't have any idea of health care or simply they are willing to exchange for a moment of mentally freedom?

This stall should have already been crashed in the landfill, compare to what we can see on the street now a day, those "full-function" newspaper stall , not only cigarette, but soft drinks, snacks, umbrella..etc, etc. what a tiny 7/11 they are. Should we amazed by our improvement of living ? or regret to our "black-hole" that can never be fulfilled deep into our heart!


May I have one, please?

miniature of japanese ramen stall
In Tokyo after dark, you can easily meet this kind of tiny mobile cart, usually they were operated by one chef; oden, ramen, deep fry snack...are what they've sold. They are "heaven" for late night pals especially in Winter time.

Tiny light bulb in paper lantern spreading a warm atmosphere all over this small corner, steam rises from hot dishes; chatting with the chef or even have a drink of hot sake is the most relaxing moment. Or, if you want to enjoy your private minute..."be my guest", this lonely stranger will sincerely prepare your food behind the scene.

This may not be a perfect job for most of us, it earns little, lonely, working late night, no prospect in most people's eye...but it keep oneself survive with dignity.

Wherever there is free air in the country, we can have our choice, there is no need to live in others measure or in another way round, being follow the majority below pressure. Will it be only a dream? to some country, Yes! If we don't have to live in threat, we are so lucky...and it's always my pleasure to have another night here.

May God bless Hong Kong.