Medium Friend Link ~ July 2024

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Wow! What a super not Summer this year, how about staying somewhere under the shade, or in a well conditioned corner, grab a lemonade or your favorite iced coffee for a break?

Here we have the selected articles for you in July, you can read them for free via these friend links, exclusively for readers here and those who subscribe to my Author website

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👉 Hope To Be A Magic Bean

👉 Catch The Flee Flare


👉 Sorry, It's Me

👉 The Isolation


Mysterious case of missing book cover image on Amazon KDP...finally solved!

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After spending a whole month, all books of the Petit Paris Series were finally ready on Amazon; using extra time on this platform was expected, which has already listed all the timelines required for each processing stage, you just need to add a bit of extra, or another extra time for the things done.

I was facing the problem of missing book cover images in the store after the books were alive a month ago, so I contacted the staff and sorted out some of the possible causes that might implied. One of the obvious possibilities was the RGB color profile that had to be used instead of sRGB. 

But strange enough, the first and the only cover of Book One had no problem at all in its sRGB profile. I tried to convert all the others to upload again but hopeless.

I used .tiff file instead of .jpeg to reserve the details, which should be acceptable within 50M and what I had submitted was around 20M. If the first cover had no problem, then why should the other had?

It seemed there was no clue to solve this issue, the only possible way was to add the cover images in the A+ content but truly speaking, it's not a good idea in long term. So, I decided to leave my desk & went out for a walk. 

This is always a good advice to those who are stuck in problems, and most likely can be solved after a reboot...of our mind!

When I returned home, I reviewed all the files again and finally discovered something, there were two choices of tiff-8 & tiff-16, I selected 16bit, the same reason to reserve details while it didn't exceed the file size limit. But, 'Why not have a try?' I told myself, so I changed four covers into tiff-8 instead...

Volià! Problem solved within an hour. So why is there are conflict in file sizes? and why didn't Book One in sRGB, tiff-16 face any problems? 

I'm afraid there will never be an answer from me or Amazon, but no matter how, I can finally settle my headache and move on. Happy publishing!



最近時常在 Medium 平台上寫作,主要是用英文,因為大部份的讀者也是外國人,而且我亦曾經多次提及過打中文是我弱項,如果打字太慢,確實會窒礙思路。例如這區區幾十字已經用了我接近十多分鐘才完成,是否有點兒那過呢?

還未說在冷氣房內,一邊打字,一邊用老花眼查字典,額角上一邊冒汗•••不是說笑的啊!所以還是決定用Apple pen 在 iPad 上繼續這篇文章,否則寫到晚餐時段也沒有完成的可能。

其實近日每天在Medium 寫作期間,都想到它的中文版,曾經嘗試在當中尋找華文作者,希望可以聯繫並互相支持,一起繼續在平台上寫作,但可惜找到的數量很少,又或者早已在2020年左右停止出稿,覺得很可惜。




不過也許有一個事實是無可否認的,就在我身邊的朋友而言,他們也寧可在IG, YouTube, FB 等多以影音元素為主的平台作為逍遣或消息來源,要看一篇長達四分鐘或以上的純文字,對他們來說,吸引力不大,除非內容有相當的可觀性吧?!



Medium Friend Links ~ June 2024

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Have a break and want something to read? Here we have the selected articles for you, you can read them for free via these friend links, exclusively for readers here and those who subscribe to my Author website

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👉Free You Now...Smile

👉You Know Why...I Prefer To Walk



👉ISBN Paradox


Oiseau Distrait Author Website Launched !!

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Can you discover anything difference here...to...your...right...Voilà!

Oiseau Distrait Author Website was launched on 3 May 2024, Chirps! Chirps! Hurray! 

This is one of my favourite photos, so I use this as my website header, I hope you'll like it, too.

In my new birdhouse, you'll know more about me through a detailed profile on my Home page. 

Follow by a BirdTalk page for my blog posts to chat with you about anything that interests me, including some of my update status. Most of all is...I'll select more of my Medium articles with friend links from time to time for you to enjoy, so stay tuned.

A summary of all published books can be found on the Books page, including their bookstore link. (Remember, local readers can only purchase from Google Books because Apple Books is not available in the Hong Kong region.)

A new short fiction in Chinese 遇見彩虹 was just released on the same day, so why not go to have a look, see if it will ignite your imagination?

There is an Archive page at the end, a hidden story of my before & after, in case you find any trace of who I am...I'll be grateful to you if you can keep this secret for me :P 

Because it'll be more fun to join me in a new world of literature.

So, that's it for tonight...Oh! one more thing, you're always welcome to subscribe to my newsletter via my website, don't worry, it's obviously will take some time to prepare as I am a forgetful bird. 

Au RevoirSee you there!



Medium Friend Links of April

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Did you try to read my Medium article from the Friend Link in the previous post? Is it working? I hope so.

How about a few more for April.


👉Tiny Flower Of The Wild

👉Hello, Anybody Here?


👉Jack Under The Moon ~ Nothing scary but romantic

👉Beautiful Calligraphy ~ Of the Islamic World

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Friend Link for my post in Medium...Testing, testing

👉I'm Robin, Your Messenger

Hi, hi,

It's been a long time away because I'm on another writing platform Medium, I've spent some time over there writing and enjoying the community, it's been almost 8 months, time flies!

But I didn't forget my friends here that you may not be a member of that platform, even if you can still find me via my profile page Oiseau Distrait, I'm trying to figure out to see if my posts can be freely read by you guys here via a Friend Link.

Usually, I will write around 5 posts per week on various topics, but there is no automatic system for me to link them here except manually, so let's try whether this one is working? If yes, I'll see if there are any possible solutions to update the list here per week or two.

You may ask what happens to my earnings if a free link is used, well, yes! I earn nothing via a non-member read, but the post can be read by you, so, it's fine. You can also share this link freely if it works, and maybe someday, if you want to join the community as a member, you're always welcome. If not, claps & comments do help...or even just read 30 sec, my pleasure.

To reduce my workload so I can concentrate on my writing, I won't prepare the picture here, but there is always one in the Medium post. And one more thing regarding the language written is still majoring in English. 

Okay! Here is the first one, let me know if it works and whether you want to read more in the future.
Bye & see you! 
Have a happy Friday.