Drawing Giggle Girl

Hi. Hi,

I love drawing, painting, illustrating, sketching…whatever you call, it’s always a pleasure to escape the reality for a while and creating anything possible. Sometimes, I doubt whether anyone, especially for those who are talented or well trained in painting as an artist has the struggle using digital apps/ software to draw. I am neither talented nor an artist, I just love to draw but recently, I do have some thoughts about it.

The fact is, both techniques require a learning path and lots of practices which consume time, a lot of time…, for sure if you are serious enough. Although some basic theories may be the same, such as use of colour, layout, lighting, texture (brush stroke)…, etc; and most of the drawing apps can imitate all of these smooth and nicely; there are differences still, in my experience, when I hold a real paint brush vs an apple pen in hand, the control are so different as some of you may aware, too. 

Recently, I did try to use Fresco + iMovie to play with a “giggle girl series” , it’s easy to learn with fun; but I want more after all , then I may have to jump into GarageBand, Final Cut, Premiere, Lightroom….a never ending list in the digital world that could bring more satisfaction to my painting with motion in bonus. Then, how about my watercolour hand drawings ? I am lacking of the third & fourth hand…. :(

Digital drawing allows me to redraw and redraw until satisfy, whereas hand drawing is one off (mostly except oil painting may be a bit more flexible) but this is the exact challenge and goal for me to achieve, which also directly related to the effort of hard work that I’ve paid; a greater joy of satisfaction that I would assume if I draw a good piece one day.

So, what to do?  I have my answer in my mind when I come to the end of this post, but let’s have fun with giggle girl for a minute, why not?

Remember to turn on the speaker, one more for you, enjoy!


Forgotten Chap 02

Buildings in shadow highlight

Come, dramatically  
without a sign 
rejoicing…before thee

Vanish, instantly 
not for another second 
mourning…in front of me


Oiseau Distrait 
Autumn 2022 Hong Kong