Everyday sunset right outside window

it's a blessing to know

today is so peaceful

for me

to have a new tomorrow


Bronze = Romance?

Bronze fork & spoon

 I was shopping around and discovered this set of Bronze Aged Flatware at Anthropologie . They are so neat but looks elegant, made by bronze - which will sometimes be mixed up with copper and brass. 

We used to have ironmongery or decorative metal parts appears in these three different finishes in interior design work, usually it is a bit easy to identify them by color and level of hardness. Copper is the original soft yellowish metal, when mix with zinc, it forms an alloy : brass , harder and appear in golden color; door knob, lock or railing are most common end products. 

When other metals are added, like tin, aluminium, lead or even silver; a bronze alloy is created with a bit of rose color. It is harder than brass, can withstand more polish treatment, so you can find them in coin, kitchen ware or the above nice flatware, etc.

To me, bronze is more attractive, it has a vintage, feminine and graceful appearance. In the modern world, rose gold may be an alternative for bronze to transform as a wedding ring... same lovely pink tint... with an additive of romance, too.


Our scrapbook


Hi ! Happy Snake Year to everyone, we are excited to share with you our Pinterest Page (upper page tab) here starting from today, you may find some familiar images or new discovery that we have selected from a lot of amazing people's pin, lets share and have fun ! Hey, don't forget to click to their original link below if you would love to know more of your favor items.

大家好! 祝願你們蛇年快樂, 身體健康. 今年我們決定加入Cocoa Design Life 的 Pinterest 網頁 (上面按頁), 希望你們可以輕鬆地分享到一些由我們篩選過認為值得與大家介紹的事物. 可能你會覺得部份似曾相識, 但亦有部份是由參與 Pinterest 的朋友們各自推介的, 希望你會喜歡 !
如果你對其中一些內容有興趣, 別忘記點擊圖片下面的來源網站, 便可探索更多.

* some new pin boards for styling are coming soon......
關於 styling 新貼簿會在不久將來跟大家見面.......


Follow the Sun

Alley in Macau
I love to walk alone, usually between 2:30 to 6:30pm, starting from where I am, no plan, no destination, nothing in hand, as "light" as I can. 

I walk slow, just follow the sun, see if it can bring me to some place of mystery? busy? or tranquil... I feel the air, the breeze & temperature that change along my steps, in the shade? along the road? or outside a

I open my nose, to suck in any aroma in the wind; I keep on listening, to any tiny sound or echo that may leads me to their place.  I look around, to the face of all strangers that passes by, wondering what they are having in their mind?......when the color of the sun turns into golden orange, my journey end.

I stop when I am, walk back to when I was, leaving the sun, return to reality... this, is the refreshment treat of my life, simply move on.