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I love Haussmann

Okay, I know this is a bit weird to have all these cross over below :P  but let me explain something:-

I am really obsess to the Haussmann architecture, especially the Attic floor. Well, you may think it's the smallest, least luxurious, most of all, it's usually for the maids... but, it has the best view overall! Don't you think it's quite difference from the concept, like us who live in Hong Kong? Lots of people are willing to pay extra to live in a penthouse of a high rise residential. What a contrary ? 

Of course the reason is quite simple indeed, even thought the highest Haussmann building is only six levels, without an elevator in the good old days, there is no way for the bourgeois to climb so high, no matter how stunning the view is.  In addition, how could they ask their VIP to climb stairs for gathering day & nights!That's why the construction concept behind is to have the best floor on level 2, which did make sense; regarding the stunning view? any where you see in Paris are "stunning" why restricted to the window views of your apartment? 

Back to the modern time, I will be 100% excited to live in a Haussmann building on the 2nd level, but as a tourist, it's also interesting to stay for a while on the Attic floor, which usually has a sloped ceiling, with a small balcony open wide to enjoy your daily sunset... you can find it in some B&B rentals, and I am sure I will go for a try next time. 

Watercolor of Haussmann architecture front elevation in the book of Exquisite
center page in the book of Exquisite

In the mean time, what I can do is to draw a nice picture of her, to share with you in my new book & hope you will like it, too. But this is not the end, see what I've discover...

Sim city game of Paris view in daylight
Ha ha! I am building a virtual Paris in Sim City! in my leisure moment, of course. A game I've found accidentally after returned from the trip, there are a lot to be developed, although it's not 100% real with so many restrictions, the Haussmann building are not bad, what do you think?

Sim city game of Paris view at night
The night scene do imitate some of the mood in reality, I don't know how long will I continue to play for the expansion until a "longer La Seine" can be made, let's see.

Finally, I would like to share with you the photo below, a real scene of my beloved architecture I took viewing from the Center Pompidou. One of my favorite view, neat & decent; not for the bourgeoisie only, but for everyone who love to stay. 

A scene of Haussmann architecture line up under blue sky in Paris


Color of the Pebble"s"

Walking on the street in the Autumn of Paris, especially for the first time, I was truly impressed by the richness of color wherever I go.  

I’ve remembered some of my friends said, reasons for they didn't like Paris...yes, didn’t...were because of the old & deteriorated surroundings in some arrondissement; pebble roads that were difficult to walk on, some alleys are "dirty", people are "not friendly" with a sense of "pride", not safe after dark, pick pockets around, Paris is small...., etc, etc. (don‘t shout to me if you are an instant Paris lover, like myself :D)

Even though it‘s part of the truth except with reasons behind: history, cultural, multi-racial, interaction, mindset...they are the elements to form this city, bit by bit for us to explore.

By walking almost 90% within these 12 days, my feet did overloaded. I can take bus or train, of course but walking on pebble pave, to me, is enjoyable (without my luggage :P), one of my favorite activity here; they are extra beautiful after the touch of shower - Nostalgia romance I would say. 

Pebble alley after rain with low rise apartment around in Paris

Strolling around the “deteriorating” alleys with ancient buildings, stories behind, the color of memories...whether it’s sad or cheerful, it’s a mark, always. A mark of people who live or died, who gave or took, stay or left...and that’s how I wrote Palette October.


"Multi-color" link in October

multi-color tree leaves  in pink, green, yellow & purple in Paris
I had no idea I will write my ebook when I was in Paris, so the photos I took did not had specific intention besides the “beauty” that attracted me.

Usually we may have an idea of rotten dull or deteriorated shade that reflects in Autumn. When I‘ve returned home to review my photos, a much wider range of colorway were discovered, some are bright & refreshing which reminded my feeling when I was there... plein air (open air/ outdoor in French) and words flow into my head: nature beauty, God‘s creation, freedom, belief, hope, bonding, life cycle, decade & transform....

Roadside trees with Autumn leaves & low rise apartment in Paris
Due to geographic & culture difference, huge blossom tree/ greenery together with low rise buildings are easily found everywhere in Paris, plein air in another word. Hong Kong is quite the opposite, but what is the major core issue that is bounding us, the citizen who live in the city?!

Sometimes, I wonder for those frequent travelers or guru, as we say; after their millions & millions of travelling around the world, will they still prefer to live & stay in their homeland of where they were born at the very end? Even though it may be imperfect, cos’ there is always an invisible link, I guess...

Turning to another country to look for a better or more stable living could be a simple and reasonable act compare with staying to face the reality. But I‘m sure for most of the emigrants, they love their homeland so much & so deep that they just can’t tolerance the unexpected changes, that “hurt” to bleed, the only way out for them is not to face it. 

I've once told myself to leave behind of everything in Hong Kong in these 12 days, no whatsapp, no email, no phone calls, etc...I tried, it‘s difficult because the “link” never breaks no matter where I am ...and where you are!

May God‘s blessing be with you wherever you are!


Tower you hear me?


One of the best viewing angle to Tower Eiffel in Paris

Wow! Tower Eiffel! What it means to you?! I’m standing right now is near the Jardin du Trocadéro, Av des Nations in front of the Pont d’léna, one of the best viewing angle to Tower Eiffel. Why am I here instead of up up on the tower?...It’s not in my itinerary, besides, if you still remember, I’ve finished my apple there, at the foot of the tower, good enough this time :P

Back to the question and what is your answer? An icon of France? A romantic spot for lovers? A must go in a life time tourist spot? name it. One of my friend told me that when she traveled to Paris with her husband years ago, in her memory after returned to Hong Kong, Eiffel, Eiffel, Eiffel...almost every corner in Paris could see...a bit “tired” of it’s existing, everywhere, every minute.

She was right, you’ll never miss Eiffel, day or night, there is always a trace to discover it in my photos. But it’s also amazing when you see how it “interact” to the surrounding, a lot more rather than simply an icon.

Lonely man below the bridge of Paris

When I took this picture, just because of a very straight forward desire to capture the chaotic elements all appear in the same frame. I didn't recognize there was a man somewhere “resting? or...”at the bottom of the bridge, another element in the photo, that’s all.

But when I’ve returned Hong Kong, to zoom in each photos as my usual practice to explore more, the contrast of  “flourishing” above vs the “hollowness “ below in this photo, I was engaged. It reminds me the other day early in the morning, a “yellow spot” drawn my attention...

 Worker clean up city fountain routine in Paris

He was working silently, full of concentration without any facial expression, as usual without being aware by any passengers who were hurrying to work. I stared at this scenario for a while, splash of rain falling onto my face...the exact feeling on the bridge...

When I arrived Paris on the first day, I asked my hotel driver wasn't she happy to live here, so she could visit the Louvre, Tower Eiffel, Jardins...,etc at any time she want? She told me, it’s because you are a tourist, I am not, I’ve never visited the Louvre, too much to do for a living, for my family...the exact feeling at the fountain...

Tower Eiffel, what it really means to us?!



Merry go round near Tower Eiffel in Paris

Rotunda is very common in Paris, some are in the park, on the square or around the corner of the street; most of them are near the famous tourist spot, such as Hôtel de Ville, Tower Eiffel...,etc. You can imagine how wonderful the scenery will be under star night, blossom of cherry in Spring, Autumn burst golden leaves or in the soft white snow of card shot, right?

Little girl riding horses in the rotunda of Paris

Guess what is my favourite? not difficult to know, street side rotunda. Don’t you think they just like a super huge toy right next to your apartment, everyone in the neighbourhood can share the joy whenever nearby, be my guest, isn’t that fun?

Little boy seating on a sea shell in rotunda near Tower Eiffel

It’s also enjoyable to watch those lovely kids riding with interesting facial expressions, some are excited, a little bit scare while the turn is moving away from their parents, but a sudden burst of smile when they are once appear in front of them; they all become prince & princess within minutes living happily ever after...

I still remember when I was some where at Saint-Paul, after a long walk without having any lunch, I quickly grab a lemon pie & espresso from a boulangerie, eating in front of a rotunda at the street corner;  the weather is cloudy & cold, but with it’s vintage colour decorative light bulb, pinkish apple like smiling faces on pastel wooden horses, I feel so warm, what an unforgettable moment. 

Merry-go-round, a more familiar name in my childhood, time flies...



There are numerous messages delivered from graffiti, poster or sticker found on the street here, in Paris. I am sure there will be some trace of the “yellow vest” - mouvement des gilets jaunes; a chaos agitated by the increase of fuel tax. My new friend Li, who studied & working here for over 18 years, she told me that actually the amount increased was minimal, but demonstration/ protest/ strike whatever we call are frequently happen in France, i.e.: they get used to & nothing to be afraid of.

Liberté (Freedom), Égalité (Equality), Fraternité (fraternity / brotherhood), ou la mort (or death*) - is the “national motto” of France. There may be still argument of whether the Declaration of the Rights of Man & of the Citizen on 26 August 1789 should include all of them in exact wordings, especially the last one;  but no matter how, it’s originated in the French Revolution. The Tricolor flag of France are embodying all the principle of the Revolution- Liberté (Blue), Égalité (white) and Fraternité (Red).

The memorial statue of Komitas in Paris

 Walking along, there is Mémorial de la Shoah - a memorial retraces the history of French Jews after the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp, a sad history of 76,000 Jews deported from France. I didn’t visit even I’ve passing by twice, I am afraid there will be too “much” for my first trip, but it will be in my itinerary in the next visit.

So, who is Komitas? A statue that I’ve seen in Jardin d’Erevan. I don’t know who he was? But the form of statue clearly tells me it is not a display of an art piece, something serious,... to remember.


“ en Hommage a


Comositeur, musicologue

et aus

1500000 victimes

du génocide arménien de 1915

perpetre dans L‘empire ottoman“


Lettering on the stone base

If we are thinking of the War Crime, Holocaust- Jewish was the first comes into our mind; but there is another one, Genocide- Armenian. 

Komitas was the survivor in this genocide, he was an Armenian priest, composer, a super talented musicologist, founder of the Armenian national school of music. If he didn’t collected & transcribed over 3000 pieces of Armenian folk music during his work in life time, the cultural heritage of Armenia will be vanished together with the genocide, no one will even remember the existing of this history. 

To Komitas, although he could survive after released from concentrate camp, the shadow of death together with his fear of losing his lifetime work in Armenian music that finally drove him nuts, he was transferred to stay in Paris where his friend was there... but weakness & insane were the only melody left in his last years, who died in 1935.

I have to admit that I am quite lost & depress while preparing this post, when I’ve watched the film online “Music to Madness (The Story of Komitas)” , in order to find who he was? The unfold of history was intolerable, up to this moment, I can’t find an “excuse” for “human” to expel/ destroy a nation and I am not intend to find one.


-  Survivors of the Armenians “re-birth” and wide spread around the world.
- Armenia was the First Nations to adopt Christianity as a state religion, it’s roots go backs to 1st century AD. (Wiki data)


Graffiti, merely?

Graffiti spray on bridge fence on the Seine in Paris

I love walking, street, alley, riverside, local stalls...although it will drain off all my energy at the end, almost every night when I’ve returned to the hotel; but walking is really the most enjoyable activity in Paris, I can adjust my momentum wherever I like, “freeze” ......when attractions like this.

Graffiti on the bridge balustrade above The Seine in Paris

Texture & colour are the highlights which draw me close, all of the unknown fonts are transform into beautiful graphics; but in fact they do mean something for the specific group of persons or individuals in a specific moment.

Sometimes it’s sad to find them being painted on the public facilities, especially onto the heritage architectures which did shock me in the first place because I thought the citizens here do treasure them more than balustrade, mansion doors, pavement, post box...,etc. But when I walk along to discover more & more of them, I start to understand a bit more of their anger, the only way to express their accusation of being ignored by the government? the empowered? for months...years...?

Graffiti on stonewall of buildings in Paris

Although that‘s not a tourist would like to see when visiting a spot, it’s the reality that we should face & to deal with the problems, there is no way to hide. A destructive act onto the public canvas may not be a perfect way but at least, a beam of hope for “them” to aware, to awake!


Sing Hallelujah to the Lord


Magnificent huge organ in Sacré Cœur in Paris

I am in the Sacré-Cœur, walking around, admiring the grande architecture, huge organ above...then an “angel” voice awoke to listen

Hallelujah hallelujah
   Hallelujah hallelujah
Hallelujah hallelujah....

(Sorry for the noise in the background, feel the volume of the interior...isn’t it amazing?)

Open my eyes in a panic mode, I am already trapped or better say I was buried by a crowded of tourist from my “motherland” simply because they squeeze for a glance to the priest who will start the mass quite soon. A few ladies notice my shock, although I’m sure I can see from their eyes, they are a bit of embarrass & feel sorry to interrupt but, my best viewing angle is absolutely un-replaceable, so I am totally “under-covered” within the next two minutes.

I am not sure whether I should force to escape but at the same time I do feel embarrassment, too, because Hong Kong had already returned to China, therefore.... you know what I mean :P , but miracle happens, I close my eyes, besides of

Hallelujah  hallelujah

Hallelujah hallelujah

Hallelujah hallelujah....

Nothing more but peace & joy, that’s all.
A moment that I’ll never forget, a gift from God! Hallelujah!

Back to the angel voice, I just can’t stop to hear more & more, one voice after the others...I was “trapped”! There is mass ready to be carried out, so I sit down on the bench nearby, bow down my head, close my eyes, listen to the lovely voice, so tranquil &”Dark”!!! I am short of my breath...


Where are the hearts?

The Church of Saint Germain l’Auxerrois in Paris
The Church of Saint-Germain I'Auxerrois

It may be a good time to write this book cos’ we are in the shadow of Covid-19 in the whole world, but while I am completing book 5 and ready to release, vaccines brings us a small light beam....a little hope, at least.

To recap some of the sceneries while the early explosion of the pandemic, some people thought it’s only a matter of life & death, so they just don’t care and reject any protection act but “Freedom of their own” not others who also has “Freedom to survive, being free from affection by others.”

Not until the reality force everybody on earth to face it’s cruelty, we’ve already lost millions & millions of life, thousands & thousands of families became fragments.

Sometimes, I was thinking, isn’t it a similar scenario to our religious belief? 

In Paris, there are numerous église = cathedral/ church, some were built centuries before (like the one above was found around 7th Century), a truly historical monument. They are breathtaking especially when you’ve entered, to experience the atmosphere of  its’ holiness, remember Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre? Or église St-Eustache near Forum des Halles? Although there were mass held every week or even daily, a place for the faithful hearts, in fact, Catholic or Christian who still attending regular mass or Sundry services are rare nowadays in this country, why?

Stunning interior of the Basilique du Sacré Cœur
Basilique du Sacre-Cœur

I was quite surprised when I knew it, meaning the flourishing of église doesn’t reflect the flourish of spiritual lives. 

Would the Bohemia life style can bring us some hints? a life style that attracts me, too; or, if we really living in this way, when facing the question of life & death again one day, not only on earth but above, could we be “vaccinated”? 

...I’m afraid the answer is no!



Petite Fleur

 Green meadows backyard in Musée Rodin in Paris
It's easy to find a garden you like anywhere in Paris, there will be one nearby, the well known: Jardin des Tuileries, Jardin du Luxembourg, Jardin des Plantes, Parc du Champ de Mars (the one next to Eiffel Tower); or Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, Parc laVillette...,etc.Some others are more private, like this one inside Musée Rodin, or the one in Maison et Jardins de Claude Monet. But from time to time when I pass the streets, other forms of "garden" can be found.
Pinkish green vine on stone walls of buildings in Paris
Here they are, somewhere near the Saint Paul's Village, so cool, right? Looks like an unfinished painting on canvas, more to go & imagine!
Or, most of the times, you will find small flowerbeds are right next to your appartment, along the street or at most of the Parisian's balcony. It's difficult for me to miss any of them because they are so flourish and attractive
Staircase like apartments in Montmartre
And you will never be disappointed because, here in Paris, people not only create their own garden wherever possible, but take great care and keep cultivate, that's why they are always look amazing. If the same theory applies to the secret garden in our heart, I am sure it works 101%, too! Floral gardening along street corners in ParisWish you can find yours in this Merry Christmas ;)


Jardin du Luxembourg

Post card view of café in Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris
22 October 2019, Day 10

A super cold and foggy morning, I am in the Luxembourg garden right now, it's on the Left bank in 6e, a bit larger than Jardin de Tuileries; more trees of maple & chestnut, beautiful fallen leaves...

Here is the "postcard" shot in my guide book that attracted me, although quite difference due to the weather, I am glad that I do come to have my Vienna chocolate inside...being their first client of the day. 

My original plan do not include Luxembourg because I tend to spend more time in the Louvre, but unfortunately...& fortunately I have extra days due to the limitation of my museum pass, and that's my reward in return, I am so so lucky.

Planter pot déco in Tuileries of Paris
Walking in Luxembourg, the feeling is quite different from that in Tuileries; Tree vs Flowers, which is my favorite,?...both? I guess. But I think the location do affect a bit of my impression because Luxembourg is located in the Latin Quarter, a student area, whereas Tuileries is in the Louvre & Les Halles district, an epicentral; in addition, Shakespeare & Company bookshop is nearby, that's why, here, is more tranquil & poetic. 

Informative of gardening design concept of Tuileries
Flower arrangement here is also have it's own style, not as "romantic" as that in Tuileries, but still very well planned and delicate. Their idea of Mosaic-culture to create a plantation promenage, feel free to enjoy...

Story of the orange trees in Jardin du Luxembourg
...& feel free to explore!

This is the only photo that I can record to let you know where I was. I've just sneak into a huge store, behind a pair of white painted closing doors, there are two levels of platforms for the storage of orange trees; it's very interesting, because they are quite large actually, may be around 3 meter high, but look  like they are "babies"; well protected to keep them warm with sufficient air vent above, and just having their breakfast...

I do want to walk closer to smell and touch them, but the store keeper who is watering somewhere in the dark corner discover me, so...I failed...but still excited, ha ha!

Orange trees in Jardin du Luxembourg
Here is a citrus in another corner of the garden to compensate my lost, what a lovely orange hue in the autumn leaves with slight refreshing aroma, too.

Well, maple, chestnut trees, fountains, sculpture, mosaic-culture planter beds, orange tree, hot choclate, museum...,etc; you name it, or even more are the treasure of Luxembourg for the Parisian & tourist.

The locals have their unforgettable childhood memories in this garden, and as a tourist, I find mine's too, guess what? 

Good old days balance in Jardin du Luxembourg
I hope you do enjoy to walk with me today, Au revoir!



If only if...I can...wait

Blue sky with transparent full moon in early morning
 18 October 2019 , Day 5

Early in the morning at 0830, I am walking towards Jardin des Tuileries, it seems "someone" would like to be my companion, what a lovely moonlight in the morning, Bonjour! 

If you still remember, my hotel is at a superb location, it takes within half an hour to reach my destination, walking relaxing in the blue; a bit cold and wet due to rainy night but refreshing aroma of the streets, I can still remember clearly at this moment

Art nouveau design of Tuileries métro station entrance

Art Nouveau  Metro is always my favorite; may be it's week day, people are crowded under ground but not in the garden, so it's all mine, bravo!

A morning glow in Tuileries of Paris

It's almost 0927, inside Tuileries, thick cloud replace the morning blue, as far as I can see the sun ray behind, I am sure to wait just for a little longer, everything will be clear and brighter, because I am longing for the beautiful garden in a sunny weather, just like those photos in my travel book, keep waiting...I tell myself...for a little longer...

Royal gardening in Tuileries of Paris
Gorgeous sculpture in Tuileries of Paris
Sometime Wishes may not always come true, I am a bit disappointed to see all the gorgeous flowers are covered under the shade of grey...should I wait further ?! 

It may be a good idea to take sometime visiting Musée de I'Orangerie first, then Jeu de Paume, follow by Petite Palace, and to finish up by Grand Palace...may be the Sun will come out in the afternoon...I tell myself...

It's not as smooth as I think, because my museum pass do not allow my access to Jeu de Paume & Grand Palace, and I've decided to walk the whole way back to hotel from Champs-Elysée. While walking through  Jardin desTuileries again, miracle happens...or I should say, Wishes come true!

Pigeon Time under the sun in Paris
"All things bright & beautiful, all creatures great & small....."  
Voila! I am with them now, enjoy!

P.S. - where have all the flowers gone?....gone to pages in my book :P


Midnight in Paris - The Unforgettable

The Unforgettable watercolour centre-page in ebook Chat Noir
Click to enlarge

Years ago, I had received a souvenir from my client, a lovely box of chocolate - from Maxim's, Paris. I'm sure the chocolate was delicious but the box was my favorite, always. Whenever I've looked at the illustrations on the "tin", I'd wonder what exactly this place was looked like in the year of Belle Époque?

In fact, this 1893 bistro found by Maxime Gaillard is not far from my hotel, located at No3. rue Royale, 8th arrondissement; travelers can still enjoy an unforgettable night there now a day.It's not only famous in its Art Nouveau decor, but linkage of those well known peoples who were there once before...
Maxim chocolate tin

..."Midnight in Paris", One of my favorite movie (written & directed by Woody Allen), which is also another motivation of my Paris trip.

Cd cover of Midnight in Paris
When Gil (Owen Wilson) and Adriana (Marion Cotillard) being transported further back from 1920's Paris to a bistro in the golden age, there, is Maxim's.

In the movie, Gil was getting lost in the street corner after a gathering with his fiancée & friends, while walking back to his hotel; a mysterious old Peugeot appeared & invited Gil for a ride...which drove him back to 1920's. Since then, every single mid night, he found himself participating in the life of F.Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, T.S. Eliot, Man Ray, Dali, Picasso...a dream-able circle of people for this dis-enchanted Hollywood screen writer who are writing his first book. But the one who captured his heart was Adriana - Picasso's mistress.

Whether Gil would finally stay in 1920 with Adriana, or further back to the Belle Époque which Adriana is willing to die for? I will leave this for you to discover!

Everyone who watched this movie love the story line and equally the location of those mysterious scenes. I was drown in this 90mins illusion every time I am watching this movie.

Let me tell you there is another "unforgettable" moment that you shouldn't miss - the opening scene : a 3,5 mins. of postcard show of the Vintage Paris with the background music of "Si tu vois ma mére"(Sidney Bechet)...don't miss it, you'll know why!

p.s.: the watercolor for Chat Noir was inspired by all of the above and salut to those "unforgettable".


Montmartre - part two


"why the train door kept closing when boarding?...Oops!!!!"
Manual Operation! " I seeeeeeee..."

So, I missed the stop...but never mind, just another ride at the opposite platform will do, no hurry!

Apartment downhill in Montmartre

Although Montmartre is now in the boundary of Paris, it do has a different charisma once I've come out from the Metro station.

The super fresh air? the tranquil atmosphere without much traffic? the infinite "upward motion" to lead you somewhere? the people in a much leisure gesture?...may be everything that counts, I think.

Wow! it seems I am a bit "too leisure", visitors already crowded in front of Sacré-cœur, as well as inside. I have a special experience there but let me tell you later in other post.

Open air viewing from Sacré Cœur

The weather is fine but windy, so it's not easy to stay long in the exterior unless the sun comes out to warm up the air. Well, of course the scenery is stunning when you are "up up high", even superior if you climb up to the top of Sacré-cœur, but not this time.

Close up city view from the butte

In order to be "leisure", I carry nothing except my phone + an apple. This photo is so worst that the low resolution and freezing hands shaking resulting the pixelate housing at far end; but it seems time freeze, while I am wondering what were the citizen doing right there in those pixelated houses in the year of Belle Époque? and up here?

Sparkling roof under layers of magic cloud in Montmartre
Divine now in my mind!

There are a lot more places you can discover in Montmartre, usually they have their own stories behind. But those related to painters or writers are far more attractive to me. La Maison Rose is one of the unique café located on cobble stoned pavement that you shall never miss it. It's as charming as a rose, for sure.

The story behind? I would like to invite you to read this post Top 10 Historica Facts about La Maison Rose - by Molli a very detail & good post that can bring you back to it's past! Thank you Molli.

The pinkish La Maison Rose café in Montmartre

Okay!I remember I have to let you know whether Montmartre is a "danger zone" or not? Absolutely not in day time, how about at night?

I am afraid I can't tell you this time, because my pair of sore feet beg me to leave, but I promise myself in front of La Maison Rose, I shall return!

In fact, I guess "fascinating" may be a more appropriate word to say, let's see...



Montmartre - part one

Day 6: Cold and Windy, Sunny - 13173 steps
Staircase neighbourhood in Montmartre Paris

Arrondissement 18 - originally it was not in my itinerary, it is one of the district classified as "danger at night" and advised especially to solo traveler; well, let's come back to this later on.

If you still remember I am having some extra days due to the squeeze of full day visit to the Louvre, so, "where shall I explore tomorrow?"

I have a thought that I may regret if not visiting Montmartre this time, why? I don't know, just have a feeling of...

So I take some time to plan my metro route, first time since I've been here on the 6th day, because I walk all the way through except from the airport. Enjoyable to my eyes but not my feet, and it's time to take a break for one day.

The metro system in Paris is not so scary to a Hong Konger that get used to be with our own metro system; but truly speaking, the route that I've planned is not so satisfied by the staff at the counter of Pont Neuf Station.

The morning is chilled, when I walk down into the Pont Neuf metro station; while I am taking my time to investigate the ticketing machine...either my slow motion or my Asian face catch the eyes of "lady Pont Neuf", she ask /shout to me (cos' I can't hear at the beginning as I am too concentrate to my "toy" + there is no passengers, except me)

"Bonjour...madam, where do you want to go?...I see...your map is not good...use this...oh oh oh, the route you've plan is not better ride from here to here...change the line from here to there...and voila! arriving there!! Remember, change the line at St.-Lazare, remember!"

"Sure! I trust you, merci beaucoup! Au Revoir!"

"Hey, it's simple...." after a few minutes on the train...I've discovered something wrong...


Imagine - My Chat Noir

New release Chat Noir of Petit Paris séries
click to enlarge
The first drawing after completing all text/ or short poems will be the book cover.

Although Chat Noir was in fact a cabaret in the past, I love to imagine...or I suppose it did exist as a companion to the performers, especially to the cancan dancers in those good old, I want one, too :)

My first impression to this symbolic black cat is her pair of eyes, so mysterious with a embedded power which seems telling us, she is not only her companion but protector as well.

Vintage magnet with painting of the woman & the black cat
The painting in my book "La femme au chat" (the women with the cat) is a version of 1882-1884 by Adolphe Léon Willette exhibited in Musée de Montmartre.

The magnet I've bought there is another version titled "Une paire d'amis" (A pair of friends.) 
The raw line work of La femme au chat is beautiful but the title Une paire d'amis is much more meaningful, don't you think?

This picture instantly reminds me of a cancan dancer (although there is no specification of this lady is a cancan performer). Early before, most of the cancan dancers are prostitutes not until this performance was highly paid in Moulin Rouge, living of them were greatly improved, as well as being famous around the world.

Besides Adolphe, Toulouse-Lautrec was another artist who always include cancan dancer as one of the element in his paintings; different gestures are artistically expressed.

Chat Noir play card souvenirs

You can find so many chat noir souvenir now a day in Paris. Designers love to use the traditional handbill version (but wait a minute, look closer, it’s not the original; compare with the one in my previous post). Anyway, I got this playing card as a gift from a Chinese storekeeper of a souvenir shop in Montmartre, so sweet! Merci :D

So, what is you choice?