Unveil the art


Hi, hi,

There is no way for me to skip writing this post because I really want to show you what exactly I saw...introduced by Li...created by an fabulous artist...a beautiful art piece in the window shop that was mentioned in Au Revoir on my last night in Paris. 

Yes, they are real, they are for sale, they were in the arrangement of a hemisphere, the one Li said that she has to stopping by every time. I am totally agree that they are truly stunning when I saw them that night, the overall size is within one meter, hanging right above eye level of the passenger but you will never miss them. 

There are some others in different colorways, smaller but cool ! I do wish to tell you where they can be found, but sorry again...I forget, because it's not the matter of where it were, if you love it, it will always in your heart, au revoir :)


Au Revoir, Petit Paris

Au Revoir book cover
click to enlarge

It will be hard to write this post I’m sure, the last post to end my series of Petit Paris ~ the first poetic travelogues that I’ve never had & the first e-book series that I’ve ever published. Three years are neither short nor long, long enough to write a book but too short for a forgetful bird to become an author, it’s only the beginning… I hope. 

When this project was started three years ago, as I’ve mentioned in <Au Revoir>,  time flies like a spark, when it has to end the journey which seems has begun not long before,  I am a bit of emotionally un-detachable, at least, still at this moment.

Solo trip is always a valuable experience to whom you are, what you have or haven’t. You have to face everything on your own, surprisingly amazing moments or unexpected horror, imaginary or real. 

You are the master of your time, a totally stranger on earth there ; you can mute in most of the time, just see and feel, think & rethink…or, you can seek, a new friendship that might start, to be an immigrant for a week, to act like a local for an hour.

You can capture all the moments by your phone (camera) or simply to remember the unique memory…just for you, yourself on that date, at that time…happy or sad.

You can try anything new, participate in an adventure that you’ve never did before or, have an apple in hand, just enjoy under the sun & relax. 

You can follow the norm to all the hot spots or you can walk in your own way, your own destination in your own pace. 

You can…
…Yes, I can find another angle to see the world, to discover more instead of following the norm; something I might mis-understood when it was presented without the truth in depth.  I can listen the voices behind that might fainted for over a while…it’s not barely a vacation but also a chapter of my life started from October 2019 and keep on transforming in December 2022. 

The last book in this series is a wrap up of what I met during the trip, and because of it is the last one, it urge me to take the last chance of sharing of what were or might be overlooked, but really meant something in this series. 

Actually I took almost 1000 photos, for all the selected photos, they should cover what I discovered in the whole journey; I do wish you can feel travelling with me while reading. 

“A book has to be edited prior to publish.” I think this is the norm or general rule that I do agree but will leave it for this very first time. The free prose lead my thought to and fro from one moment to another, but raw and real time that I really want to attach, sorry for the free-flow' if it makes you feel lost sometimes :P 

I am a real forgetful bird, it’s hard for me to remember the name of people I’ve met, especially for those I didn’t even ask. But, seriously, I do remember their faces, their tone of expression when we communicated;  I still remember right at this moment…almost three whole years, so memorable. 

Color & aroma, are the ever lasting sense for human beings, whenever I close my eyes, fly back to Paris, they are there, still there…all the same…!

I know I have to end right now, the post and the obsession to this journey. I am moving on for a new novel,  in another language...may be; I don’t know when can this be completed? Hopefully not too long and is for sure not too soon, by that time, I wish you are still here to be my companion , Merci beaucoup et Au revoir !


Christmas is…



Some year end review

 A few more days to go will end the year of 2022, usually it’s the best moment for us to review everything, including the content of this blog. 

We always wish we could concentrate into a specific genre of blog posts, so readers can search the content more easily and the  reading experience of this blog can be more unique & consistent, but unfortunately it‘s not the way we were. In reality, not all things are related to design : beautiful, attractive, creative, impressive…lots & lots of “pebble & stones” could ruin the scene (hopefully not :P).

Sometimes we did want to end this blog and start all over again but when we reconsider deeply, after years of building a whole new blog, the result may still be the same, because this is us,  the life of Cocoa, the implication of design, life of sweet & sour…as we shall say, what a complex but on the other hand fruitful. 

By trial & error, this is the 14 years since the first post was published in Coffeebreak, our former name…time flies. It seems we have to be truthful of what’s going on, but we are thinking of removing “Cocoa Fabric Store” “Cocoa Grocery” and “Bird Talk” ~ another way to simplify our “complicated life”, what do you think?


自由、平等、博愛~ Liberté , Égalité, Fraternité

Giggle girl fly to cut & release balloons


Liberté ~ 自由。是每個人都擁有的基本權利,如果各自運用得宜,天下太平;要是滲入了自私和霸氣,就在不知不覺間搶奪了他人的一份去成就自己的所謂自由。並非只有掌權的人才有機會妄用自由而誤置人民生死,即使是無權無勢的平民如我,也有可能在高唱“自由之歌”的同時影響到其他人,每當我想到這裏,心中不禁亮起紅燈。但為什麼原本是美善的質素卻可以變得“邪惡”呢?


Giggle girl with giant monster

Égalité ~ 平等。或許這就是自由與平等必須共存的其中之一個原因吧!要是世界上所有資源,包括機會也是較為平均分配的,只要每人再為自己的未來努力一點點,便可以安然居住,活在穩定及充足供應之下。但同樣地,要是有人被慾望和貪念所遮蓋,貧富懸殊隨即出現,因為有的想要更多,比基本需要的再多,即使佔據了其他人可得到的一份也在所不計,因為無止境的慾望得不到滿足~這,又何嘗不包含在我們想擁有的“自由”而言呢?!平等:讓每個人也可以有機會活下去、被尊重、被等同,享有生存的自由!

Giggle girl with cats

Fraternité ~ 博愛。要是能考慮到其他人,甘願放棄擁有更多,甚至保留比應有的更小,我想,沒可能沒有愛的成份在內。人性大多為自己的一生籌算,包括家人,特別是摯親;但除了在這個圈圈之內,會為著不認識甚至是本土以外的人,在各式各樣的事情上付上心神的…大有人在,也許就在你我的身邊。地球上有很多事情令人憤怒、無奈與歎息,唯有愛能化解一切,把不平衡和失去的挽回。在神人之間如是,在人與人之間也如是。自由、平等、博愛並非不可實現的空談,要是我們每一個肯付出一點點或更多,地球還是有希望的。


Drawing Giggle Girl

Hi. Hi,

I love drawing, painting, illustrating, sketching…whatever you call, it’s always a pleasure to escape the reality for a while and creating anything possible. Sometimes, I doubt whether anyone, especially for those who are talented or well trained in painting as an artist has the struggle using digital apps/ software to draw. I am neither talented nor an artist, I just love to draw but recently, I do have some thoughts about it.

The fact is, both techniques require a learning path and lots of practices which consume time, a lot of time…, for sure if you are serious enough. Although some basic theories may be the same, such as use of colour, layout, lighting, texture (brush stroke)…, etc; and most of the drawing apps can imitate all of these smooth and nicely; there are differences still, in my experience, when I hold a real paint brush vs an apple pen in hand, the control are so different as some of you may aware, too. 

Recently, I did try to use Fresco + iMovie to play with a “giggle girl series” , it’s easy to learn with fun; but I want more after all , then I may have to jump into GarageBand, Final Cut, Premiere, Lightroom….a never ending list in the digital world that could bring more satisfaction to my painting with motion in bonus. Then, how about my watercolour hand drawings ? I am lacking of the third & fourth hand…. :(

Digital drawing allows me to redraw and redraw until satisfy, whereas hand drawing is one off (mostly except oil painting may be a bit more flexible) but this is the exact challenge and goal for me to achieve, which also directly related to the effort of hard work that I’ve paid; a greater joy of satisfaction that I would assume if I draw a good piece one day.

So, what to do?  I have my answer in my mind when I come to the end of this post, but let’s have fun with giggle girl for a minute, why not?

Remember to turn on the speaker, one more for you, enjoy!


Forgotten Chap 02

Buildings in shadow highlight

Come, dramatically  
without a sign 
rejoicing…before thee

Vanish, instantly 
not for another second 
mourning…in front of me


Oiseau Distrait 
Autumn 2022 Hong Kong

















Café de Flore

Watercolour of Café De Flore in the book of Dream a little Dream
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Café de Flore has always been famous since 1885, even there was one located in Omotesando in Japan (not sure whether they are from the same organisation). The name came from a sculpture of the goddess of flowers - Flora (Flore in French), and the season of spring in Roman mythology.  

Delicious hot chocolate and elegant Art Deco interior design may be some reasons why people loves to visit Café de Flore, but most of all are due to the attraction by it’s history, a hub where the intelligence gathered around  in the 1920s. Even though we may not know the story of each of them, at least, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso were the well known. 

In my previous blog post introducing the book ‘Left Bank- by Agnés Poirier’ , Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir and Albert Camus were the names among those that frequently appeared, as what they called French intellectuals who really acted as the icons here.

 Café de Flore was a place for them to hang around, expressing their thoughts, ideas, awareness of the world issues (political & culture) , especially for France & America; or in person (Female & Male, You & I) that matters, then transformed their avant-garde thinking into plays, writings, journals, music, poem…,etc; even though they might not be acceptable in those days. It became a place that dreams could be made, no matter what the reality might be in chaos.

So I put this into the center page of my book, as a symbolic of the belief that any of us can embrace. We can have numerous dream, great or humble, global or for one’s own; provided the motivation is not evil, there is always a path to reach the success, nothing to do with the rocket sciences but keep trying and move on. 

Whether you like to stay in Café de Flore or Les Deux Magots; you are in Hong Kong, France or elsewhere; you are a teenager or old guy, male or female, rich or poor…, dream is no boundary once you act. 


Left Bank & Dream a Little Dream


Paris never fails us of her attractions, especially for those who love shopping. Whether the  prosperity impression, luxurious living or the Bohemia life style , what people used to call; are actually a very different scenario of what Paris was experienced & had been transformed after WWII.

While writing this series, I was accidentally found a book “Left Bank - Art, Passion and the Rebirth of Paris 1940-1950” by Agnés Poirier. A book that opens my eyes wide and solve some of the queries inside me during the trip. 

During the WWII, the third republic lead French into a shameful act, allow the occupied of the Nazis without defense, it might prevent major casualties as they originally thought but in fact, not to the Jews here, as mentioned in the book, over 13000 Parisian Jews (one third are children) were sent to death in Poland in 1942 & 80000 Jews were sent from France to concentration camps…this is still an ached in some of the Parisians nowadays. That explains to me why so many Jewish memorial museum were built in Paris. I feel sad, too. 

The intellectuals, how they survived to face the lost of their Jewish friends each day but couldn’t say, would there be any hope to dream for their future? To continue their philosophic expression? Publication? Playwright? Artistic life? simply to live or left?

Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Sylvia Beach, Albert Camus, Ernest Hemingway, Jacques Jaujard, Pablo Picasso, Henri cartier-bressan…some of the characters in the book, the intellectuals who were there…their dreams didn’t vanish but transformed and camouflaged in another way to preserve the seed of hope. What they had been struggling, physically, mentally & emotionally (whether succeeded or failure) left a trace in the Café de Flore, café des Deus Magots, the Louvre and many other places in Paris. 

The huge impact in the field of their specialties & their “third way” are still influencing a lot of us in the modern age.  Café de Flore may be famous of it’s hot cocoa, but in depth, there’s always been the stories behind like Hôtel La Louisiane, the Shakespeare & Co., Le Tabou…that flourished.

Dream a little Dream book cover
Click to enlarge

Dream a little Dream is the second last book of Petit Paris Series, my first draft was finished in February 2022, the moment of the 5th wave of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, should I still bring out this message to my reader? absolutely Yes, without any hesitation! the hope to end this pandemic as same as the hope to end war. If they could survive in their own ways and achieved even more in 10 years, we can, it's not only a dream!






已經不是第一次作這"短暫抽離"行動,始於"盲搶鹽"的年代。無論是由官商富豪,專家政要,各國領袖以至某某關注組的市民⋯所發放的N個資訊;再由從不手軟的傳媒、網媒及小民群眾無限轉發"forward",終於令我開始覺得"短暫抽離"行動的重要性,就等同電腦需要定時Defragment 重組一樣,否則似是而非混亂不堪的內容終有一天會令電腦死機!

行動於翌日(即現在寫網誌的今天)完結了,一覺醒來仍是八號風球的籠罩之下,沒有什麼大改變,甚至有時更加橫風橫雨;但是經過"執機"之後,不單平靜了,頭腦也清醒了多些,應該可以繼續迎接新一波的訊息轟炸,放馬過來吧 :D 



I love Haussmann

Okay, I know this is a bit weird to have all these cross over below :P  but let me explain something:-

I am really obsess to the Haussmann architecture, especially the Attic floor. Well, you may think it's the smallest, least luxurious, most of all, it's usually for the maids... but, it has the best view overall! Don't you think it's quite difference from the concept, like us who live in Hong Kong? Lots of people are willing to pay extra to live in a penthouse of a high rise residential. What a contrary ? 

Of course the reason is quite simple indeed, even thought the highest Haussmann building is only six levels, without an elevator in the good old days, there is no way for the bourgeois to climb so high, no matter how stunning the view is.  In addition, how could they ask their VIP to climb stairs for gathering day & nights!That's why the construction concept behind is to have the best floor on level 2, which did make sense; regarding the stunning view? any where you see in Paris are "stunning" why restricted to the window views of your apartment? 

Back to the modern time, I will be 100% excited to live in a Haussmann building on the 2nd level, but as a tourist, it's also interesting to stay for a while on the Attic floor, which usually has a sloped ceiling, with a small balcony open wide to enjoy your daily sunset... you can find it in some B&B rentals, and I am sure I will go for a try next time. 

Watercolor of Haussmann architecture front elevation in the book of Exquisite
center page in the book of Exquisite

In the mean time, what I can do is to draw a nice picture of her, to share with you in my new book & hope you will like it, too. But this is not the end, see what I've discover...

Sim city game of Paris view in daylight
Ha ha! I am building a virtual Paris in Sim City! in my leisure moment, of course. A game I've found accidentally after returned from the trip, there are a lot to be developed, although it's not 100% real with so many restrictions, the Haussmann building are not bad, what do you think?

Sim city game of Paris view at night
The night scene do imitate some of the mood in reality, I don't know how long will I continue to play for the expansion until a "longer La Seine" can be made, let's see.

Finally, I would like to share with you the photo below, a real scene of my beloved architecture I took viewing from the Center Pompidou. One of my favorite view, neat & decent; not for the bourgeoisie only, but for everyone who love to stay. 

A scene of Haussmann architecture line up under blue sky in Paris


Exquisite - Book Ten Of Petit Paris

Book cover of Exquisite - Petit Paris
Click to enlarge

This is the most difficult book I’ve written in Petit Paris series, why? It seems there are so many elements that I can use to express “Beauty”, but is it the only thing that I want to say? No, I’m quite sure.

Writing book is always for the public but at the same time also personal I shall say, and this is my own feeling during these few years, that’s why you may love it or not; but beautiful things created by artists, designers, architects, craftspeople …and the final piece are always dominated by commercial, religious or even political reasons in most of the time. Take it or leave it, getting rich or broke, being famous or no one ever knows…now or in the future!

My thought was complicated while writing “Exquisite”, there are tensions between beauty ~long lasting ~preserve ~transform ~handmade ~technology…too many want to incorporate, too little can be captured, cos’ Beauty always has two faces, exterior & interior.

I was a commercial interior designer, I knew the struggle inside to convert “the beautiful thing in your eyes” to the one in “their eyes”. It’s even harder for us to produce & complete them even we may not think it is good enough or even ugly…but it has to be done, no matter how. For the truly beautiful things can be demolished/ vanishing just by a simple decision from some powerful people/unit who knows nothing about beauty at all! Weird but it’s the reality.

I think this is the reason to explain my excitement when seeing beautiful things that were preserved so well in Paris. Which also lead me to think of those behind who created and made them long long time ago. 

It seems the word Craftspeople is a bit old fashion nowadays, for everything takes time to complete may not suit in our new age, less and less youth are willing to take part in this sort of careers but not totally. Japan is a good example which did an excellent job in this field, recently in Hong Kong, there are also some young craftspeople who start to realize handmade items and to preserve rather than replace are valuable; furniture, book, glasses, cheongsam, leather goods, architecture…hopefully there will be a lot more in the future.

It’s quite simple in my theory, whenever people is willing to spend time into a certain thing, to make it nicer, to bring joy to someone, he/she has a kind heart, the beauty inside. 


Forgotten Chap - 01


The land of mine…

no one knows why

they were there

long long time ago

arrogant of a human nature

who dare 

The people of mine…

no one knows why

not from your womb

not being tied

nonsense of a human nature 

like you

Creation of God

that is the truth

the master who own

you, too



Oiseau Distrait
24 April 2022


Geisha - 超市中的藝伎



Geisha - 超市中的藝伎
有機"藝伎種"咖啡豆, 淺至中度烘培, 日曬乾燥

還記得幾年前參加一個咖啡活動時認識了Geisha 這個品種,當年的我完全不懂欣賞,也喝不出任何特色所在. 而且當年這個品種剛流入香港,由於產量少, 是有特色的衣索比亞 (Ethiopia)原生種, 售價相對較高,並要在特定的咖啡供應商才能買到。我從來認為生活享受,應該是任何人可以輕鬆享用的,所以也就把這件事放下了。


由於Geisha 屬於單品咖啡,所以打算用手冲方式,即使未磨,豆香已撲鼻:淡淡花香是特色之一,混雜著蜜糖般的甜、果實的香,在研磨之後仍然散發著,甚至有少少酒香。



用了98度,17.6g 冲泡,約兩分鐘內完成。
冲泡後的Geisha 仍能保留淡雅的茉莉花香,士多啤梨的果實
及蜜糖般的甜味。柔滑而且平𧗾,輕輕的回甘…不知是否屬於帶果漿日曬?(因為包裝只説明是日曬)這樣才能製造出這般自然的甜味,真的頗特別,跟耶卡雪夫(Ethiopia Yirgacheffe) 那種橘子花香不同,有另外一番風味。


Spring Shower - Point Zéro

Spring Shower - Point Zéro for Petit Paris by Oiseau Distrait
click to enlarge


Hi, hi! 

Spring is coming...already came? how about having a Spring Shower to read a free copy of Point Zéro , just for a limited period of time 15 to 22/4/2022. 

Simply go to my Oiseau Distrait page & grab from the book link, feel free to leave a comment or star, if you like it :D

Happy reading in Happy Easter!


Happy rainy days

Watercolor of walking in rainy day - La Rue of Petit Paris

Unexpectedly shower is the norm in Paris, locals told me “never leave home without an umbrella” and it’s absolutely true. They said the weather here may drive you nuts sometimes, the extreme cold & wet days in Winters continue for a whole week, it makes them feeling emotionally sad. That’s why whenever the sun comes out, everyone gather in the park, along the Seine & café . I did experience a few times here, a great hug by the warmth of the sun was wonderful, relaxing joy & laughter’s around the place, so enjoyable.
And if you know this norm, to explore under the rain on street is interesting, too. Unlike Hong Kong, due to the lower Haussmann building skyline here, I will always feeling there are more spacious even walking on a street or alley; if you are not in the busy office hours, the momentum is much slower, people rarely in their rush mode, except in metro station. So, I can enjoy the water color like scenery in rain…j’adore !
That’s why I choose to record this moment in my book, although the painting is not good enough as I think, I start to enjoy painting rainy day for its neon like color way , hopefully I can practice more & more to finally create my perfect rainy day.
In the meantime, wish you can walk with me with lots of imagination! :D


自由~ 我的…他的…他們的?

我想:除非我身處荒島, 否則我的言行決定, 總有機會影響到別人,

"我的自由,我的權利"也包括在其中; 昨天晚上反覆思想以下兩種地球人的反應 :

地球人 A

我怕沒有廁紙供應, 我怕沒有新鮮蔬菜吃, 我怕沒有必理痛應急, 所以我去搶購囤積

⋯ 我有資金, 我有自由運用, 我有權保障自已及家人的供應.

我怕疫苗有不良副作用, 我不信藥廠數據, 我不信政府, 反正打了疫苗也會被感染

⋯ 我沒有不適合接種疫苗的因素, 但我有自由決定自已健康的權利, 

我有資金可以買補健品排毒強身, 所以我決定不接種疫苗.


地球人 B

我知可能廁紙蔬菜會短缺, 或有需要用到必理痛應急, 即使我有資金, 我也只買所需份量, 讓他們也買到所需.並小心衡量, 不散播傳文, 以免不經意地製造了恐慌, 令物資分配不均, 更見短缺.

我知道疫苗也許會有未可預知的副作用, 但此刻我沒有不適合接種疫苗的因素.
更知可以為保護因身體有病或年齡限制, 願意卻不能接種的他們;
倘若這是我所能付出一點點我想, 這也是所為的公民責任, 所以我決定接種疫苗.

我在思想, 除了為維持生計的其中一個原因之外, 他們可有自由?



必需日以繼夜運作, 接觸及追蹤可能已確診者, 因為他們要與疫情擴散的時間競賽.


醫護~必需無休止地拯救生命, 因為人人平等, 也基於愛.


清潔員工~必需維持公共衞生日常, 否則可以衍生更多疫症.

我們可以視自已的自由權利為首, 正所謂"不自由無寧死"這也是民主精神之一, 


我們可以仍然視疫情為傷風感冒, 但事實已把他們拖跨.


在我們的"自由國度"之內, 如果可以把目光由"我"轉移向"他、他們",

此刻我應該要明白自由不是一個單獨的個體, 它必需與平等、博愛共存, 


包括免被壓力拖跨、免被感染、和生存的權利 ⋯ 這才是我認為值得持守價值!



來來去去 / To & From...where

Book cover of La Rue - Petit Paris by Oiseau Distrait
click to enlarge

我想,今次La Rue 的網誌,應該先用中文寫,因為這本書所涉及的內容,在今天,對身處香港的我們尤其切身。

兩年前去旅行的時候,完全沒有想過香港又再次出現移民潮(上次是1997年);如果你有看第六本書Hear Me, 也許會記得當我回來的時候,心繫巴黎的其中一件事,便是繁華背後,瑟縮在街頭巷尾的一班移民;其實我所眼見的也只是冰山一角,在不遠的市外,流浪著幾十萬的非法移民~這是昔日法國為着補充勞動人口而大開中門的後果。過多的移民突然衝擊着整個社會的結構,包括文化、經濟、生活配套、民生等等;但是,為什麼即使法國處於這個局面,仍有人離開故土而遷到這裏呢?





An Asian lady on the street in Paris

A local lady on the street of Paris

I think it’s better for me to write this blog post for La Rue in bilingual, because what this book addresses is emigration, a direct impact to us in Hong Kong even under the haunting of Covid since 2019. 

There was no clue for me to imagine the emigration wave appear once again in HK (last time was in 1997 & 2014) when I was returned from Paris, I did plan to include this topic in one of my book but simply for the scenario I saw in Paris, i.e.: of those who struggle to survive there…the uncontrollable result for the government of France to bear due to the drawn in of required working power…influx as a result which crashing the vulnerable society.

Actually what I had seen as mentioned in the book of “Hear Me” was only the tip of the iceberg, millions of immigrants are still scattered outside the boundary of Paris without any support behind a “hidden barrier”. But why people keep on leaving their homeland to somewhere which might not be their real “heaven”!

A chance for future of their own & the next generation, freedom, better living standard, to survive, escape from the mess of their own countries? all these could be the reasons to emigrants around the whole world, as well as in Hong Kong today; is it barely resigned or just a basic instinct of survival !

There is for sure more & more of my friends are going to leave in 2022, a huge decision they have to  make,  especially for those who are in their middle age ~ time of their harvesting period but now has to be started all over again somewhere. It’s hard but it has to keep moving forward by all means, I am pretty sure they will make it because they are “Hong Kongers”, the toughest to survive - a genetic code that we all have.





Drawing the Magic Moment

Magic Moment watercolor drawing in the book City Of Light

Twilight time is always my favor moment wherever I am, the mysterious blue is stunning and attractive, it's the perfect time to enjoy before dark.

During the trip, I rarely took photos at night. There are some reasons behind such as Tired - after walking a whole day long, sometimes without eating enough (to save time especially during visiting museums :P); it will killing me to bring along with a tri-pot for shooting night scene. Well, I can increase the ISO of course as an alternative, but I have to confess I am stubborn, I don't like the noise resulted of high speed. How about to use my light weight titanium tri-pot? it’s a bit small for my D300…the one that fits, my Manfrotto, sooooooo….heavy! I quit :P

Temperature - it’s quite cold at night, usually in single digit or even 1-2 degree only, it takes time to explore stunning scene, not knowing for how long to discover one, because my target are definitely not the tourist spots; so, the cozy and warm hotel room always win.

Safety - I should be pretty safe at night in the tourist zone such as 1er of where I stayed, and most others zones up to 8er. But photo shooting is not “safe” sometimes, the desire of chasing a perfect scene makes me lost of my way, it happens often in Hong Kong (but it’s never a problem because H.K. is small & familiar to me). 

An exhausted normal height Asian with a camera getting lost in the dark alley of an unfamiliar city…I guess I could be… or, if I am safe by luck, return late night by metro is not a good idea either; unless by taxi or…

Drawing the Magic Moment watercolor with photo reference
Am I having too many concerns? I think so. When I was writing this book, I did regret of not taking more night scene photos, I have to assist by recap of my memories with the help of online reference – not a perfect experience, feeling there are something missing… 

The watercolor drawing as well as the book cover are really my wishes to “be there at that moment”, not only in twilight time, but also at night on the roof top; hopefully someday, I shall return to Paris … together with my proper gear for a midnight walk.



Happiness is...

early morning scene outdoor in Paris

I spent most of the day time to explore Paris on foot usually began at 0800, although sometimes I woke up earlier at 0400 or 0600, I would stay in my room for a bit longer until I saw a faint sun ray appeared above the roof top outside my window. Because early in the morning and after mid night, the temperature would drop to a few degree Celsius, it was not wise to stay outdoor without having a full breakfast or in an exhausted body after a long walk.

Hazy grey sky

As I've told you earlier in my post, the weather in 
Paris within a day was unstable but interesting, even though there was no sun light above the roof, I would begin my journey of the day, by walking on the street in a slightly freezing air, there were so many times I did experience the magic moment of the transaction from haze grey sky into transparent blue; or whenever I thought the cloud seems turning thicker and thicker, raining? May be, but suddenly the sky wide open for a golden sun ray to burst…so beautiful, I saw HOPE of a new day.

Bright sun ray shine to a balcony in Paris

I did remember on a few similar mornings when I was walking along, not many people on the street, so it was a bit quiet and “dull” overall, there were always something drawn my attention simply a balcony, a window, a café chair, or an architectural moulding at the exterior of a building…which were highlighted by the beam of sun ray, every time, yes, every time I felt  amazing, so joyful to meet “Ray”, it was a symbolic of a fresh start, I loved that feeling, the aroma of the warmth.

 Tower Eiffel in the dark

Well, of course, there would be on the contrary, a sunny day turns into cloudy suddenly when I just picked up my camera facing Tower Eiffel, so I made a choice to adjust the exposure for this shot instead, I’m sure it could be identified no matter what, right? :D

May be it’s no big deal of what I’ve seen compare to the mysterious Aurora of the Arctic, sunrise in Africa, sunset at the Grand Canyon, moonlight of…you name it. What I think is not where you are but what you want. To me, I definitely want the enlightenment of the age, the pursuit of happiness, how about you?