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Midnight in Paris - The Unforgettable

The Unforgettable watercolour centre-page in ebook Chat Noir
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Years ago, I had received a souvenir from my client, a lovely box of chocolate - from Maxim's, Paris. I'm sure the chocolate was delicious but the box was my favorite, always. Whenever I've looked at the illustrations on the "tin", I'd wonder what exactly this place was looked like in the year of Belle Époque?

In fact, this 1893 bistro found by Maxime Gaillard is not far from my hotel, located at No3. rue Royale, 8th arrondissement; travelers can still enjoy an unforgettable night there now a day.It's not only famous in its Art Nouveau decor, but linkage of those well known peoples who were there once before...
Maxim chocolate tin

..."Midnight in Paris", One of my favorite movie (written & directed by Woody Allen), which is also another motivation of my Paris trip.

Cd cover of Midnight in Paris
When Gil (Owen Wilson) and Adriana (Marion Cotillard) being transported further back from 1920's Paris to a bistro in the golden age, there, is Maxim's.

In the movie, Gil was getting lost in the street corner after a gathering with his fiancée & friends, while walking back to his hotel; a mysterious old Peugeot appeared & invited Gil for a ride...which drove him back to 1920's. Since then, every single mid night, he found himself participating in the life of F.Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, T.S. Eliot, Man Ray, Dali, Picasso...a dream-able circle of people for this dis-enchanted Hollywood screen writer who are writing his first book. But the one who captured his heart was Adriana - Picasso's mistress.

Whether Gil would finally stay in 1920 with Adriana, or further back to the Belle Époque which Adriana is willing to die for? I will leave this for you to discover!

Everyone who watched this movie love the story line and equally the location of those mysterious scenes. I was drown in this 90mins illusion every time I am watching this movie.

Let me tell you there is another "unforgettable" moment that you shouldn't miss - the opening scene : a 3,5 mins. of postcard show of the Vintage Paris with the background music of "Si tu vois ma mére"(Sidney Bechet)...don't miss it, you'll know why!

p.s.: the watercolor for Chat Noir was inspired by all of the above and salut to those "unforgettable".


Kenya Honduras Uganda

Kenya Honduras Uganda coffee bean in cute wood barrel

Kenya Masai
100% Arabica coffee bean
French Roast 
Acidity #3
Body #3
Strength #3
Aroma : moss, slight fruity sweet

Honduras Cristobal
100% Arabica grinded coffee 
Italian Roast
Acidity #1
Bitter #1
Body #1
Strength #1
Aroma : mud, dry

Uganda Erussi
100% Arabica coffee bean
French Roast
Acidity #1
Body #1
Strength #1
Aroma : caramel sweet, slight moss

Well, well, well...I am so lucky to have a chance of tasting all three of them. Basically they are quite mild but balance overall; according to my note of rare data provided, you can see how "junior" I am :P 

But, no matter how, as I've always said : Enjoy ! You don't need to be an expert.

Enjoy your cup of coffee, enjoy you relaxing moment, or simply the beauty of these bucket's design... 

P.S.: Thank you to my sweet sister-in-law Catherine 😘


Yojiya : aroma of Spring

Yojiya perfume

It's raining in Hong Kong, wet and cold = our early Spring!

The best moment to be surrounded by freshly grass or road side trees (H.K. convenience :P) ... that's what I've always love after rain, the "salad feel" aroma rejuvenate my body and soul.

There is another "aroma of Spring" which can also help to enhance this season, a little sweet flower perfume from Japan; nothing new, because lots of girls know and can purchase it online these day; or simply like myself,  grab one from Kyoto or Tokyo by the help of my frequent flying friends. 

Originally, I thought it is the note of cherry blossom,  not only because of the lovely petal tag, but the sweet pink color as well; but after searching online, it's a kind of not named petal with the combination of fruity scent. No matter what, just wear a little, you can jump into the poetic world of Spring through out all day long, so relax. 
Try one and start to embrace this season.

* The one in front is the famous oil plotting paper of the same brand, a souvenir from my brother.
   The mini version of perfume on top is from my friend, Jessie; love both and thanks all :D


Rainbow forever

Casing of the mini colour set
Time flies, I've find this cute souvenir from my drawer, it's hard to remember how long has it been sitting there...why?

Because it's so lovely and so mini, 4,5mm long by 4mm dia. each, that I even don't know how to use them, you know? Once you've begin, the beautiful "rainbow" will break unevenly, it seems the whole product will be spoiled. 

If this is yours, what will you do?
Mini colour pencil in rainbow shadeIf this is a gift you've chosen for your friend, what do you want her to do? 

Use it or keep it?

I've decided to use it this year! 
Yes, I think this is the real meaning of a product even though it looks so perfect and gorgeous, if it is only for decoration, it's another thing.  

But when they can be transformed into a picture or colorful liner in my book, they means a lot more. So, finally what are they look like now?......

As beautiful as they were forever, thank you, Peggy!


Good Taste

Colourful package of the soy sauce
"Hey, pal; this Black soy sauce is almost expire, can you help?" of my friend who traveled and returned from Okinawa, brought this souvenir to somebody and/ or due to whatever reason, it can't be delivered......"Well, my pleasure!"

Ha, ha! the real attraction to me of course is not the content inside, but the package outside. It's always an eye candy for those traditional products' packaging found in Japan; no matter the color, wrapping material used, typography or the "accessories",

Even though the taste of soy sauce is not too special, it was enhanced by the package which creates the favor and aroma of Ryukyu :  

colorful printed fabric of sunshine + 
dry sea weed from the sea under the blue sky + 
natural wood block printing like label and tag......
generations after generations.

Yes! the taste of freshness, pureness and uniqueness. 

The Magic of Packaging Design ! Thanks Kwan.



Irresistible Souvenir

chibi maruko-chan face mask unfold
Lots of my friends and relatives do travel a lot within a year and that's why souvenir accumulated progressively. It may be a good idea to "build" a Cocoa Souvenir Street here as a return of thanks to all of them.

It's always joyful when receiving gifts especially cutie item from Japan - the favorite vacation choice of Hong Kong peoples. 

Here it is...if you may know Chibi Maruko-chan : a Japanese cartoon character of a small girl who has weird thought and childish ideas, well, you may say "innocent" if you like :P

So, if you know the story, you will not be surprised by seeing this, not inside the package, but onto you own face :D

Relax, and return to your childhood for 10 minutes, you will definitely be rejuvenated, enjoy !
Japanese full gift package for summer spa
Full gift package, thank you Jessie !