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Ikea Coffee Bean : Surprise !

Coffee bean from Ikea
Everybody knows that I am an IKEA and a Coffee lover, will it be lovely if they are merging?

Each year I will take a visit to see if there are any new products arrive, but unfortunately not many in the coming of 2018 in Hong Kong. Well, truly a little disappointed, so I am going to grab my favor almond pie before leaving, and accidentally discover this!

I am not a super fans of organic product especially in food, my past experience reminds me the "mild" taste of "everything" which are "boring". So I did hesitate a while when I saw this. In addition, because they are not freshly roasted, a certain compromise to aroma is expected.  

This espresso coffee bean is 100% Arabica, UTZ certified.
Produced in Sweden (I doubt whether it is the origin ).
Acidity 3, Body 5, Roasting 5....that's it, not much detail in terms of aroma or after taste...,etc. 
Cost: $46/250g. 
If compare with others, it is obviously very economical. 

To my surprise, the bean size are quite big, even though it looks like an Italian Roast, I will say a City Roast is more appropriate with a slight cinnamon favor is noted. 

Although this kind of ready packed coffee bean can not be compared with the freshly roasted and high quality single origin coffee; it is good enough for a morning coffee with sugar & milk, the overall taste is quite balance. So, give a try and you may love it :P



Coffee diary 09

Coffee diary 09
I don't know why ?! But every time when I have to visit China, even just for half day, I need you before my departure.

I know I know...I can find you in most of the cities, they look like you, taste like you and smell like you; but I have to say, they are different.

May be what I really need is to grab something belongs to my place, in my own memories since I was born in H.K. - an energy pack to stay alert.

For those "similar" or "more deluxe" or "exact copy of the original brand"...are not my cup of "coffee". Only if I can be with you in free air, I can truly enjoy...thanks my pal :)


Coffee Diary 08

coffee from 7/11

It's almost three, I'm here, once again after ten years, with you. You look brand new, but taste no different, sour & bitter......

It's so quiet, no one except the faint breathe of them with the loneliness equipment, dic, dic, dic, dic.......

Almost six hours, tonight is so long, time freeze! Tonight, I don't have the feeling of relax, even you are here, but at least, I am awake, and I need to. dear friend !


Coffee Diary 07

latte and sandwich

Wow! what makes you look so badMr.sandwiches is even better than you. Are you in rush? or in a disaster or what?

Yeah yeah yeah...only 15 minutes to go, I don't have any extra seconds to dress myself up, see the departure gate? people are already boarding, although I would love to sit aside, sharing the leisure moment with my pal, this time is soooooooooo......

Never mind, we have so many transit in our life, but the memory will always been kept deep in our heart......just like the happy & exciting adventure I've here, at this moment, in this country.


業餘咖啡人測試報告﹣第四回 Maily from Vietnam

自從有咗咖啡機之後,不時都收到啲好友“人情”:來自各地嘅咖啡粉或者咖啡豆.盛蒙大家比面,通常都會作個測試小報告.今次收到嘅係來自越南嘅 Maily Dac biet,Chuyen kinh doanh si & le cac loai Cafe noi tieng nhat hien nay....總之係越南咖啡啦!

Maily coffee bean package

Dark roast coffee bean

由於係越南口味,唸住會苦澀啲,所以已經磨粗少少,啲粉,沖煮時間又啲.OK! done!

After brew coffee crema

意料之外地有Crema, 意料之內地好黑.仍然散發住輕微嘅可可口香.飲落。。。咩嘢發生,即係咖啡味.好有越南feel :P




後記:玩 5分鐘,洗機洗20分鐘


Coffee Diary 06

Coffee & Toast 

Everyday, the best moment I like, with you, simply beside me. A soft touch from a 4:30pm sun, warm and peaceful. How are you lately? 

If one day we are going to say good bye, will you miss me? no more instant coffee, but espresso...


Coffee diary 05

sandwiches & coffee night in Hilton
What time is it now? Wow! better take a break. Hey, it's nice to see you already here...a big pot is perfect for me.

Do we love to work late? I'm not sure, but with a cup of coffee is always better. No phone call, no email, no human voice, all in silence, only the sound of the click tab tab...may be sometimes, a sign from the air conditioner...

but it's difference, you know? a midnight dinner of room service vs a hot supper at your home sweet home; a stranger sleeping in next room vs your love in the bedroom; a banquet coffee cup vs your own coffee mug...even thought we are working now under the same universe.

Before we return to our desktop, how about a remote "Goodnight Hug" to him/her/it?


Coffee diary 04

Coffee & cookies breakfast
Year 2007,Beijing, a second visit to this city, after my business matter, I decided to stay for a few days to look around.

Almost 7:00a.m. in the morning, I don't want to spend a huge sum for the buffet breakfast, what I need is just a nice cup of coffee and some bread or toast to wake me up.So this is all I've got...yes, it's true, the only thing they have in the lobby's cafe.

Well, to me, better than nothing at least I see my "pal-". To serve with cookie as breakfast is a little bit weird, I think; but I do need some energy before I can get start to find other food to eat, which may take me for another hour to discover.

It's difficult to finish this meal except the glass of water, but I try my best and stay peaceful until I pay - RMB 110. This story tells us, don't be lazy and always prepare, otherwise you will "pay" one day. (no matter how - still a memorable experience :)


Coffee diary 03

foamy cappuccino
Hello cappuccino, what makes you so beautiful today? ah, the sun of Phuket, so warm,  I can feel it, too.

It's really enjoyable to be with you in this small downtown cafe,  look around to see people passing by, there is no rush here, not only tourist but local people as well; they are nice and leisure, I am sure this is the attractive elements of this country, right?

I know we are waiting for the club sandwich, but let the smiley face lady take her time to prepare it, we have a lot of time to spend here, why not enjoy this moment for a bit longer? I really want to forget all my worry and troubles in Hong Kong. You may say I am escape from the reality, but sometimes we do need to walk away when we stuck up to a certain point. Trust me, it works, at least we can free up our mind for a while, then the"light bulb" will glow again.

Similarly, early before, I don't know why the same cup of coffee like you will taste so differently in different places at different moment, of course the brewing technique and serving environment counts, but now I know the most important is the attitude of mind that I take while tasting you. I am sure you will will be so lovely today.


Coffee diary 02

coffee inside to avoid rainy day
It's raining outside, quite heavy; I just finished my breakfast, and now, waiting for the rain to stop, with you - a cup of Japanese coffee brewed in Shanghai.
My friend told me that this is not a Japanese Cafe but a Taiwanese instead, I can't figure out, at least not at that moment; but never mind,I enjoy the timeless with you.

Sometimes I do have a strange feeling here, it looks like Hong Kong, I can find proper coffee shop, 24Hrs. convenience store or even Japanese curry shop; lots and lots of luxurious retail store and commercial center around, but at the end I still can clearly define that I am in China, may be the air is difference, the voice, the mood, or the colour of the city...I'm not sure.

This is the first day that I left behind after my job completed, a whole day to discover the city, starting from here, Shanghai in 2005 before the Expo, with a dash of human touch.


Coffee diary 01

Coffee in Pizza Hut Wuhan
It's November? Or December? I can't figure out.

Where am I?...ah! Wuhan, alone again... with you. 

Where are all the peoples, are they preparing for the Christmas? Where are the joy? Can I join them to celebrate?

Yeah...there they are, when I look back from the departure gate. 

I feel sad because I will never be the one to enjoy Christmas there, at least not up to now.

I wish I could, some day. 


Introduction of Coffee Diary

collage of my coffee time in the Hong Kong international airport
I wonder how many cups of coffee we've already consumed in our life? Don't try to count, it will never has a figure.

I have a collection of snap shots in the Pacific Coffee corner of the airport, everytime I leave H.K., I will take a break here before departure.It's not only record the trip, but the weather, time and my mood, too.

As this blog is "Coffeebreak" by protowork, I think some sharing of my coffee moment is a good idea. So a new series of Coffee Diary is coming very soon, hope you will enjoy :)