Hong Kong Wetland Park

colorful tree leaves below sunny blue sky

What a wonderful days we are having in Hong Kong this week, so I've decided to visit the Wetland Park. 

Most of us will be fascinating to the "tenant" inside : birds, fish, butterfly,...etc. So my original intention is  bird watching , especially when one of my friend told me that the best moment for this activity is in Winter (even it's a bit late); but to my surprise, there are candy like trees found somewhere in the park.

See, what a beautiful color they are under the clear blue sky. I took the first picture at around 2:00p.m. but I've decided to wait until 4:30p.m. for a second shot to capture the golden moment.

    red orange leaves under blue sky
So I got this lovely "mango like" leaves, too. If it is not God's creation, what can it be?

It seems quite strange that why there are still leaves on tree but not in fresh green during this early Spring time? The fact is some tree will keep their leaves but stop producing chlorophyll to reserve food for itself. Or otherwise, we will not have a chance to "meet" them.

My student always said that they are not well trained in design and therefore do not have the knowledge of color sense. But this is what I've replied and is absolutely true : color are around us everywhere in every moment, simply look and feel, you will be astonish and amazing in the nature of what God made for us.  Enjoy :)



啱啱教完上一季嘅興趣班, 同學們例牌會問嘅問題係: 
1) 係房起個地台擺嘢好唔好? 
2) 升高張床下面做衣櫃書枱好唔好?
3) 張睡床摺上摺落好唔好?

如果唔好收埋咁多無謂嘢, 善用空間, 上面三個問題嘅答案就梗係"唔好" 啦!

不過時而世逆, 可能因為"納米樓"嘅出現, 以後想唔好都唔得啦!

前排係會展見到一個展覽, 其中一D室内空間運用亦係因為住屋面積愈嚟愈少而設計嘅. 例如張睡床要行完好多級唔啱人體工學嘅"儲物樓梯級"先可以去到. 又話者你哋係電視上都會見到嘅"厠所浴室門共用"方案; 梳化下面暗藏浴缸(當然係放係客廳啦)...等等. 將來我哋呢行嘅前景(以住宅設計而言) 就會變成設計"機關" 主導.

我諗新嘅物料, 家具小五金用嚟整"機關"配件, 空調抽風系統亦都會相對革新. 短期内應該會令市場有D新鮮感, 甚至會造就好多主打呢類樓盤嘅新興設計師; 不過無論係對用家同設計師嚟講, 長遠嚟睇絶對唔係好事.

一個原本可以簡單舒適嘅家會變成好複雜同忙亂, 例如突然覺得凍想攞件衫都可能要: 先執番枱面D嘢, 摺番埋張枱, 泊番隻浴室門, 同衣櫃(如果仲有的話) 前面做緊其他嘅家庭成員貼身調換位置之後, 先去到其實只係距離不到6呎嘅目的地完成"任務"......要返回原位繼續工作.....(請自行逆轉動作一次)......希望呢個惡夢唔會成真.