Christmas is coming......

colorful lightbulb chain at night
It's almost a months time of my sudden "break", although things haven't been settled yet, God give us comfort and angels around...see? Christmas is coming again......

Christmas tree, sparkling decoration, heart touching gift,  yummy Christmas dinner,  party and laughter everywhere; it's a good moment for us to enjoy with our family & lover, the best festival that I've love most, especially to Christians like myself - a special day that Jesus entered into human history that change our life.

I took this photo in Macau of May, 2011 ; there are many times for me to think of what post should it goes with? The mood it gives to me is a kind of "sad, lonely & blue" , but it also brings my remembrance of New Year,  those light bulbs hanging in front of western restaurant in the 60's-70's ; subtle, not eye catching, just a few of them... swinging in the air, waiting for a new start.

Sometimes, we may not be the guest of a fabulous Christmas party or can be gather with our family in front of the fireplace; but you can lit a few of these light bulbs into your heart, carry with them wherever you are, they can still bring you wishes and "40w" to warm you in this cold Winter - although a bit early, a small gift to you all, Merry Christmas !



Hi Claire,

Welcome to Cocoa Design Life, hope you can have your relaxing moment here :)



tree shade alley in Japan
Most of the time we plan our next move, next target, achievement , project...big or small, travel destination, goal of this year end......

Sometimes, we have to stop, on purpose or by accident; everything have to pause, till when? no forecast, all depends......

It seems so frustrating to things happen that are not according to our plan, or even without any signal in advance; but this is life, keep changing and learning.

We are facing the same situation and you may notices by our rare post.  How's going? 

Have faith in God & wait, act your part & he will lead you, sun to warm you, breeze to refresh you, shade to protect you and support to guide you through.


Coffee Diary 08

coffee from 7/11

It's almost three, I'm here, once again after ten years, with you. You look brand new, but taste no different, sour & bitter......

It's so quiet, no one except the faint breathe of them with the loneliness equipment, dic, dic, dic, dic.......

Almost six hours, tonight is so long, time freeze! Tonight, I don't have the feeling of relax, even you are here, but at least, I am awake, and I need to. 

Thanks......my dear friend !



super large coca cola dummy outdoor in Macau






How are you?

orange cocktail

Only a few minutes to start for a new day,
just want to know
how are you ?


Coffee Diary 07

latte and sandwich

Wow! what makes you look so badMr.sandwiches is even better than you. Are you in rush? or in a disaster or what?

Yeah yeah yeah...only 15 minutes to go, I don't have any extra seconds to dress myself up, see the departure gate? people are already boarding, although I would love to sit aside, sharing the leisure moment with my pal, this time is soooooooooo......

Never mind, we have so many transit in our life, but the memory will always been kept deep in our heart......just like the happy & exciting adventure I've here, at this moment, in this country.


Sherlock Holmes

TV series of SherlockPoster of Sherlock Holmes moviebookcover of original Sherlock Holmes

If I am talking about Sherlock Holmes, which scenario will appear in your head? this one? this one or that one? It's interesting to have these three pictures right in front showing the different presentation of Sherlock Holmes in different ages. 

The one on the left is a recent T.V. show of this famous novel, cool + freak  Sherlock (by Benedict Cumberbatch) with mature + calm Dr. Watson (by Martin Freeman). Carriage in the past replaced by taxi, telex become SMS, home made laboratory finally got an official one. And the most fresh performance is both of them are younger in age.

The second one is a movie, Sherlock's (by Robert Downey) character is exaggerated a bit, more romance and psychiatric, together with decent + reliable Watson (by Judy Law); more dramatic approach, scene of excitement every minutes.

Well, the last one is the original detective fiction, usually comes into two volumes, sometimes four, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the first story was written in 1887, A STUDY IN SCARLET. Most of the adventures were told as a record by Dr. Watson, an injured, retired soldier who shared Sherlock's flat in 221B, Baker Street in England. He was greatly attracted by Sherlock's weird character, his intelligent, the special deduction method which solved lots of mystery cases for his client. 

From a stranger to a room mate, then an assistance to the best friend that Sherlock can put his life into his hand. This, is the core that connects everything in the novel and best of all, whether the T.V. or the movie version, this message is clearly delivered. 

Whether you like a more subtle classical expression, or a more dynamic / modern way, Sherlock Holmes is for sure the master of private detective that worth to read.


Google Friend Connect

Recently we discover some google friend follower disappear, originally we thought it's because of technical issue that blogging site do happen very often. Today, I spend some time to review our whole blog......omg! Google Friend Connect retired in March already for non-bloggers, that's the reason why they've gone. What then?

We have to use google+ , hmm...another new stuff (not new to others but me) that I did try to find a minute to figure out, but simply want to pick up a bit later! Now, no more choice and wish me luck :D


Be yourself

Two yellow orchid infront of snow white leaves

If you can't fit in, be yourself, no big deal!


Pinterest - love it or hate it?

I believe some of you know what it is or already is a fans of Pinterest.  Truly speaking, it is a very attractive & fast growing platform that everyone can create their own pin board, easy to use, lots of nice stuff and full of fun. You can "pin" any of your favorite image found in the internet world to make your collective booklet, original source link will be attached automatically so if other people want to view it or re-pin it, they will be linked to the author's web page directly. So the overall process is not only share beautiful image within the community but also create traffic to the web page of the image owner......what a lovely idea.

But eventually problems raised, some photographer or blogger or artist just don't want this "sharing", they think it is a violation of copyright = to share their photo or artwork online (although which is already being viewed online thru' their own web site) without asking their permission is unacceptable, even the image will link back to them at last or even it's because of people love it so they want to share with others. Well, we can't say it is anything wrong because the author do have their right to what they've  posted, and it's true that there are a small group of people do make use of this channel to promote their own blog or even make money. So.......someone do hate it!

How can we get a balance? Use an html code to prevent "PIN" button work? Complain to Pinterest whenever discover your image being pinned? It seems it's more easy to do another way round, for author who don't mind this sharing that can bring them traffic as a benefit, put a "PIN IT" button in page, so "Pin fans" will know they are welcome to share what they like. In another word, "Pin fan" just don't pin if this button is not appear in the page you are viewing, respect the author's or simply send an email to ask for a sharing permission, a bit complicated, but every one will be happy.


Coffee Cupping ???

coffee cupping event
剛剛收到一個電郵,是Hunter Douglas Designer Club 同 Caffe Habitu 搞一個Coffee Cupping 的通知.令我想起月初“拉衫尾”跟一位好友參加了人生第一次Cupping,足足搞了三個小時,除了覺得新鮮有趣,見識了不少之外,也令我更加肯定自己是BB班水準.



Just received an email from Hunter Douglas Designer Club, originally I thought it must be another new product launch or discount week...well, what a surprise of "Coffee Cupping" invitation! A talk presented by Caffe Habitu. This reminds me I did join one in early July, by a kind invitation from my friend, truly speaking, the very first time in my life. Thanks Julianna.

It took a total 3 hours time for this exercise, around 10 persons gathered in a small room full of coffee aroma, some were already a barista, some are red wine or coffee addict, fairly young but serious, compare with us two, ha ha ! a bit hea ! The lecturer was a young man who is going to have this professional qualification after some more examinations, cool!

Started by a brief introduction to coffee type & origin, followed by what is the meaning of Cupping, what are the basic aroma (up to at least 36 types), how to "feel" the behavior of coffee in dry & wet condition, what is the proper cupping manner, what are the concern of overall balance to dictate the final grading...etc, etc. A really professional era, I have to say.

If you do wish to taste "deeper" to your cup of coffee and know more in the coffee world, I shall highly recommend you to attend these Cupping gathering, which are quite hot and shall become more popular in Hong Kong now. 

And myself ? I tend to stay in my junior stage at this moment, to taste my "Hea" style coffee, because professional is professional, it must take time & heart to treat it sincerely.


久違了的煙仔檔 The Lost Cigarette Stall

Cigarette stall in good old days in wooden structure
也許真的有朋友從未見過這東西,已不記得這是那個年代的自家製作? 雖然我不吸煙, 但仍覺得這個小檔很精緻, 尤其當它放滿了五顏六色的煙仔盒時. 還記得當時比較盛行的有555, 萬寶路, 駱駝, 紅雙喜, 健牌, 還夾雜着一些可自行包裝的煙葉及煙紙...等.

當時的煙販檔沒有太多其它東西售賣, 似乎這小小的一盤生意巳經可養活一家. 煙仔盒上也沒有所謂的"吸煙危害健康"標貼, 是人民沒有這個意識呢? 還是根本煙民全都一早明白但他們需要的卻只是一刻鐘的自由自在, 於願足矣!

看着這個早巳身處填田區的木檔口,  對比着現今我們在街上看見大得足可比娓一間小型便利店的報紙+汽水+煙檔時, 應該驚歎生活的進步? 還是慨歎心靈的退步?!

I am sure there must be some people who don't ever have a chance to see this stuff in their life in H.K., a DIY cigarette stall...I wonder which century it belongs to? Although I am a non-smoker, as far as I've remembered, this tiny stall always attracts me, especially when it was fully displayed with colorful cigarette packages. 555, Marlboro, Camel, Double Happiness, Kent, even with some small yellowish paper for customers to fill in their favorite tobacco leaves, then roll up to form a interesting "tobacco stick".

Besides of the above + matches / lighter, there are not many variety of products you can find here, but it seems the hawker can still earn a living for their family through this small business. Also, you will not find any "Government Warning" of "SMOKING CAUSES XXXXX DISEASES" on the cigarette package, guess whether the smokers don't have any idea of health care or simply they are willing to exchange for a moment of mentally freedom?

This stall should have already been crashed in the landfill, compare to what we can see on the street now a day, those "full-function" newspaper stall , not only cigarette, but soft drinks, snacks, umbrella..etc, etc. what a tiny 7/11 they are. Should we amazed by our improvement of living ? or regret to our "black-hole" that can never be fulfilled deep into our heart!


May I have one, please?

miniature of japanese ramen stall
In Tokyo after dark, you can easily meet this kind of tiny mobile cart, usually they were operated by one chef; oden, ramen, deep fry snack...are what they've sold. They are "heaven" for late night pals especially in Winter time.

Tiny light bulb in paper lantern spreading a warm atmosphere all over this small corner, steam rises from hot dishes; chatting with the chef or even have a drink of hot sake is the most relaxing moment. Or, if you want to enjoy your private minute..."be my guest", this lonely stranger will sincerely prepare your food behind the scene.

This may not be a perfect job for most of us, it earns little, lonely, working late night, no prospect in most people's eye...but it keep oneself survive with dignity.

Wherever there is free air in the country, we can have our choice, there is no need to live in others measure or in another way round, being follow the majority below pressure. Will it be only a dream? to some country, Yes! If we don't have to live in threat, we are so lucky...and it's always my pleasure to have another night here.

May God bless Hong Kong.








心思 just a little bit more...




Lunchbox - to us, it's only a kind of daily supply : a piece of sandwich, some red green vegetable salad, rice, noodle and soup... but most of the Japanese housewife spend great effort to decorate them for their kid & husband; we can see from lots of the TV drama, it's a kind of proud for a man of having a wife who can prepare a delicious and pretty decorated lunchbox which is more superior among others.

Even it is only a routine work for a housewife, they just add a little bit more of creativity, they may not even recognize it is related to graphic & 3D design, but simply aim to refresh their family member's appetite..... the result is difference. 

It may apply to us, too; how about just step a little bit further, be a little bit more well thinking, or creative, may be we can turn a bore/messy work into a delicious "bei' don" (lunchbox)!


Before And After

There is a folder on my desktop which I've been keeping for a while, the original is a html shared by a friend whom I forgot who she is (sorry pal!) But the content inside is really amazing, although you may find something similar recently in the internet, those were done on the ground, these... are all onto an exterior of a building or wall; what the artist did not only enhance the overall environment, but create a virtual space for us to take a break with an applause to their creativity and superior technique.
Have your coffee ready, lets enjoy :)

Building exterior without wall mural 1

Building exterior with ancient Greek wall mural enhancing
and After

Building exterior without wall mural 2

Exterior wall mural with arch and fountains
and After

Building exterior without wall mural 3

Wall mural of liberty
and After

Building interior without wall mural 1

Building interior with wall mural to create another space
and After

Building exterior without wall mural 4 
and After

Trompe l'oeil Murals by Eric Grohe
Trompe l'oeil Murals by Eric Grohe


Farewell to Restaurant City

Restaurant City is going to close in the coming June, a lot of 'fans" feel disappointed or a little anger because they put so much effort into it, to build their dream cafe; some may even pay cash to buy their favor items.

I've checked my post and there was one in Mar 2010 "No risk no gain?"  talking about this game which I did enjoy playing with some more reason behind.

Now it comes to an end and what we've got finally?

Same piece of virtually land gives you the flexibility to build your favor moment...in the side walk cafe? at a busy night market? enjoy a big meal in a small Japanese inn? a never ending party in an icy cold castle? Lots of imaginations you can have.

If you told me that you've learned the clue to create your own cafe business, or how to fine tune your buying behavior, or how to make good use of your time avoid being a RC addict...congratulations.

To me, it's simply joy : because I love to layout, especially with such beautiful elements that the team created + Dream - the energy source in our life.  

Thank you! Restaurant City :)

Spring - a nap at the pool side cafe of Hyatt Regency Macau  

Game scene of Summer - have a Tong Yum Kong at twilight moment in Phuket town
Summer - have a Tong Yum Kong at twilight moment in Phuket town   

Game scene of Autumn - enjoy an onsen spa in a Ryokan
Autumn - enjoy an onsen spa in a Ryokan
Game scene of Winter - 24/7 Halloween+Christmas party
Winter - 24/7 Halloween+Christmas party


Hard day...

Bert's Bath by James Flad
Had a hard day? How about a COOL shower :)


3D Ready?

3D in rendering process
從針筆到電腦, 由AutoCad到Sketchup, 不知不覺又走進3D Rendering的世界,真的無可避免嗎?如果可以,我還是想逃避...但當你一踏入這個虛擬空間,又會被那種無限制的可塑性深深吸引着.

以往我們所熟識的3D軟件總離不開3dsmax, Autocad 3D, V-ray, Maya, Z Brush, Maxwell...等,有些以程式員作為開發對象,所以介面設計得異常複雜及沉悶;又或以集合所有對手軟件功能於一身為目的,結果落得粗製濫造收場,單單打開軟件已花了不少時間,更惶論真正運算時要用強勁的硬件組合去抵銷.另外有些其實是比較適用於動畫製作上的,硬要用於室內或產品設計,就變得大才小用,難以發輝軟件的強大效能了.

Sketchup的出現,令3D發展成由一般設計師及建築師亦可自行由概念演繹至立體空間,不用假手於人,設計流程變得更暢順,效果也更易掌握.3D Rendering 軟件亦百花齊放:Blender, Shaderlight, Twinlight, Lightwave, C4D, Kerkythea, Artlantis, Rhino.......等等,等等!問題是,現今的硬件及軟件雖然頗成熟,但在香港,人材仍然缺乏.何解?進深研習,不停測試,對光線及美感的掌握,對各種物料受光及反光特質的研究等...又是回到“時間”及“基礎訓練”這兩個問題上.


Starting from technical pen on paper, move on to computer Autocad in 2D; a bit further from 2D to Sketchup 3D, and now? ready for 3D rendering? As a designer instead of a 3D modeller, truly speaking I would not prefer to step into this field...this is what my original thinking was because it's a "technique" and very time consuming. But once you've step in, you will be addicted to it's power of "nothing is impossible".

3dsmax, Autocad 3D, V-ray, Maya, Z Brush, Maxwell...,etc. are some of the common use 3D softwares that we are familiar with; some were developed on a technician base and resulting in a non-human user interface, or some were aimed to gather all functions from their competitors to form a "super all-in-one" rendering software, guess what? you will have problem to open the software if your machine is not powerful enough, not even think about of their millions hidden tools. And some are actually built for animation, well, you can use it to render your interior, but it's a bit under-use instead of using a matching software due to the different tools design in purpose.

The birth of Sketchup leads designer /architect into a totally new design thinking pattern, we can work from our concept to 3D world easily, more accurate of space study, more foreseeable and controllable result = more complicated design to be created and save much time to liaise with a third party who can't 100% know what your final picture is. As a result, more and more companies are willing to develop some new 3D rendering software or even plug in. Blender, Shaderlight, Twinlight, Lightwave, C4D, Kerkythea, Artlantis, Rhino.......etc, etc. Today, there are numerous well developed software and supportive hardware that we can make use of, but the major issue is...we are lacking of "Mr. Right"!

If you make a search on Internet, you will find a great difference of quality levels in those 3D models created by what we've seen in Hong Kong and from other foreign countries. What actually happen is we can't /don't spend "time" to study deep into this field; art sense, lighting behavior, material behavior, camera adjustment......these are not important via a quick template like outcome, both in time and money affortable, as we think?!

Although it's a bit sad, I still hope that there will be a 3D modeller, or an architect, a designer somewhere in Hong Kong who aware of this situation and is willing to dedicate more to increase our 3D production standard by their great experience and enthusiasm.


A or B?

Chinese bird cage below sky

A :

- career
- wealth
- knowledge
- being somebody
- "success" in the eye of public


- health
- freedom
- wisdom
- time
- be yourself

It's not difficult to choose, right? and may not be a result of either A or B, but not easy to achieve both at the same time. Why? A matter of life style that you are looking for = desire that you are willing to sacrifice.


業餘咖啡人測試報告﹣第四回 Maily from Vietnam

自從有咗咖啡機之後,不時都收到啲好友“人情”:來自各地嘅咖啡粉或者咖啡豆.盛蒙大家比面,通常都會作個測試小報告.今次收到嘅係來自越南嘅 Maily Dac biet,Chuyen kinh doanh si & le cac loai Cafe noi tieng nhat hien nay....總之係越南咖啡啦!

Maily coffee bean package

Dark roast coffee bean

由於係越南口味,唸住會苦澀啲,所以已經磨粗少少,啲粉,沖煮時間又啲.OK! done!

After brew coffee crema

意料之外地有Crema, 意料之內地好黑.仍然散發住輕微嘅可可口香.飲落。。。咩嘢發生,即係咖啡味.好有越南feel :P




後記:玩 5分鐘,洗機洗20分鐘


Happy Easter

colourful origami flower globe

Happy Easter with God's Blessing :)


Latte 拿鐵

Type of Coffee poster

最近收到朋友轉寄給我的Coffee Chart,一看見便會心微笑,令我想起第一次與“拿鐵”相會在廣州.咖啡對我來說是西方玩意,所以沒有留意它們的中文/台灣名,直至有次在廣州一間Starbucks 尋找 Latte 的踪跡時,才發現它原來叫作拿鐵,真有趣!難得今次這張圖不單有齊各種譯名,更有清晰的製作份量,簡單的平面設計,實用之餘又有親切感,謝謝好朋友!

A friend of mine share a Coffee Chart to me recently, I saw an English version many years ago but not this, in a format with their Chinese name (actually I think there are Taiwanese translation). It reminds me the first time when I was looking for a cup of Latte in Starbucks at Guangzhou, if translate directly it called "carrying iron".......well well, of course it sounds in Chinese is good fit to match with the pronouncaton of "Latte", but nothing related to it's actual meaning. Same goes to Espresso Con Panna, no related meaning to it's 3 Chinese wording of "Health+treasure+blue". 

But no matter how, a simple graphic design which clearly indicates the proportion of different ingredients to make a cup of your favorite coffee...it's really a good idea and especially touchy in Chinese, thank you, my dear friend:)


Cafe e Nata, Macau

Cafe e Nata, Macau

When you want to have a cup of coffee, which cafe will you choose to enter, base on what? 
it's degree of well known?  interior atmosphere? no. of customers inside? coffee menu choices? price range? or...? aroma
This cafe is located in Macau, people's favor of...guess what, not coffee but their Portuguese egg tart.  The day when we were visited, very crowded, aroma of egg tart spreading in air, but the most attractive element was the shop itself and this signage, very vintage. Truly speaking it was not a fabulous design but it's eye catching, and created a perfect mood together with the tiny timber bench, stool and "tissue roll" setting in front. Well,  of course mosaic tile will always be the "green leaf" here in Macau.
It's interest to say that, people love coffee is more or less a bit sensational, even if this is not their usual act; but they are obsess to the feeling of freedom or wildness at that specific moment with a cup of coffee in hand. 
So, my conclusion and what actually did happen was, our internal sensation conquered the reality that leads us to seat down there, no coffee, just egg tart + watermelon juice ; no service, no atmosphere, no variety choice of coffee, no gimmick...but it's already free our mind as we were seating at the side walk cafe , enjoying our "special moment".


迷失於澳門凱悅 Lost in Hyatt Regency Resort

Veranda cafe of Hyatt Regency Resort
不知離開了多少個年頭, 每次重回舊地, 都會待在這裏好一陣子, 今次也不例外, 只是若有所失!

澳門急速的發展令這間位於氹仔, 一向以擁有太白渡假村為特色的凱悅酒店也靜靜地起了變化. 名稱巳變成麗景灣酒店, 入面太白渡假村面積縮少了, 我想, 有四分一罷, 周邊被高樓及其他以招呼賭客為首的酒店包圍着, 要看藍天白雲只得往某個特定方向望過去.

酒店內部翻新了, 大堂變得昏暗、中國化, 自助早餐不再有"陽光", 食物變成不中不西; 錫紙包裝的沐浴露不再散發着"渡假式"的清幽, 如果離開泳池旁邊這段長廊, 踏出了太白的範圍...真的, 我所熟識的渡假酒店巳在退變, 漸漸地消失.

從大堂的酒店發展模型可見, 為着成就新加入的賭埸設施, 眼前的一切將會再進一步改變, 這段富有萄葡牙及少少Art Deco 設計風格的建築還能保留多久呢?位於泳池邊, 已停止運作的水中酒吧仍能佔據所緊餘的空間嗎? 最愛的芥茉黄, 湖水綠, 松綠, 紅鶴粉紅...簡樸天然的素材...仍能看見嗎? 要留住這 一切, 似乎不可能, 只願, 仍有"惜花者".

Pool side bar
5 years. 10 years....I can't remember when was my previous visit, but every time, it's for sure I will stay as long as I can in this lovely veranda, relaxing and enjoy the wind breeze...but this time, I am "lost".

Regency Macau was originally named as Hyatt Regency located in Taipa island of Macau, it was a resort built in Portuguese style with a touch of Art Deco, you can see all the familiar color combinations of Flamingo red, Turquoise, pine green, mustard yellow + white, of course...with those natural interior materials. But, the truth is, how long can these elements been reserved? 

The rapid growth of "casino culture" in Macau is intruding into this hotel. It has been renovated not long before and it's not difficult to be identified the changes of it's dark interior in lobby, the greenery at pool side area was reduced in almost 1/4, what you've got around are high rise and casino oriented hotels; if you want to enjoy a bit of blue sky, please, fix your view angle and ignore the surrounding.

The "fast food style" buffet cuisine, the replacement of bath kits in sachet,  paper lantern instead of sun light as your breakfast companion, etc...all reminds you the resort is no longer exist. The transformation is still in progress, there will be a new casino facility in this "Taipa resort", you can imagine what's up?!  Hopefully, some one will remember this  forgettable pool bar which deserved and worth to be here.


Mess Mesh "聰明"網?

Drying net from Japan

抱歉相片有點矇, 正如我用這件產品時的感覺一樣, 又愛又恨再加點迷惘. 不得不承認沒有做家庭主婦的材料, 這種可摺合式的乾衣網,對不少主婦來說是一個好幫手. 要陰乾毛衣或織物時, 可打開把衣物平放,掛於浴簾通或懸空放在浴缸邊上, 防止纖幼的衣料因用衣架掛起時下墜變形, 不用時又可摺合收藏; 但我想...究竟有多少用家真的會這樣摺摺合合呢?

因為這個由細網變大網, 再由大網變細網 (約縮少1/2) 的戲法是靠扭曲一個鐵線圈造成的, 方法請參巧上圖三步曲. 但事實上, 運作起來又不是如比輕鬆, 每次總給"反彈"數次才可完成摺合, 結果, 我還是把它完整攤開備用, 省卻再摺來摺去的"手續".

令我想起設計師設計這件產品時, 原意是很理想的, 尤其適合香港和日本等居住環境較擠迫的用家; 但礙於成本限制, 為要令成品不會脫離消費羣可負担的現實, 物料上的選用往往成為首個犧牲的項目. 說到底, 一件十圓八塊的產品, 也不應有太多要求罷!

This blur image is exactly of what my feeling while using this product, I love it's idea, reasonable thought of usage but always with a bit of frustration and messy; although, I must confess that I don't have the talent of being a good housewife.

It is a foldable mesh for drying delicate clothing in a flat position, to avoid stretch of the fiber when hanging by a hanger vertically, meaning to keep the clothing in shape. You can hook it along the shower curtain rail or just place it flat above the bath tub edges; it can be folded up when not in use according to the 3 steps as indicated above, the size will be reduced almost 1/2 of it's original. Truly speaking, it is a good design especially suitable for people living in crowded city like Hong Kong and Japan...but...

...in reality, due to the cost control, I think; it's not as easy as just twist the hard metal ring around to fold it up each time after use, without rebounds several times. I always wonder how many user will repeat unfold and re-fold while doing their laundry? To me, I just hang it 365 days unfold as a result.

It will be great if the metal ring can be modified by using a more soft & flexible material with adequate support and waterproof...hey hey hey...should we ask for too much to a product that only cost a few bucks? what do you think?


Color of Nature 大自然的呼喚

Birds of the garden poster 1
很愛雀鳥 ,尤其是牠們身上的羽毛, 豐富的顏色及千變萬化的組合, 總令人驚歎大自然的創造者, 肯定是一個藝術家.

每個人都會有特別喜愛的顏色, 單從身上的服飾配搭便略知一二.  為什麽有些人在色彩配搭上總比別人出衆呢? 即使一身紅黄藍綠, 配襯出來的效果不單止沒有凌亂的感覺, 反而是出奇地舒服, 甚至有嘉年華會的熱情、喧燦.

事實上並不一定要有專業訓練才能有運用色彩的能力, 受過美術或設計訓練只是其中一個幫助提升這個能力的途徑, 讓我們對顏色世界有多一點認識. 但是如果你擁有一對富洞察力的眼睛, 便會從大自然當中學習到色彩運用的"祕技".

樹葉的深淺綠, 黄昏的紅橙黄, 日出前的透明魚肚白, 夜幕低垂的藍與黑. 花朵雀鳥、山脈雪地、星空北極光......說不盡的色調. 你所需的配色事典就在身邊, 不用花一分一亳, 我們能不向大自然致敬嗎?

Bird - especially their feather is always my favorite,
Birds of the garden poster 2what a million color combination, our creator must be an artist.

Everyone has his/ her own favorite color choice, it's easy to tell from what their wear or what they've pick in their product of daily living. But why can some one always make the right choice, presenting the color in such a gorgeous way; even though it seems they are melting in red, green, yellow, blue...still, so harmonize without a pitch of messy, but only the greeting of carnival. 

Truly speaking, there is not any secret training or professionalism that we must have to achieve this ability. But is for sure you will learn more in a wider and deeply sense of color technique by training as an artist or designer. To us, if only if you have a pair of open eyes and learn from the nature.

Shades of green from tree leaves, red yellow orange in the sunset, transparency white and all kinds of grey in dawn, the mysterious blue and black in the twilight zone. All those wonderful color mixing in flower & bird, valley & ice burg, star night & the northern light......this valuable "color guide" is here, free of charge, you can read from any moment at anywhere, salute to our nature? 101%


絢爛繁華的Art Deco

photo source

每年情人節總會令我想起這個畫面, 在 Sleepless in Seatle 這套電影入面, 帝國大廈的浪漫演譯, 隨之而來便是紐約的Art Deco 世界.

Rococo 洛可可之後, 第二個最想介紹的設計風格就是Art Deco.這個在1909年巴黎隨着一系列芭蕾舞的表演服飾所引發, 既華麗又不會過於沉重. 適逢當時人們對室內設計風格的追求, 渴望打破十八世紀流行的法式古典設計, Art Deco 便於1914年填補這個空隙了.

Art Deco (或 Jazz Moderne) 其實包含了不少原素如 Neo-classicism, Ballets Russes 的Orientalism 及 Exoticism, 當時埃及考古文物所帶來的影響, 新興的探戈舞蹈, 藝術畫界 Cubist 及 Fauvist 風格, 甚至非洲的服飾潮流.....全部都在一點一滴地把Art Deco 塑造起來.華麗雅緻的古典原素混合清簡背景; 又或是加上表現線條, 力量與速度的圖案從而帶出當時在先進工業科技上的成就......好一個有趣的組合. 我時常覺得Art Deco 是屬於男性, 而Art Nouveau 就較女性化, 也許這便是個中原因.

Chrysler building
Chrysler Building
Empire State Building
Empire State Building
在建築上, 最能代表這個設計風格的有位於紐約的帝國大厦 (Empire State Building) 及Chrysler Building, 兩者的外型各有不同, 但設計風格絕對是Art Deco 的代表作. 鑄鐵、雕刻黄銅工藝造出各式各樣精緻的圖案, 由大理石,石屎或紋理豐富的木料...等天然素材作為背景, 座落於大厦頂部, 入口, 大堂甚至電梯,欄杆, 信箱等室內佈置, 營造出絢爛豪華的效果.

要仔細欣賞這個風格, 非進入大廈內部不可, 由於篇幅關係, 誠意介紹一本十分藉得細閱的書籍, New York Art Deco Skycrapers BY A+U. 這本於1987年4月臨時增刋号當中介紹了很多關於在紐約區有Art Deco風格的摩天大樓, 圖庫極之精美, 是一本很值得珍藏的書藉.

其實Art Deco 之豐富及受不少設計師喜愛, 除了其個性鮮明, 圖案及層次感佷強之外, 其他衍生出的風格如 Tropical Deco 也是我的最愛, 也許下次我們一起去邁亞美感受一下罷.

最後讓大家欣賞一下Art Deco 的細緻演譯.

Lift lobby of Goelet Building
Lift lobby of Goelet Building

Chrysler Building Lift Panel
Chrysler Building Lift Panel

Chrysler Building Mail Box
Chrysler Building Mail Box

Empire State Building Shops
Empire State Building Shops

Chrysler Building Staircase Balustrade
Chrysler Building Staircase Balustrade

Photo reference : New York Art Deco Skyscapers by A+U
Content reference : Period Style by Mary Gilliatt