Yojiya : aroma of Spring

Yojiya perfume

It's raining in Hong Kong, wet and cold = our early Spring!

The best moment to be surrounded by freshly grass or road side trees (H.K. convenience :P) ... that's what I've always love after rain, the "salad feel" aroma rejuvenate my body and soul.

There is another "aroma of Spring" which can also help to enhance this season, a little sweet flower perfume from Japan; nothing new, because lots of girls know and can purchase it online these day; or simply like myself,  grab one from Kyoto or Tokyo by the help of my frequent flying friends. 

Originally, I thought it is the note of cherry blossom,  not only because of the lovely petal tag, but the sweet pink color as well; but after searching online, it's a kind of not named petal with the combination of fruity scent. No matter what, just wear a little, you can jump into the poetic world of Spring through out all day long, so relax. 
Try one and start to embrace this season.

* The one in front is the famous oil plotting paper of the same brand, a souvenir from my brother.
   The mini version of perfume on top is from my friend, Jessie; love both and thanks all :D