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D300 or D70s, how about iphone SE?

Photography can help us to freeze special moments, to retrieve the feeling of our emotion in a specific time; to capture the beauty that may be lost forever…or even more; that’s why I love to shoot. 

Nikon D300 camera with wide angle lens attached

It was a struggle moment when I packed my luggage for this trip, whether I should bring along with my Nikon D70s in a lighter weight? Or Nikon D300, much heavier but more full function, or…simply my iphone? 

Nikon D70s camera with VR 18-55 lens attached

A standard lens, a wide angle or a 18-55/f3.5 VR zoom…? I know this scenario is not strange to some of you, especially when the technology of the build-in camera improve sharply in these years; I wished I could have a mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras at that minute :P

Finally & fortunately I decided to bring along with D300 + 12-24/f1.2 + 18-70/f3.5 + iphone SE (1st generation). I’m an amateur in photography, they may seem a bit “old- fashion” compare with the modern gear, but they are my intimate companions since 2015, and this time, they brought me lots & lots of good memories for my Petit Paris series, thank you “pal”.

I rarely crop photo frame after shooting because it‘s my own training to frame seriously before press my shutter: a rule that I’d like to keep since the first day I was using filmed SLR camera. It‘s a lot more sensation when holding a camera instead of a phone, thus better photos as a result.  I don’t know why, may be I am stubborn I guess.

wide angle photo of sky & garden & a couple with kid in Paris
By D300 (ISO-200_f/10_1/125s)

In fact, a good quality wide angle is almost a must to capture the enormous breathtaking architecture, and those fascinating colour coverage on or below the sky. Truly speaking, this set of photo gear, to me, was a bit heavy for a long day walk; but I did carry them with me in 8 out of 12 days for a reason.

purple orange pink & peach blossom color flower bed in Paris
By iPhone SE (ISO25 f/2.2_1/276s)
On the other hand, iphone did works tremendously well that, I was a bit free of tension to keep an eye onto it compare with a camera, in terms of security issue, i.e.: free “float” to explore!

Paris is basically safe enough for solo trip, provided you have to avoid some treacherous zone at night; but hanging your camera around your neck is still not a good idea, especially for a tourist outside the tourist spots. So I had to put it back into my bag after every few shots which was inconvenience and that’s while a small iphone helped so much in these occasions. 

In my book, you may find some photo quality difference; 80% of the photos were taken by D300 and the rest by iphone especially 2 full days in Mortmartre and The Louvre. 

To maintain the atmospheric colour as close as to the true moment, I do minimize my post editing process to all my photos. They may not professional in some sense, they are what I saw in 95% real at that moment in that space. 

I am happy of what they are & I hope you will like them, too.


Petit Paris - Pont Neuf

First ebook Pont Neuf of Petit Series book cover
click to enlarge

Hi hi, 

It's been a while after our last chat, right? Cos' I am quite busy these days, to do what? To draw and write this, and finally released on Google Book this :D

Although it is only a short picture book that I've started with for this series, I did work onto it seriously, hopefully you can feel it, too!

Our publisher name is PROTOWORK,
you can find me from here also Oiseau Distrait

As a Welcome gift, a discount is offer right now until mid of March, Enjoy!

I am still working on to distribute in other platform such as Apple Book, and will be announced once it is ready.

If you would like to see the "story" of producing the watercolor painting inside, there will be another post in Cocoa Design Life Instagram a bit later, be our guest and hope to see you there :)

To write short, I better tell you "behind the scene" of this book in next post, good day!

P.S.- read book in landscape view to display double pages 


Cocoa Studio Update

I have to write this post for three reasons:  

First of all, I must say thank you  to a blogger Ms. Emma, without her tutorial in 
I am still wasting time to find out a workable solution of building a photo gallery here.

Well, you may say why not using the "converting apps" from the market? After spending two whole days to test those apps and discovered, either they are not working smoothly inside Blogger, or with additional tons of codes that we really don't need, but the only reason to insert them is for their promotion banner. 

In fact, Emma share the simplest code and effective way to complete this job, the result is nice and sustainable without third parties control. Thanks again!

Secondly is the discontinue of Your Shot of National Geographic, a platform that we used to share our photos and learn from others. It's sad because it was a really good platform gathering professional & amateur photographers. So many good quality and amazing photos there to enjoy, comment from the supporting team are valuable; we were always longing for the "Photo of the Month". Although you can still find them in Instagram, most of us miss the Good old days.

Finally, as an amateur, to share what we captured in our own blog is the perfect place that we always wanted, but time...time...time...and now, this moment in Hong Kong, we are "trapped" at home, what a perfect time :P and so we did it.

If you do have a minute, why not visit our updated Cocoa Studio page, hope you'll like it.